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CMLL Running Diary: Caristico Goes for the Moonsault Edition

Updated on May 1, 2017

So I typed up this wonderful into paragraph for you guys, explaining why I wasn't able to write a CMLL Puebla preview yesterday, why I was doing a running diary for CMLL shows today and tomorrow and all sorts of other fun stuff. It was great. Naturally I ended up clicking the "discard changes" link instead of save, and now that paragraph is lost in time, like tears in rain. What a fail on my part. And as I'm not quite brilliant enough to remember all those wondrous things I said the first time around, I'll just give you a short summary; a massive headache sidelined me from writing yesterday, I feel terrible about it and thus you're getting two running diaries in place of a CMLL Puebla preview/review and a CMLL Tuesday preview/review. Sound good? Sounds good. Let's begin. Moses, don't make the same mistakes I made retrieving the meme.

9:48: I'm live, I'm all done promoting and I have 12 minutes to spare before showtime! How am I passing the time? By watching Kenta Kobashi and Tsuyoshi Kikuchi take on the Can-Am Express of course! You can come watch that too if you want; I'm at the 21:40 mark as we speak.

9:50: Just reached the part where Kikuchi kicks out of a sick Doomsday Device. Amazingly this is like the thirteenth best part of the match, which I'm starting to believe is both the best match ever and the best tag match ever. Am I crazy?

9:53: Kroffat just did a hurricanrana (he weighs 240 plus by the by), followed by Kikuchi saving Kobashi with a springboard flying headbutt. Beauty. Meanwhile, Kobashi is going for the greatest moonsault in history, but sadly only connects with Kroffat's ass.


9:55: And here's the second best part; Kobashi hits that perfect moonsault, pins Kroffat and wins the All Asia Tag Team Championships! I've seen this too many times and it's still not old. Maybe this is a match I should write about some day...oh wait!

9:59: Alright enough All Japan; IT'S SHOW TIME IN ARENA PUEBLA!

10:03: Long intro is long. Hijo de Centella Roja is out without his father, though it turns out that's only because Centella Roja wanted to come out by himself to "The Final Countdown." I approve of this; I'll approve of it even more if Centella Roja continues his recent streak of trying as he and the youngling go against Guerrero Especial and Fuerza Chicana. On second thought, maybe he should mail it in; have you seen how bad Chicana and Especial usually are?!

10:06: Especial and Hijo de Centella Roja will start. Decent pace to it thus far, with the youngster making Especial work faster than normal.

10:07: And now we move onto Chicana and actual Centella Roja. I don't think this will be as good.

10:08: I was right! Instead of continuing the nice flow Hijo de Roja and Especial started, these two have done slow, boring mat work. Shouldn't it have been the opposite?

10:10: Chicana slams Roja down, capitalizes on it by...walking around the ring and doing nothing, then clotheslines Roja. An Irish Whip attempt back fires however and Roja hits Chicana with a backbreaker, sending him to the floor. Hijo de Centella Roja and Especial are now back in. Thank Grodd!

10:12: Hijo de Centella Roja continues to look impressive. He hits some cool moves on Especial and eventually taps him to an Abdominal Stretch hybrid. This allows his dad to come off top with a crossbody to Chicana, which stuns the rudo long enough for another submission. 1-0 technicos! When Hijo de Centella Roja was involved this was good. When he wasn't, GULP!

10:13: More old man lucha to begin fall two. Thankfully Centella Roja has his working boots on and hits a pretty cool double jump crossbody. He may make you worry he's going to die doing these moves, but you gotta appreciate his effort.

10:14: Especial and young Centella Roja are in, but it doesn't last long as Especial sends the youngling to the floor. The double team is now on.

10:16: Rudos have been laying it to both Centella Roja's, and not surprisingly the match has become less interesting. Can we get to the part where one of you hits a splash and we move on to fall three already?

10:17: Credit where credit is due; Especial hits Centella Roja with a cool looking slam to send the veteran to the showers. Hijo de Centella Roja comes in to face the music, and unfortunately he doesn't go out as good, with Chicana delivering piss poor offense to eliminate the youngster. We're tied and in need of a better rudo team. Or at least someone to replace Fuerza Chicana.

