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The CMLL Running Diary to End Some CMLL Running Diaries

Updated on June 16, 2017

Ladies, gentlemen, true believes and non believes alike, we have arrived. CMLL Super Viernes is upon us, loaded with great stuff like Dragon Lee vs. Cavernario, Niebla Roja's continued feud with Los Guerreros and the finals of the Gran Alternativa, featuring Caristico and Soberano Jr. taking on Ultimo Guerrero and Sanson. This card is a winner folks, so naturally I had to be here to document it all as it happened with a running diary. What the hell are we waiting for? Moses, FIRE IT UP! FIRE IT UP!

9:31: We're all set to go here...and not yet set on the Claro Sports end. Hopefully soon! For when we're ready to go, here's the link.

9:33: Still nothing. Only CMLL would have a massive show this Friday and somehow find a way to make sure no one could see it. They're like the Roger Goodell of wrestling some times.

9:41: WE'RE LIVE! Virus and Raziel are leading off against Magia Blanca and Sangre Imperial. Welp, three outta four ain't bad!

9:43: The stream quality is once again not the greatest. CMLL should get to work on it. Meanwhile, Virus and Raziel are dominating the technicos.

9:44: Virus hits a second rope elbow to end Blanca while Raziel submitted Sangre Imperial with a pretzel. 1-0 rudos. This is going to be tough; stream keeps starting and stopping.

9:46: Switched over to the Facebook feed for fall two. Much better! I'd advise you all to do the same while Raziel beats up on poor Sangre.

9:48: STUFF IS HAPPENING! Sangre Imperial is tapping out Virus, followed by him backbreaking Raziel. Blanca and Sangre trade dropkicks on the veteran before Blanca taps him with an arm bar. We're tied and this match is moving fast.

9:50: Fall three begins with a bunch of Facebook "like" icons passing by my screen. Oh boy; that's not gonna stop is it? Sangre Imperial and Raziel will start.

9:51: Raziel pounding on Imperial is wonderful. Imperial actually showing some pop in his step is also nice. Raziel moves out to the floor, leading to Blanca and Virus coming in. Time for the good stuff!

9:52: Some nice back and forth action before Blanca sends Virus to the floor. Raziel is in and Blanca will stay. In the words of Dark Helmet, GOOD!

9:53: Virus and Raziel briefly double team Blanca, ending with an awesome Raziel dropkick off the top. Imperial is in and he too is now eating the double team, complete with a flying Virus body attack!

9:54: Blanca was starting to go fast...then he ran into Raziel, who put him in a Romero Special, just so Virus could hit a neckbreaker WHILE BLANCA WAS IN SAID ROMERO SPECIAL! I just marked out. Blanca is done, and it takes Virus maybe two minutes to turn Imperial into a pretzel and give the rudos the win. Fun ending, average everything else.

9:56: You know how this is a big show? Well it's so big that guys generally in the fourth match position are now in the second match! We've got Drone, Guerrero Maya Jr. and Stuka Jr. teaming up to take on Dragon Rojo Jr., Polvora and Misterioso Jr. I guess Sagrado was too busy being awesome elsewhere. Maybe he's hunting down Bobby Z to take back that machete El General loaned him.

10:01: Rojo just fired off his ridiculously over the top rifle. It went a little something like this.

10:02: Rojo and Stuka are captains. Drone and Polvora will start.

10:04: That was quick. In are Maya and El General! I reckon this will be quick too.

10:06: Jokes on me; these guys got the same amount of time as Drone and Polvora and did better work and got more heat. Nice job dudes. Misterioso and Stuka are in. Tall order for Stuka here. Or is it, as Misterioso seems to be working well with him to start.

10:07: This is a strong sequence of reversals between Misterioso and Stuka! It continues as the two trade blows before Polvora comes in for a few stomps. Misterioso swings Stuka into the corner, which leads Drone jumping off for a sunset roll up, followed by two more roll ups! TRIPLE ROLL P! Everyone kicks out, the rudos get a triple roll up of their own (for a near fall) before Drone and Stuka put Polvora and Misterioso in a double submission while Maya rolls up Rojo. 1-0 technicos! Fun stuff.

