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Buy a Helmet Camera Online

Updated on June 30, 2011

Helmet Cameras - Not just For professionals

 When they first came out, helmet cameras made a dramatic impact in sports footage. For many years their limited availability and cost put them out of reach for all but the top professionals.

These days, cheap wearable cameras can be bought for less than $100 and full High definition cameras for less than $400. Now keen amateurs can record great action footage.

Which Helmet Camera?

 When deciding which camera to buy, you first need think about what it is going to be put through. Some cameras can be used for many different sports and applications, other are specifically designed with one sport in mind.

For extreme sports, a shock proof and waterproof camera is generally required. Be careful to distinguish between water resistant and splash proof. A true water resistant camera will list what depth it has been rated to.

Also ensure that the camera includes a mounting kit specific to the use you require. Some cameras have multiple optional extra mounting kits that greatly increase the cameras uses enabling it to be attached to vehicles, bikes, surfboards and more.

After these points are addressed, its just like buying a regular camera....

Helmet Camera Features

 Helmet cameras are much cheaper than previously but you still get what you pay for. For less than $100 you will get a basic camera with OK resolution that works best from a relatively stable base.

Around three times that price and you will be looking at High Definition video with sound and a a high number of frames per second to deal with vibration and fast action. Large internal storage and upgradable memory via cards are also common in the high specification products.

If you are looking to film high speed or motor sports, a camera with lesser specifications will offer grainy or blurred footage that may disappoint.

Another feature that often produces good results is a function that takes a still photo every few seconds. This can produce some surprising pictures in action sports.


High Performance Helmet Camera

 The Contour HD is a top of the range camera with a 5 megapixel sensor and full high Definition recording capability.

It has two settings, standard with 30 frames per second, and an action mode with 60 fps.

It is water resistant and includes a 2GB memory card (but can take a 16GB microSD card). 

A great camera for high speed action

Budget Helmet Camera

 This popular helmet camera is water proof to 3 meters and is shock resistant.

It has a much lower resolution (640 x 480 VGA) and a maximum of 30 frames per second.

Its price makes it the perfect introductory camera or gift.

Wide Angle Helmet Camera

 With a 170 degree lens this wide angle camera is great for when you are too busy to aim correctly.

The 5 MP camera is waterproof to 100 feet - This camera by GoPro is designed for aquatic use.

You can also purchase a variety of extra mounting kits that let you use the GoPro camera virtually anywhere.

Have Fun With A Helmet Camera

 Recording sports action is now simple and fun and much more affordable that ever before. A helmet camera captures intimate footage that lets others feel the action too.

ContourHD Helmet Camera Footage

Helmet Camera Feedback

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