10:19: Fall three begins with Chicana stomping on the young Roja on the stage, while Especial takes it to Roja on the floor. At this point we're pretty much just waiting to break out the "It's time for a comeback" meme. We ain't getting anything of interest till then.

10:21: Guerrero Especial continues to be a bright spot in this match, hitting Hijo de Centella Roja with a nice Vertebreaker. The comeback appears to be nowhere in sight.

10:22: Now Especial is slamming young Roja on the ramp. That feels like a set up for something.

10:23: IT IS! Hijo de Centella Roja gets back dropped into the ring and takes out Guerrero Especial with a senton. Just like that the rudo is gone...and just like that Hijo de Centella Roja is gone, pinned by Chicana. Dammit!

10:24: Centella Roja and Chicana go at it for a few before Chicana hits a balancing double stomp on Chicana's back (I think it was supposed to be a leg drop, but Chicana sold it wrong), leading to the 1, 2, 3. The Centella Roja's trumph and "The Final Countdown" plays! The Centella Roja's were very good in this match (save for that last botch), Guerrero Especial was decent in this match and Fuerza Chicana was an Uwe Boll movie. I'd say somewhere between House of the Dead and Alone in the Dark level quality.

10:28: REVERSE GOLDBERG IS HERE! Poor Principe Diamante has come back to lose some more, alongside the perpetually boring Black Tiger and Arkalis. They're facing Toro Bill Jr. (still separated from Rey Apocalipsis), Nitro and Arkangel de la Muerte.

10:31: Arkangel is the rudo captain. I missed who the technico captain is. Oh, and to make things worse, Tirantes is the ref here. The sweet release of death would be awfully nice about now.

10:32: Well at least Toro Bill and Arkalis are working hard to start this match.

10:34: Oh goodness; Diamante is in with Nitro. Get the stretcher ready!

10:35: Inexplicably, Diamante not only escapes with his life but actually gets a handshake and a hug from Nitro! What in the hell was that? And what the hell was CMLL smoking when they decided Black Tiger and Arkangel should do sequences together?!

10:37: The technicos take control after Tiger knocks Arkangel out of the ring, and ultimately prevail as Diamante and Arkalis get dueling submissions on Nitro and Toro Bill while Tiger rolls Arkangel up. I'm not sure which one of those got the win but who cares; it got us closer to be done with this match, which has thus far been lame aside from Arkalis and Toro Bill doing okay.

10:40: Arkalis and Toro Bill are determined to bring some cool moments to this match, and HOLY SHIT DO THEY EVER when Arkalis Monkey Flips Toro Bill off the ramp, over the turnbuckle and to the floor. Great spot. Nitro and Diamante are now in.

10:41: Diamante arm drags Nitro out of the ring, then is actually allowed to hit a hurricanrana on the floor. How you want to bet that's his last offensive move of the match?

10:42: Black Tiger is in control of Arkangel when he decides to go for the mask. YOU NEVER GO FOR THE MASK IN THIS SITUATION! Naturally the rudos take control and life is miserable once more. Well not entirely, as Toro Bill and Arkalis are in again.

10:44: We get some typical rudo beat down shit before Toro Bill submits Diamante and Arkangel submits Black Tiger. We're tied. Stunningly this match has had a few moments of inspiration. Not surprisingly it's still also been mostly a dumpster fire when Toro Bill and Arkalis haven't been wrestling each other.

10:46: Fall three begins with more rudo beat downs. Joy.

10:49: In the words of that pompous ass Hamlet kills in Hamlet, this is too long. But that's alright because the rally is here!

10:50: Diamante has Nitro isolated outside the ring while Tiger and Arkalis take care of Toro Bill in the ring. Sound strategy. Sadly now it's over, and Black Tiger and Arkangel are about to do bad lucha again.

10:51: Triple roll up. Only two. Another one a second later; only two. Good Grodd, this match has even sucked out my excitement for a triple roll up spot!

10:52: Triple dive?! Try a triple dive fakeout from the technicos. They deserve to lose this match.

