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CMLL Tuesday: Diamonds Aren't Forever

Updated on October 11, 2016

Boy; that didn’t go as planned. CMLL came into tonight’s Tuesday show looking like it had another hit on their hands. And while the show was pretty good most of the way through, no one will be remembering that. Instead they’ll be remembering a main event for the ages, and not in the way we all thought. There’s bad, there’s Laurel Lance in season two bad and then there’s what we got this evening. Really the only good thing about this main event is that I’ll be cracking Arrow and Flash jokes during that, and that still won’t take the bad taste out. But enough of that travesty; we’ll get there in due time. For now let’s take a look at the stuff on the show that was good. Moses, meme it like it’s hot.

Akuma & Camorra defeated Flyer & Leono two falls to one

Another week, another solid start to a Tuesday show featuring Akuma and Camorra. I don’t know what’s been up recently but these dudes delivered again with some more really good teamwork throughout the fall. As expected they were helped by Flyer taking Bengala’s case, and he overshadowed his partner with some pretty cool moves, including a rarely seen Tornado DDT. Overall this was a well worked match (as well as it could be given the limitations at least) and a nice way to get things going. At least it wasn’t the main event. Get ready to hear that a whole lot in this column.

Arkángel de la Muerte, Metálico, Nitro defeated Hombre Bala Jr., Oro Jr., Robin two falls to one

Your typical Arkángel de la Muerte match. In other words, everyone else was good to really good while Arkángel looked worse than me after Barry Allen couldn’t save his mom at the end of season one. Why does CMLL keep giving this guy work?! I get that he’s the head trainer and all (which may be even more inexplicable than having him continue to wrestle) but hot damn. The only people worse than him tonight were the dudes in the main event, and you know they’ll at least recover going forward. There is no hope for Arkángel, who killed all momentum whenever he came in and neutered what looked to be a pretty cool spot Oro Jr. was trying on the floor during the second fall. Poor Oro; better yet poor Robin and poor Hombre Bala Jr.! Those three worked their tails off here and had some good sequences, and may have been able to pull a good match out of this if Arkángel didn’t exist (for the record, we should note Metálico and Nitro were just fine. Not great, but fine). Alas he did and alas this was the second worst match of the night. Who would’ve thought we’d be saying that before the show started?!

Disturbio, Okumura, Virus defeated Blue Panther Jr., Pegasso, The Panther two falls to one

This started what would turn out to be the best stretch of the show thanks to a trio of fun…well, trios matches. I know; who would’ve thought the Panthers would’ve been able to pull that off! This wasn’t even in the same ballpark as last week’s match, but it was more than adequate thanks to some great work between Virus and Panther once more and a couple cool Junior sequences. I would’ve liked to have seen more of Pegasso though; he could’ve added a unique dimension to this match with his high flying and instead only got one opportunity to dive towards the end of the match. Junior had just as many dives as him, and Junior isn’t exactly the high flying kind of luchador. It wasn’t a deal breaker, but it would’ve been nice to see. As such the highlight of the match was the unique way they ended the fall, with the technicos stealing that one after the rudos got separated during their beat down. It was really clever and wreaked of being a Blue Panther idea. Speaking of that beautiful man!

Ángel de Oro, Blue Panther, Titán defeated Pólvora, Sagrado, Vangellys two falls to one

Talk about a match that went from looking good to looking really good. CMLL lost Rey Cometa in this match for reasons unknown and replaced him with Titán, the best upgrade since Oliver replaced Felicity with whoever he replaces her with next. You're gorram right I said it!