10:10: Polvora and Maya will kick off fall two. They're out of the gate fast; Maya really working hard tonight. He takes down Polvora, then takes down Rojo with a back elbow, then takes them both down with a double arm drag. Feeling left out, Misterioso comes in and is immediately taken to Backbreaker City.

10:11: Rojo ends the fun by knocking Maya down, so Drone comes in to exchange blows. Drone gets the speed going and arm drags Rojo to the floor. Misterioso in for some strikes, but he once again whips the technico (Drone) into the corner so his partner (Stuka) can make the save.

10:12: Stuka was going for a dive but got tripped up by the rudos. Misterioso then goes for a dive and gets tripped up by the technicos! Drone, Maya, Rojo and Polvora are in the ring and it ends badly for the technicos, with Polvora getting Drone with a top rope Polvora Driver and Rojo connecting with a Double Stomp on Maya. We're tied. I'm enjoying this and I don't care who knows it!

10:14: Fall three begins with Rojo trying to unmask Drone, Polvora and Misterioso double teaming Stuka and Maya nowhere to be found. There he is! He was just selling on the floor.

10:15: Now Maya will sell in the ring as he's triple teamed. OR NOT! Maya quickly dodges a corner attack and everyone is trading backbreakers. YOU GET A BACKBREAKER! YOU GET A BACKBREAKER! EVERYBODY GETS A BACKBREAKER!

10:16: Excellent Monkey Flip by Stka that's followed by an excellent sitout AA by Drone. Misterioso saves Polvora from being eliminated, and Rojo joins him to double team Stuka.

10:17: I think Misterioso legit just punted Stuka in the head! Maya is in to save the match, and he and Drone go to work on Rojo, leading to Drone hitting the Bala Knees! Polvora in with the save.

10:18: Maya and Rojo are alone again! They trade some heated strikes before Rojo floors Maya and wails on him. He turns his back though, allowing Maya to recover and do the same before Misterioso comes in to make the save. Rojo and Polvora then take some shots at a downed Maya, who of course rises up, nails Rojo with some shots and then eats a Slingshot Powerbomb! Drone with the save.

10:19: Rojo is knocked off the apron by Drone, but Polvora is there to prevent the dive. They go back and forth before Drone gets the advantage and hits a dropkick on the ropes. Polvora recovers quickly, sends the technico onto the stage with a hip toss and then hits a slingshot splash onto the ramp!

10:20: Misterioso and Stuka are alone in the ring...and just like that it's over, as Misterioso hits a Gory Bomb to give the rudos the win. Lame, quick finish to an otherwise good match. I would've liked a few more minutes with a dive thrown in, but overall the effort from everyone was good and a few spots bordered on really good. Just needed a bit more.

10:24: It's time for the only match not worth watching! Kraneo, Rush and Pierroth take on Vangellys, Shocker and Terrible, continuing the Vangellys-Pierroth feud no one asked for. Seriously; is there anyone who wants this? I'm pretty sure Pierroth and M. Bison himself are probably wondering how they got here.

10:27: Vangellys couldn't wait for his partners to come out, so naturally he's getting his ass kicked and now so is his team. YAWN!

10:28: Well at least Pierroth didn't overshoot that second rope senton. Vangellys is out and Terrible's head is crushed after a hip attack from Kraneo. 1-0...who is the rudo team and who is the technico team here? Who cares? This is dull.

10:30: Can Vangellys just hit Pierroth in the balls so we can move on? Or I guess we'll just beat up Vangellys some more and stretch fall two out. Dammit all.

10:31: It's only been a minute and it feels like five.

10:32: Terrible and Shocker are trying to rally. It's not working. What do you know, just like this match! CAN M. BISON PLEASE JUST LOW BLOW PIERROTH ALREADY?!

10:34: Pierroth is finally speared by Vangellys, who rolls Pierroth to the floor. Dammit all, this match will continue! Rush runs away from Shocker, Pierroth and Vangellys have a terrible brawl and all the while Terrible is in the ring doing stuff with Kraneo.