10:53: This lame match gets a lame finish; the technicos foolishly pile on top of the rudos for a triple pin, don't get it and end up getting thrown out of the ring (Diamante), powerbombed (Arkalis) or destroyed with a Piledriver (Tiger) to give the rudos the win. Hey, at least Principe Diamante didn't lose it for his team this time! Bad match, with only Arkalis and Toro Bill preserving their dignity.

10:55: If you thought this show was getting were right! Rey Samuray, Guerrero Maya Jr. and Rey Cometa form an awesome technico team to take on Misterioso Jr., Sangre Azteca and Policeman. Alright it's not perfect, but it's better than the last match.

10:59: It may mean nothing, but I feel obligated to report Cometa came out with his Mexican National Welterweight Championship belt. Could a title match be set up here?

11:01: Maya and Misterioso Jr. are captains. The latter will start the match, while Samuray starts it for the technicos.

11:04: A decent bit of back and forth chain/mat wrestling between these two. All of which will make it more frustrating that Rey Samuray will be stuck at home tomorrow while Sangre Imperial continues to underwhelm in Arena Mexico.

11:05: The sequence finally ends. In are Maya and Policeman. How's that for a pairing you never thought you'd see?

11:08: Another long mat sequence. Interesting. Cometa and Sangre Azteca are now in and good Grodd, please don't let this mean Azteca is the guy challenging Cometa. I will sell all the souls I have to to prevent that.

11:09: Cometa actually gets a good sequence out of Azteca before Misterioso and Policeman come in to turn the tide. All roads lead to Azteca dropkicking Cometa into the ramp while his partners held him in the ropes.

11:10: Gotta love the rudos finding complicated ways to kick a dude in the ass.

11:11: The rudos do get a nice triple team to end the fall, with Misterioso hitting his Gory Buster on Maya, Azteca hitting Maya with a dropkick and Policeman traveling a long way to hit a top rope splash. Okay first fall; you may rate it higher depending on if you like long mat sequences or not.

11:12: We're wasting no time getting to fall two.

11:13: I looked down for one minute and suddenly the tide had turned! Rey Samuray nails Misterioso with a suicide dive, while Cometa hits Policeman with a splash and Maya gets Azteca with a back elbow. We are tied! This match feels like it's moving a million miles per hour while simaltaneously moving at a snail's pace.

11:16: Maya and Miserioso start fall three and they're exchanging slaps! Maya quickly gets things moving with a springboard arm drag, a backbreaker for Policeman and a few more arm drags.

11:17: In comes Cometa and Misterioso. Now that's a match I could get behind.

11:18: Cometa disposes of Misterioso with a great arm drag, but then gets the boots from Policeman and Azteca. Luckily Cometa is awesome, so he arm drags both of them out and then does a fake out dive. What a tease!

11:19: Rey Samuray in, and unfortunately he doesn't have the same luck his teammates had, getting tossed from the ring. Maya and Cometa come in to assist.

11:20: Maya powerslams Azteca, then gets a backcracker from Policeman. Cometa then disposes of him, followed by Misterioso disposing of him. He turns his back though and Samuray sneaks in for a SURPRISE ROLL UP VICTORY! Hot damn, Rey Samuray got one over Misterioso! Pretty cool. Okay match overall, but the ending was nice, especially since it was a young guy getting a rub.

11:22: Everyone is in the ring; looks like we're doing another Brazo de Oro tribute. La Mascara is front and center once more; this poor man.

11:25: HUGE Brazo chants from Arena Puebla along with a prolonged ovation. Poor Mascara is losing it again as the wrestlers all hug him. He takes the mic and cuts another promo thanking the crowd, before he and Caristico lead the wrestlers in another rallying cry. This is simaltaneously a wonderful moment and a sad one.

11:26: Like Friday, the next match begins with no entrances. Atlantis, Valiente and Stuka Jr. are taking on La Mascara, Mr. Niebla and Pierroth. The rudos quickly attack to start the match, which draws no boos because I can't see Mascara getting booed for eons after this past weekend.

11:28: Mascara super kicks Atlantis into the corner, then hits the running knees to give the rudos fall one. Too quick to judge; I get the feeling this won't be going long, both so Mascara can get out of there as quickly as possible and so Caristico-UG gets more time.

11:29: Rudos are triple teaming to start fall two. Seems like they may be setting up Mascara vs. Atlantis from what I've seen thus far.

