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Buy a LED Flashlight Online - Streamlight, Surefire, Dorcy

Updated on August 15, 2009

Why Choose a LED Flashlight?

Traditional flashlights use an incandescent bulb that produces a lot of heat when it is illuminated. This heat is wasted energy and causes an unnecessary drain on the batteries. Not only this, but the heat eventually causes the bulb to burn out and need replacing.

LED flashlights use Light Emitting Diodes to prduce the light. They waste much less energy on heat production and are extremely durable. This makes LEDs perfect for flashlights as battery life is one of the most important factors.

At lower power levels LEDs have a significant power advantage over traditional bulbs, however this advantage does diminish at higher levels of output as LEDs begin to produce more heat.

A Typical LED Flashlight

Flashlight Reliability

For a flashlight to be useful it needs to reliably workevery time. This means it needs power and a functioning bulb. These are both key characteristics of LED flashlights.

Energy consumption can be as low as 10% that of incandescent bulbs and as they don't contain a fragile filament, LED Flashlights can generally be dropped without harming them.

In testing, LEDs have continued to provide light after 10 years of continuous activation. It is uncommon for LEDs to need replacing.

Features of LED Flashlights

Although the first commercial LED Flashlights only appeared in 2001, today there are models with all of the features available in traditional flashlights.

Battery options include the usual alkaline and lithium, plus the rechargeable NiMH and Lithium Ion.

They come in the normal handheld design but LEDs are now commonly used in headlamps for outdoor use where the longer battery life is very important.

Examples of Popular LED Flashlights


The Dorcy 220 Lumens Rechargeable LED Flashlight

This extremely popular model is perfect for home and recreational use. It comes with both an AC and a DC charger letting you top up the batteries at home or in the car.

Each charge is good for 12 hours use and it has the traditional flashlight look. It comes with a super bright Cree LED to pump out the light.

They are not too expensive and generally go for less than $50

Surefire 6P LED Flashlight

With 11 hours battery life and designed for rough handling, the 6P LED by Surefire is made for the outdoors with its tough aluminium body.

Surefire specialize in LED technology and have a reputation for quality

Be aware that there is also a Surefire 6P with a traditional incandescent bulb so make sure you look for the LED when buying.

Streamlight Stylus Pro LED Flashlight

Streamlight 66118 Stylus Pro LED PenLight with Holster, Black
Streamlight 66118 Stylus Pro LED PenLight with Holster, Black

Powerful little flashlight that can often be picked up for less than $25


The Streamlight Stylus Pro

This pen LED flashlight has plenty of power. At 5.3 inches in length it comes with a super bright 1/2 Watt LED that has a life of up to 30,000 hours.

Charge life is 7.5 hours from its 2 AAA alkaline batteries.

It is also tough - corrosion, water and shockproof aluminium body with an unbreakable polycarbonate lens.

Customer satisfaction is extremely high with this product.

Coast K3 High Performance Keyring LED Flashlight

This mini flashlight is perfect for finding you way back to the car or locating your keys in your bag.

It is splash proof and has a battery life of over 50 hours. At around 2.5 inches you can take it anywhere. A simple, reliable, and very useful product

Streamlight Stylus Pro Review


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    • agvulpes profile image

      Peter 7 years ago from Australia

      These LED Flashlights are just great aren't they?

      I bought one at the $2 shop for er...$2.00, goes on the keyring! I thought it was gimmick but it has saved my butt a number of times now, so I went back and bought 3 more and gave them to may family.

      Good informative Hub! thumbs up!