10:36: I guess Terrible just tapped Rush with a Single Leg Crab to prolong this match. DAMMIT TERRIBLE! This match is 1-1 and the most interesting thing thus far has been Titan making an appearance in the restaurant in Arena Mexico.


10:40: Just when Rush and Terrible appear to have something brewing, Pierroth kicks Terrible in the back and we're back to the status quo.

10:41: It's too late to save this match, but Terrible did just make an admirable attempt to save this fall, sending everyone but Kraneo out of the ring. Shocker and Vangellys seem joined at the hip, which is making me worry that we're getting Rush/Pierroth vs. Shocker/Vangellys. OH NO!

10:42: Never attempt a spin kick again Vangellys.


10:45: Terrible hits a nice splash on Kraneo to send him to the showers. WE'RE ALMOST HOME! I think Terrible got eliminated soon after, which now brings us to Pierroth and Vangellys in the ring. Pierroth has it won, but Terrible distracts the ref and Vangellys hits a low blow to get the win. That sucked. Next!

10:54: Dragon Lee vs. Cavernario has arrived. It's pretty funny so many people were saying this show was going to be great and now those same people are begging this match to save the show. Fans; we're fickle creatures.

10:55: We're off! Quick pace to start, with the guys trading arm drags and going face to face.

10:56: Lee hits a hurricanrana, sends Cav to the floor and there's our first dive! Won't be the last of this match I reckon. On cue, Lee hits a dropkick on Cavernario, sending him to the floor again so Lee can hit another dive! Two in the span of seconds.

10:57: Back in the ring, Lee goes up top and hits a decent Frog Splash! Cavernario just barely kicks out. He gets up quick and hits a Cradle Suplex on Lee, followed by a double stomp for a near fall. The rudo has regained control.

10:58: Big slap by Cav. He takes Lee to the corner for a few more strikes, then hangs him up so he can hit a nice Codebreaker. More stomps before Cav sets Lee up in the ropes and kicks him as hard as he can in the thigh! Ouch.

11:00: Cavernario sends Lee into the corner. Big mistake...for no one! Lee went for the hurricanrana off the apron, Cavernario countered, Lee then countered the powerbomb and eventually Lee was slapped off the apron. That leaves him prone on the floor and WHAT A SUICIDE DIVE BY CAV! He follows up by nearly sending Lee into the seats and then crotching him against the barricade.

11:01: We're past the six minute mark and Cavernario just got a near fall. Lee starts to get momentum going with a few kicks, but only gets a near fall. The drama is heightening! Is that even a phrase?

11:02: Awesome strike exchanges! It ends with...MY GRODD WHAT DID CAVERNARIO JUST HIT?! Whatever it was it was perfect, and Dragon Lee still kicked out anyway. WHAT A MOVE!

11:03: This is getting crazy! Great back and forth that ends with Lee hitting an awesome Standing Spanish Fly! Cavernario just kicks out. Less than two minutes to go! Cav goes full Goto with the DVD to the neck then hits his splash...for another near fall! Let them go to a draw CMLL!

11:04: One minute to go! We're in the corner and Lee is going up top! UH OH! Cav cuts him off, goes up himself, hits some forearms and HE HAS GOTTEN CAUGHT! Lee nails the double stomp and picks up the win at the 9:40 mark! Wow! Excellent match. Great pace, great sequences; exactly what you'd expect from these two. A show saving match!

11:07: The good times keep on rolling. Angel de Oro, Valiente and Niebla Roja take on Negro Casas, Euforia and Gran Guerrero. Even without the UG there this should easily continue the Niebla Roja/UG issues.

11:10: Roja attacked before the bell! Sounds like he and Gran Guerrero are captains, and it seems like Roja and Gran may be feuding as Gran just nailed Roja with his newly won CMLL Light Heavyweight Title!

11:11: Roja and Gran exchanging slaps on the floor. Meanwhile Casas is kicking the shit out of Oro while Big Euf looks on as only Big Euf can! Valiente then eats a few clotheslines from Big Euf and Casas before Oro comes back in, while poor Roja is choked out on the floor by Gran Guerrero.