11:30: Atlantis starts the comeback by dropkicking Niebla to the floor. Meanwhile, Valiente puts Pierroth down with a slam, allowing Stuka to hit the Stuka Splash and send Daddy Rush to the showers while Valiente submits Mascara with a Tequila Sunrise. We're tied.

11:32: Fall three begins with Mascara walking from the crowd. I guess he went that far to run from Atlantis! Pierroth now in to battle Stuka.

11:33: Pierroth sends Stuka to the floor, where he and Mascara double team with stomps. The good luck doesn't last though, as Mascara accidentally hits Pierroth with a super kick, allowing Stuka to take control.

11:34: Valiente and Mascara now in. The two play to the crowd (both get cheers) before Valiente sends Mascara to the floor. Pierroth is now in and he eats a Monkey Flip from Valiente.

11:35: Niebla now in to try and turn the tide, but he's no match for Valiente either. Zacharias comes in to break up a pin, leading to an extended comedy sequence where Niebla chases Zacharias and falls off the apron! Classic.

11:36: Atlantis and Niebla in. An old rivalry renewed!


11:38: Valiente and Stuka take out Pierroth and Mascara with dives. Niebla briefly gets control of Atlantis in the ring, but he plays to the crowd a little too long, allowing Atlantis to get the pin with a hurricanrana roll up. Technicos win their third match of the night! Okay stuff; it's nothing you'll remember weeks from now, but it was light and entertaining. When Pierroth is involved, that's all you can ask for.

11:39: Just what we need; interviews with the crowd.

11:40: We have no reached one of those "only in CMLL" matches; technicos Maximo and Mistico team with rudo Negro Casas to take on rudos Mephisto and Ephesto (finally back) and technico Volador Jr. Weird, I know, though I'll take it if this is CMLL setting up a Volador or Mephisto title match.

11:42: And there's Mephisto coming out with his belt. I'd watch him vs. Mistico or Negro Casas all day. Equally interesting is that Volador is not here, with Diamante Azul coming out to take his place.

11:44: Mistico and Mephisto are captains. Casas and Mephisto will start, which makes me hopeful it's Casas-Mephisto they're setting up!

11:45: I'm convinced at this point Negro Casas could make a sequence with Pompin electric. He and Mephisto had a brief, but pretty good exchange before giving way to Maximo and Diamante Azul. What an interesting pairing we have here.

11:47: Maximo trying to psych out Azul with his antics. How's that going Anakin?

11:49: Finally having enough of Maximo schooling his ass, Diamante Azul goes full rudo and joins his teammates in a the traditional rudo beat down. Highlights include Ephesto doing little, Mephisto going after Casas (!!!) and Azul trying to unmask Mistico. Is it odd I'd watch that match too?

11:50: Mephisto has Casas in a top rope Dragon Sleeper. Sweet. Meanwhile Azul teases tossing Mistico into the crowd, before dropping him and super kicking him. I like rudo Diamante Azul!

11:51: Mephisto is just destroying Casas right now! Maximo tries to intervene, but gets caught in the beat down instead.

11:52: Evidently a bunch of stomps are enough to put Maximo away. The rudos follow it up with Ephesto putting Mistico away with a shoulder breaker to make it 1-0. Decent stuff; the Casas-Mephisto sequences were quite good, rudo Diamante Azul was cool and Maximo's comedy worked. Still a long way to go before we sniff "great" territory though.

11:54: Rudos haven't let up yet. Right now they're triple teaming Casas in the ring....and apparently too much for Pompin's liking as he just DQ'd them! What in the what?! A rare second fall DQ ties it up for the technicos, who haven't had any offense in about ten minutes.

11:56: Rudos are still in control to start fall three. I'll give this match this; it's been strange. As I say this Casas clotheslines Mephisto as hard as he can, but the momentum is gone as the rudos regroup for more triple teaming.

11:57: Here we go! Maximo gets the comeback rolling, and Mistico continues it with some decent offense.

11:58: Casas and Mephist are alone! They exchange slaps, Casas kicks Mephisto in the shin and there's La Casita! The technicos win and Casas has the mic!

11:59: Now Mistico has the mic. Dammit Mistico; don't take Casas-Mephisto away from me!

