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Buy a Katadyn Water Filter Online - Water Purification for Trekking & Hiking

Updated on June 2, 2011

Safe water is a priority

 If your plan is to get lost in Asia or just camp rough overnight in the hills near home, safe drinking water is a necessity. Unfortunately water is a favourite bredding ground for bacteria and parasites and many traveller illnesses are directly related to poor quality water.

One other factor that makes water a problem is its weight. A gallon of water is heavy (over 8 lbs) and you probably have enough on your back already.

Modern technology has made life easier for all lovers of the outdoors. Water microfiltration enables to production of clean, safe drinking water from any source.

How does water microfiltration work?

A filter lets desirable products through while removing unwanted particles. Katadyn portable water filters are no different. Water passes through, but bacteria and protozoa do not.

The main difference between these water filters and more familiar ones (such as coffee filters) is the incredibly small size of the holes in the filter, known as pores.

Katadyns Glassfiber filters have a pore size of 0.3 microns and their ceramic filters pores are 0.2 microns.

0.2 microns is 0.0002mm. Small enough to remove all dangerous pathogens and turn unsafe water into clean drinking water.

Some filters also use Activated Carbon which removes unpleasant tastes and odours, as well as chlorine and pesticides.

Cross Section of the Katadyn Exstream XR

What types of water filter are there?

Katadyn filters come in two main configurations. The pump style and the water bottle style.

Pump Style Water Filters

These filters are used to provide clean water for more than one person. With an input and output hose attached to a hand pump, they are simple to operate and quick to set up. They allow large amounts of water to be filtered in a short period of time making them very useful at the camp site.

Water Bottle Filters

As the name suggests these look like any water bottle but have the filter inside. Unsafe water is placed in the water bottle and it is filtered as it passes through to the mouthpiece on its way to the user. These characteristics make it suitable for one person only and as limited volumes can be filtered at one time, frequent access to a water source is required.

The Katadyn Hiker

For the last 10 years this has been the worldwide top seller. Simple to use to is ideal for 1 -2 people.

Its feature include:

  • Weights only 310 grams
  • Produces 1 liter per minute
  • Cartridge capacity 750 liters (depending on water quality)
  • Ceramic pre-filter, Glassfiber main filter and activated carbon granulate
  • Few moving parts mean minimal maintenance

Deserving of its position at number one. For more information, see the promotional video at the bottom of this page.

Exstream XR

Exstream XR Water Purifier Bottle

 Katadyn also product the top selling water bottle purifier and the only one EPA registered to protect against all types of micro-organisms including cysts, bacteria and viruses.

The bottle holds 28 ounces of drinking water and the cartridge is good for 26 gallons or around 120 refills.

It consists firstly of a carbon pre-filter to remove unpleasant tastes.

The cyst filter removes pathogens including Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Finally the water passes through the Virustat filter which eliminates any remaining waterborne viruses and bacteria. All of this in a product that weights less than 9 ounces.


Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter

 This is a product designed for long term use on big expeditions. It is suitable for purifying water for your whole team (recommended for up to 4 people).

Its heavy duty construction is backed by a 20 year warranty so it is designed to survive in harsh environments. The cleanable ceramic filter allows the filtering of not just clear but also very cloudy water.

The water output is 1 liter per minute and the cartridge capacity is an astounding 50,000 liters!

This filter is likely to last longer than you.

Katadyn Hiker Promo Video


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      Kelly Yoo - Water Filtration 7 years ago

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