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CMLL Super Viernes: Adonis Trumps All

Updated on August 5, 2017

We’re not wasting any time here sports fans. I’m already far behind getting this review done and even worse my lunch just finished cooking. So there’s no point in long winded intros; let’s get right into discussing what was a very good episode of CMLL Super Viernes with a main event that went exactly how you expected. See what I did there? Moses, get on your bikes and meme!

Drone, Fuego, Pegasso defeated Disturbio, Sagrado, Virus two falls to one

So remember how I said I didn’t doubt these guys and that this opener would probably be very good? Joke’s on me! Granted, it wasn’t like this match was bad and there were some sequences that were actually quite good. But overall this barely felt like a step up from the usual CMLL opener, with Fuego, Virus and Disturbio coming off as the only dudes really nailing their stuff. The most shocking thing of all this though; Drone wasn’t that good. DRONE! The guy who was just one of the best parts of one of the best matches in recent CMLL memory last week. I guess this was just an off night of sorts. Again, I don’t want to make this out as being terrible because it wasn’t. But on such a hotly anticipated night, this was a noticeable disappointment amongst the rest, aside from the technicos actually winning. Then again, at least it wasn't the Rush match. Don't worry; we'll get to it.

Microman & El Gallito defeated Zacarias & Mije

This is the best way to describe this match; if you didn’t enjoy it, you may very well have no soul. Why do I say that? Because this match was nothing but pure entertainment, pure fun…what’s another word for those two words I just used? Who cares; this ruled. All four guys tried, all four guys did some spectacular stuff and all four got the crowd so into it that it didn’t matter if there were points that things could be smoother. You couldn’t help but get sucked in here, and it didn’t hurt that there were several OMG moments courtesy of Microman. You see why he’s a cult hero with all us lucha libre fans? All four of these guys tried, but he seemed to try the most and some of the stuff he did, like the springboard crossbody to the floor and the Vader Bomb to win the match, were breathtaking both because of how impressive they looked and how risky they were. Just tremendous stuff. I’ll say it again; if you didn’t enjoy this, than I can only assume you’re either a soulless demon ala a Buffy the Vampire Slayer villain or you’re Jon Snow. Besides that, this was a blast and you should go out of your way to see it.

El Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón defeated Rey Cometa, Soberano Jr., The Panther two falls to one

How do you top one of the best trios matches of 2017? Simple; you bring four of the six guys from that match back the next week, replace the other two guys with dudes on the same talent level and then let them go longer and crazier than they did the week before. That’s precisely what happened here. I don’t know if these six felt an obligation to go harder because of how big the show was or if they just didn’t want to get showed up by the micros. Whatever it was these guys delivered and delivered huge. The Panther was awesome. Rey Cometa was awesome. Soberano continues his trek towards being the most electric luchador of the year and the perfect foil for the New Age Dinamitas. And oh yeah, how about those New Age Dinamitas?! If last week didn’t make their status as top trios team in the world known then this week did. They brought the flash, they sold like crazy for the technicos, and they did all the unique little things that have made them stand out over the past year. The technicos were absolutely fantastic and I’m of the mindset that Soberano is right there with Cuatrero, Sansón and Forastero. But this match doesn’t work nearly as well without them; in fact I don’t think it works without them at all. Kudos to them bringing it for the second straight week and kudos to CMLL for keeping them strong with another win following their trios championship victory. Now if only CMLL could get in touch with CHIKARA and get the Dinamitas into the King of Trios tournament.

Ángel de Oro, Diamante Azul, Marco Corleone defeated Hechicero, Pierroth, Rush two falls to none

This was easily the only match on the show not worth a damn, and I think we all expected that going in so no one was that broken up. That said this was still frustrating as holy hell. I reached my breaking point with Rush this past Monday when he took a potentially awesome match Carístico and turned it into a showcase for how much of a lazy fuck he’s become. This performance was no different and if anything continues to show you just how far he’s fallen. I mean Pierroth may be terrible, but I at least get the feeling that he’s trying and is just awful at what he does. Rush? I’m pretty sure the only time he cares about anything at this point is when the words LA and Park are involved. So unless Paco’s suddenly changing his mind on a whole lot of things, we’re pretty much stuck with Rush doing his best Jon Snow till the end of time.

And that’s not good considering CMLL was strongly hinting at giving Rush an Anniversary Show level program with Diamante Azul in this match. I know; WHAT THE HELL CMLL?! I remain unconvinced that Diamante Azul is as bad as some people claim (note; that doesn’t mean I think he’s great either, those looking to hurl false accusations!) and he’s not to blame for this feud being DOA at all. That goes on the guy who stopped giving a shit the moment his best friends left. But the fact is Diamante Azul has already been associated with so much shit this year that him main eventing the Anniversary Show, against the corpse of Rush of all people, is just a terrible idea. Hopefully CMLL is just doing a singles match between the two next week and we can all just forget this tease ever happened. I’ve pretty much forgotten about the rest of the match otherwise, with the exception of Hechicero and Ángel de Oro trying their asses off here (props to them) and Rush being so lazy unmasking Azul that he didn’t even go to beat him up afterwards. Seriously; can someone get Rush out of CMLL? I don’t care how; just get him the fuck off my screen.