The rest of this match worked very well too besides Titán (who for the record was the MVP here), and as you can probably tell this was my favorite Match of the Evening. Again, it didn’t quite reach the levels of that legendary trios match last week but that’s only because it didn’t feature the uniqueness of that match. Otherwise this was exceptionally worked across the board. Vangellys continued his string of really good trios performances. Sagrado was solid. Pólvora, away from Dragón Rojo Jr. for the first time in awhile, looked like a completely different luchador and did stuff he hasn’t pulled out in recent memory (such as a top rope sitout Dominator. You read that right!). Blue Panther was terrific and you could tell had structured this match so well as he normally does. And even though I just badmouthed him to some degree, Ángel de Oro put in a very impressive performance right before his ROH call up. I’m sure it won’t take the bad taste out of some fans’ mouths but if nothing else he proved he’s a capable worker who looked to have a little more pace than usual tonight. Motivation is a hell of a drug isn’t it? What else can I say other then this was really fun and the match to check out from tonight. Once again, who would’ve thought that prior to this show?

Atlantis, Johnny Idol, Mistico defeated Dragón Rojo Jr., La Máscara, Terrible two falls to one

A routine trios match that ended up being quite fun mainly because of who was in it. You can’t go wrong with talent like Atlantis, Johnny Idol, Mistico, Dragón Rojo Jr., La Máscara and Terrible working together, and even if this was following the formula it still did it quite well. It did once more annoy me that Terrible and Idol, two really good luchadors who deserve more time and rarely seem to get it, once more were taking a backseat to things despite having a few cool moments. Thankfully everyone else was fine and I was once again impressed with Atlantis and Rojo, two guys who make their routine just look so effortless that you can’t help but be impressed every time. Now if only CMLL had engineered an angle to put those two together for next week or something. If nothing else it would’ve been far more appealing than the horror we were subjected to right after this.

Rush defeated Diamante Azul two falls to one

I came in hoping for a near classic; instead I and everyone else got an absolute train wreck. This was AWFUL, and that word deserves the all caps treatment here. It didn’t start that way thanks to some solid brawling, but by the end of the second fall you could see these guys weren’t clicking and then things just tailed off from there. The reason; Rush. That’s not to let Diamante Azul off the hook; he wasn’t nearly as good as he had looked the past few weeks in trios action and did nothing to highlight the praises I’ve sang for him in recent memory. But he at least had a few moments in this match that looked good, including a killer suicide dive that served as the bout’s lone highlight. Rush? He was just awful. His timing sucked. His antics sucked. His selling sucked. His effort really sucked. Name it and Rush sucked at it tonight in a way that even his father Pierroth hasn’t in recent memory. I haven’t see Rush this bad since the days he was wrestling the late Thunder. I have no idea what his issue is, but this Rush, the same guy who had a disappointing bout with Último Guerrero just last week, looked nothing like the guy who had a legendary match with L.A. Park earlier this year and an above average match with Matt Taven less than a month ago. The dude has gone from season one Felicity Smoak to seasons 3 and 4 Felicity Smoak faster than Zoom. That’s right; I’m so pissed off at Rush that I just dropped an Arrow and Flash reference in the same sentence.

There’s really nothing else to add to this match so let’s just move onto the only notable thing that happened, which was La Máscara interfering again to help Rush win. Or at least that would’ve been what happened if the ending (which I’m not going to discuss because it sucked that much) hadn’t been so horribly botched that it neutered whatever Máscara was trying to do. Clearly he and Rush are buddies again, clearly CMLL is building towards something with that and all of us are going to get excited sooner or later about where CMLL is taking this. Not tonight though, as Máscara (through no fault of his own) will have to take a backseat to an absolute masterpiece of shit that was that ending and that match. What a horrible way to end a show that otherwise was pretty good and what a horrible way for Diamante Azul’s big match to go. I’m guessing he’s back to trios matches now till the ending of the world and it’ll largely be because Rush wanted nothing to do with making him look good tonight. What else is there to say? I am disappoint.

That’ll do it folks. I’m off to watch more Flash, but I’ll be back tomorrow with a review of Lucha Underground, a show that will most certainly be better than what we got tonight. Till then, we’ll end it with an Arrow meme. Why not right?

Must be a RAW fan. I kid, I kid!
Must be a RAW fan. I kid, I kid!

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      I like wrestling .


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