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Buy a Speed Bag Platform Online

Updated on March 13, 2011

The Speed Bag Workout

 Working out using a Speed Bag is a great way to get fit. First time users are always surprised at how many different parts of the body are engaged in this intense form of exercise.

Apart from the obvious upper body workout, the increased heart rate quickly turns this from of exercise into fat burning aerobic exercise.

While your arms are being strengthened and toned, your core muscles are working to stabilize the torso. This is great for posture and in preventing injury in a variety of sport.

This multi-faceted workout is a great way for busy people to combine multiple forms of exercise is a short period of time.

As an added bonus, the equipment required is relatively inexpensive, durable and takes up little space.

Speed Bag Platforms

 To get started you will need a Speed Bag and a Speed Bag Platform (note: most platforms do not include a bag).

If you alone will be using the bag it is possible to get a non-adjustable platform. This will be slightly cheaper. In most cases however, it is wise to get an adjustable platform to accommodate users of different heights and give you the ability to fine tune your comfort during a workout.

When purchasing a speed bag platform, you should be aware that most are not supplied with the hardware required to fit it to the wall (this is due to the large variety of wall construction - you should get the hardware most suited to your wall).

Adjustable Everlast Speed Ball Platform

The Popular Everlast Speed Ball Platform

 This platform is fully adjustable and comes with two brackets for stability (beware single bracket products).

Easy to adjust with a spring pin lock, it comes with the swivel included (speed bag sold separately)

This is a good all round product from one of the big names in boxing.

The Economical Option

 For the first time user or just someone looking for the occasional workout, this beginners pack is a good option.

Including everything you need to get started, and at a cost of less than $70, this is a good way to try out a speed bag workout without spending a fortune.

The Serious Speed Bag Platform

 For frequent use durability and stability are what you need. This product has both of those in abundance.

The i-Box Speed Bag Platform has a super stiff V-frame bracket made of 11 gauge steel tubing. It also comes with a 1 year warranty on the frame and wooden drum.

This platform is designed to withstand years of intense workouts and has a high level of customer satisfaction. A simple visual comparison between this and other products is all you need to see the strength in the i-Box platform.

All you need now is....

Everlast Speed Bag

 Once you have the platform all you need is the bag.

Everlast are one of the biggest names in boxing and with their bags coming in at less than $30 there is no need to look anywhere else. Stick with quality

Everlast Speed Bag Platform


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