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Buy a Sevylor Whitewater Canoe Paddle

Updated on August 26, 2010

Buy A Sevylor Whitewater Canoe Paddle

Buy a Sevylor Whitewater Canoe Paddle

A canoe trip is a lot more pleasurable if you have the right paddle. Most people don’t put nearly the thought that they should into buying a paddle. A paddle that is the right size and the right shape for the type of canoeing you are doing is easy to find if you put a little bit of thought into it.

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The biggest issue when it comes to choosing a Sevylor Whitewater canoe paddle is thinking about what you will be using you canoe for. It should come as no surprise to learn that the requirements of white water canoeing are quite a bit different than those of somebody doing long distance paddling. The white water paddle should provide you with maximum control while the paddle for a long trip will be chosen primarily for comfort. Unfortunately these are usually incompatible with each other.

When canoeing in white water you are going to want a big blade that takes a large bite out of the water. A broad rectangle or a tulip shaped blade is ideal. You are also going to want to choose a handle that will provide you with the maximum control, a T-grip is perfect for this. A good stiff Sevylor Whitewater canoe paddle will also help to give you maximum control, one made out of fibreglass or laminated wood is usually the best option.

A paddle that you intend to use on a long trip has to be comfortable above all else. The most important factor here will be to choose a grip that you can hold comfortably, a pear shape is usually the best option. You are also going to want to choose a long narrow blade since it will move through the water more easily and require less effort on your part. A flexible canoe paddle will help to reduce the strain of paddling for a long distance, however it must also be durable, there is nothing worse than breaking you paddle in the middle of your trip.

Most people fall somewhere in between the two extremes of white water and touring and need a good paddle for recreational use. This is often tricky because the requirements of white water and cruising are usually completely different. This means some compromise is going to be required. A small to medium sized blade is a good idea, a beavertail or tulip shape is usually the best way to go. As for the grip you can choose whatever you are comfortable with however the soft T-grip does fall somewhere between a regular T-grip and a pear shaped grip and is usually a good choice.

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