Carístico, Niebla Roja, Volador Jr. defeated Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero two falls to one

If things start to take off for Niebla Roja going forward, this will be remembered as the match where he finally got his shit together. I mean, unless you don’t count him doing a stage dive from the highest point of the stage, a leapfrog hurricanrana from the ramp to the ring and a tope con hilo to the floor ALL IN A MATTER OF TEN SECONDS as him getting his shit together. I’m still not quite sure why people glossed over this sequence; if Soberano had done it people would be lauding him as the greatest thing since EVIL beat Okada. Instead Roja pulls it off flawlessly and all I heard afterwards was how people would actually prefer Rush vs. Diamante Azul over Roja vs. Gran Guerrero. Allow me to be the one to call everyone crazy. Not only have we seen no evidence that Rush-Diamante Azul can be good, not only did this match completely blow the Rush-Azul trios bout out of the water (seriously, it wasn’t even close) but we’ve actually seen evidence that Niebla Roja is pretty good and that Gran Guerrero is improving at an accelerated rate. And yet we’d rather see Rush-Azul because…why? The crowd might be more into it? I’m not entirely convinced of that (the Guerrero name on a big show isn’t going to get silence, no matter who’s involved) and I’m certainly not convinced it’ll be a better match. So if we have to have Roja-Gran Guerrero as the Anniversary Show main event, I say bring it on. The two showed here once again that they at least know what they’re doing and can produce exciting stuff. That coupled with Volador and Euforia looking great together (as always) and UG and Carístico being UG and Carístico made this a very watchable, very entertaining semi-main event.

Hair vs. Hair Match

Sam Adonis defeated Blue Panther two falls to one

Let’s just get this out of the way sports fans; Tirantes blew chunks refereeing this match. He mugged for the camera, he overacted, he noticeably tried to draw attention to himself and he was definitely trying to come out of this one as the most over person in the ring when the match was over. Anyone trying to argue that Tirantes wasn’t completely bad at his job needs to have their eyes examined. So there’s that. At the same token, to the people letting Tirantes effect how they rate this match, I have a whole slew of eye rolls for you. Did we all just forget that this guy is like this all the fucking time?! I seem to recall him doing the exact same thing in several of the Volador-Cavernario encounters, several of the great tag matches this year and everyone had no problem ignoring him then. All of this is to say the following; if you’re saying Tirantes hurt this match for you, my only guesses can be you were either looking for a reason to not like this match from the start or you are the nitpicker to end all nitpickers! I get being annoyed by him, but I don’t get allowing him to bother you so much that it takes you out of a great match. And by the way, this was a GREAT match. I’m talking Rutger Hauer in Blade Runner great.

Also an accurate depiction of me after the last 24 hours
Also an accurate depiction of me after the last 24 hours

Now let me stress this; this wasn’t the same kind of great that the Dinamitas trios match was earlier. From a workrate standpoint, that blew this one out of the water by a country mile with all the crazy shit they did. But this wasn’t supposed to be a high flying spectacle, despite the fact that Panther and Sam pulled off at least six good looking dives in the course of their fifteen minutes together. This was about the old lucha libre legend standing up for his country against the cocky, obnoxious foreigner looking to prove he belonged. I don’t think they could’ve told the story any better. Sam was perfect in his role and broke out some new tricks like I expected (although he didn’t break out the 450 splash as I secretly hoped he would). Blue Panther brought just the right amount of fighting spirit as the never say die technico in what could be his last big Apuesta match. They had great sequences of brawling, great sequences of dives, excellent teases (I legit thought there was a point these guys could do what would’ve been the sixth stage dive of the night); best of all they did a bunch of callbacks to the Panther-Love Machine feud! I marked out huge when Sam almost hit Panther with the Martinete in the third fall, only for him to think better of it, and the Ode to Love Machine Frog Splash with the Trump flag draped over Panther was easily one of the two best things on this show. In fact, it was so good that I’m slightly disappointed that it wasn’t the end of the match; can you imagine how Arena Mexico (who was nuclear hot throughout this match) would’ve reacted if that was the end?! It wasn’t to be, but ultimately we got the result we needed; Sam Adonis standing tall as Arena Mexico littered the ring with garbage after Sam put Panther away with the Nail in the Coffin (while also holding onto the ropes. EVIL!!!). I don’t know what more you could ask for, aside from Tirantes not being there. But even with him and his flaws on display, I thought this match was terrific, I thought both Sam and Panther were terrific and I’d put this right up there with one of the best CMLL matches I’ve seen this year. They had the story, they had the action, they had the callbacks and they had the emotion. And if you don’t believe me, just look at how Blue Panther sold it all in the post match. That tells a better story than I ever could.

And with that folks, I take my leave. I’ll be back Monday to review the CMLL Puebla show, and I may throw another column in there as well. Depends on if there’s anything good to write about. Till we meet again, THIS!

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