11:13: Even KeMonito is getting beaten down now! Casas is now hitting Valiente with dropkicks and Roja has finally been brought back in for a triple team. Gran slaps him hard several times, but Roja breaks free for a nice rolling elbow! For the first time tonight we break this out!

11:15: Oro disposed of Big Euf and Valiente submitted Casas. 1-0 technicos. We have no time to breathe though because Gran Guerrero and Niebla Roja CAN'T STOP HITTING EACH OTHER! This is great.

11:16: Has the bell even sounded for fall two yet?! Who cares; LET THEM FIGHT!

11:17: Poor Angel de Oro is getting creamed by all three rudos to start fall two (which yes, has finally begun). Roja is then isolated and MY GRODD THAT'S BIG EUF FLYING INTO HIM!

11:18: The tide has turned and Niebla Roja has turned into Mascara Dorada! Launching hurricanrana into the ring and a dive to the floor!

11:19: Oro and Casas get violent, leading to Oro sending the vet out and hitting a nice suicide dive. Not to be outdone, Valiente sends Big Euf to the floor and hits an even better suicide dive! That leaves Gran and Roja alone and like his bro, Gran gets grabby with the mask and gets DQ'd to give the technicos a 2-0 victory. That was super fun while it lasted. CMLL should've given this more time and given less to the Ingobernables match.

11:20: Gran Guerrero has the mic and I think is challenging Roja to a match while Casas holds the unmasked technico up to humiliate him!

11:21: Welp; that's over with folks. Which means only one thing. Bruce Buffer, take it away!

11:23: We have reached the Gran Alternativa Final! It's Soberano (who gets a nice ovation as he comes out) and Caristico taking on Sanson and Ultimo Guerrero. Dragon Lee and Cavernario was a great match, but if anything can top it, it's this match.

11:27: Sanson with an awesome new mask design. This is a really cool moment honestly, and not just cause of the mask. Just think about where Sanson and Soberano were last year and where they are now. It's been quite a climb to the top and both guys deserve to be here. Let's hope they deliver.

11:30: HERE! WE! GO! Caristico and Sanson will start off. Crowd is super hot.

11:31: Fast paced chain wresting to start with Caristico having the edge. Sanson trying to fight back but Caristico keeps besting him. Bad move by Sanson to mess with the master, but he'll get a reprieve because IT'S UG-SOBERANO TIME!

11:32: UG trying to slow things down and it works. He takes Soberano to the mat, and the story thus far has been the veterans dictating the pace when they've been in and the young luchadors trying to keep pace.

11:33: Soberano gets the best of UG with his athleticism! Cool spot. He then ducks out before UG can take quick control, but sadly Caristico's springboard goes right into a UG dropkick! Rudos are now in full control, with UG isolating Soberano (trying to unmask him) while Sanson rips Caristico's mask!

11:34: UG hits the running apron dropkick on Caristico, which Caristico sells brilliantly. Soberano is left alone to get double teamed by himself and MY GRODD WHAT A DOUBLE TEAM! UG just launched Sanson into Soberano for a body attack/double stomp. That takes care of Soberano and UG wastes no time tapping out Caristico with a Pulpo Guerrero. 1-0 rudos. Excellent start.

11:36: Fall two is on! Sanson clotheslines Caristico in the corner and UG then hits that wondrous corner senton! Caristico's mask is in shreds.

11:37: Soberano (who's mask isn't doing that well either), is now taking the double team. He's sent into the ropes and my Grodd what athleticism. Caristico and him hit double hurricanrana's and HERE COME THE DOUBLE DIVES!

11:38: Sanson is welcomed back into the ring with a Soberano super kick. He's now tearing away at Sanson's mask! Turn about is fair play after all. UG is back in, only to get rolled up in spectacular fashion by Soberano while Caristico submits Sanson with an Octopus Stretch. We're tied and on our way to a classic if they keep this up.

11:40: Moment of truth; somebody's life is about to change. Fall three has begun.