12:00: We're getting a good old post match brawl, with Casas and Mephisto really going at it. I swear, if Mistico has deprived me of that match I will wish ill on his soul. As I say this Diamante apparently ripped his mask off, so me wishing him ill is already working! IN YOUR FACE MISTICO!

12:03: We have arrived. Caristico is on his way to the ring to challenge Ultimo Guerrero for the NWA World Historic Middleweight Championship.

12:05: Doesn't appear that either guy has a second. What a pity; I would've paid good money to see Casas second either guy.

12:06: They shake hands and we're off. Caristico goes for a roll up, but UG reverses into an arm bar. Caristico rolls out into a pin attempt and gets a near fall. Stalemate.

12:07: We lock up again with a wrist lock. UG flips Caristico over in the wrist lock, Caristico rolls out, we get some more back and forth and another stalemate. So much happening in just a minute!

12:08: Again we lock up. Caristico Irish Whips UG into the corner, but UG lifts him to the apron and sends him to the floor with a dropkick. On the floor, UG picks up Caristico and there's the trademark Gorilla Press into the seats! It never gets old.

12:09: Back in the ring, Caristico gets UG with a hurricanrana and then a Code Red! UG struggles but can't kick out, giving Caristico fall one! Very good start, as you'd expect from these two. Interesting that Caristico didn't get La Caristica here; UG's either getting out of it later or Caristico is on his way to glory.

12:11: Fall two begins with UG getting Caristico with an elbow. Caristico uses his speed to get the advantage back, headscissoring UG to the floor and then getting a springboard hurricanrana from the ring to the floor! We're back in quick though, and UG turns the tide with a Spinebuster into the Pulpo Guerrero! We are tied at one.

12:12: We're following the UG formula here; medium length first fall with some good lucha, followed by a quick second fall. This third fall should get a ton of time and, depending on how much UG/Caristico you watch, should be a doozy.

12:13: Both men playing to the crowd to start this fall. Both are really over. This angers UG, who slaps Caristico down and takes him to the corner for some punches. Caristico counters with some of his own, and a super kick for a near fall.

12:14: UG clotheslines Caristico for a near fall. Crowd is very rowdy! Caristico comes back with some kicks to the head and a hurricanrana roll up, but can only get two.

12:15: Irish whip into the corner by Caristico. Fortunately for UG he's able to get to the second rope and hits a Code Red! New stuff from the UG! It's only a near fall though. UG then misses Caristico in the corner, propelling himself to the floor and allowing Caristico to hit a suicide dive.

12:16: We're back in the ring. Caristico sends UG to the corner, ends up on the apron and sends UG down with a slap. He goes for a Missile Dropkick, but UG counters that with a dropkick into the dropkick! Sweet. Near fall for UG.

12:17: UG with a submission from the Vertebreaker position. Caristico gets out though and gets a beautiful sunset roll up! Only two. Caristico then catches UG staring at the crowd and kicks him in the leg.

12:18: GORDBUSTER FROM THE TOP! UG GETS 1, 2 AND...that's it! Near fall. He only has the top rope powerbomb, the corner senton and the Guerrero Special to go...and now he no longer has the powerbomb after drilling Caristico with it! Only two on that as well.

12:19: Caristico and UG up top again. Caristico hits a spinning super rana that UG doesn't reverse! That never happens! UG is out at two though.

12:20: UG slams Caristico down and goes up top. We're living up top. Caristico counters and hits THE VOLADOR SUPER RANA! Hot damn! Once more UG is out at two and I'm fearful Caristico's going for that moonsault. AND HE IS!

12:21: There's the Guerrero Special and there's another successful UG title defense. That damn moonsault attempt claims another victim! Predictable ending aside, that was an excellent main event. There was a sameness to it sure, but everything they did was so smooth and these two just click so well you can't help but get sucked in. A very strong main event that's well worth your time and thankfully was worth sitting through this otherwise meh show for! Trust me; I know.

Well, that was fun wasn't it? Let's do it again tomorrow night for the Tuesday show, where Dragon Lee takes on Niebla Roja in what should be another fantastic match. Till then, THIS!

Please change disks to continue...


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