11:41: Sanson and Soberano will start. Soberano hits the ropes, there's ducking, diving and weaving and eventually Soberano hurricanrana's Sanson out of the ring. UG then RAMS Soberano out of the ring as hard as he can! Awesome spot. Caristico doesn't come in though, instead willing Soberano up to take the fight to UG!

11:42: HERE WE GO! Kick by Soberano. He's up top and hits UG with a 900! He then hits a wild headscissors to send the vet to the floor and teases a dive. UG has had enough of that one! Caristico and Sanson will now do battle. The crowd is nuclear!

11:43: Sanson putting the boots to Caristico as the crowd boos. Caristico hits the ropes and it's old school Caristico with the speed! UG comes in for the double team, which lasts until Caristico is sent into the corner. He hits a brilliant headscissors/arm drag combo coming out and quickly sends both guys to the floor! Sanson is in quick and he will now be a victim of an old school Caristico arm bar.

11:44: No sooner is Caristico done with Sanson does he go to the other side of the ring and launch himself at UG for a hurricanrana! He's come to play. Caristico and Soberano then pose in the ring as the crowd goes nuts. Time for the rudos to regroup.

11:45: UG dodges a Soberano dropkick and soon Caristico and Soberano are being kicked to the floor. Sanson hits an AMAZING crossbody on Soberano and UG does what UG does best; a dive over the barricade onto Caristico!

11:46: UG and Soberano back in the ring. Soberano trying to will himself back into contention via the crowd. It works...or not, and UG DOES THE ONE ARMED SUPLEX FROM THE APRON INTO THE RING! Our first near fall of the match.

11:47: UG up top. DON'T FOLLOW HIM SOBERANO! He does, and UG plants him with the Gordbuster! Soberano out at two!

11:48: UG up again, Soberano follows him again AND THIS TIME HE CATCHES UG WITH A HURRICANRANA! Awesome. Sanson breaks it up, eats a kick from Caristico, rolls out of a sunset flip and hits another great double stomp. Near fall.

11:49: Caristico has Sanson up and hits the GTS into the ribs. Near fall. Now Sanson is kicking out a lot. THE TENSION BUILDS!

11:50: Sanson knees Caristico in the ribs and nails the Overdrive! Another near fall and Sanson is LIVID with Tirantes. He picks Caristico up, but the technico rallies and we're getting slap exchanges! Caristico then comes off with an awesome springboard kick and Sanson JUST kicks out. Or did UG save him? Caristico now sends UG up, goes for the hurricanrana...and UG blocks it and hits the powerbomb! Caristico out at two. ICE WATER! I NEED IT!

11:51: Caristico will tempt fate again! He's up...and HE HITS! Sanson breaks up the cover to boos. Soberano in with a crossbody on Sanson and they're going fast! Soberano finally floors Sanson with a clothesline for a near fall.

11:52: WHAT A BLUE THUNDER BOMB BY SANSON! Caristico saves Soberano, who recovers, watches Caristico lead UG into the ropes and then HITS UG WITH THE GUILLOTINE MOONSAULT! UG IS DOWN! SOBERANO HAS PINNED ULTIMO GUERRERO! Elsewhere Caristico catches Sanson with La Caristica and my Grodd the technicos have done it! An upset! Caristico and Soberano have won the Gran Alternativa and in the span of two months Soberano Jr. has now won the Copa Junior, the Mexican National Welterweight Championship and the Gran Alternativa! Amazing. So was this match by the way.

You know the drill folks; Caristico and Soberano got brand spanking new trophies, fans threw loads of coins into the ring, everyone shook hands and the crowd went nuts (especially for Soberano). I don't see how anyone can't qualify this as a resounding success. The action was great all around, Soberano and Ultimo Guerrero looked world class together, Caristico and Sanson held up their end of the bargain (though it did seem Sanson was given the short end of the stick) and best of all they made the most of this match while leaving stuff in the arsenal. This could've gone another ten minutes if CMLL wanted and been just as good, maybe better. As it stands though it's one of the two best matches CMLL has had this year (the other also was a tag match and also featured UG) and more importantly it continued the trend of making Soberano a superstar (and Sanson to a lesser extent). Consider this; in the past two months, Soberano has gone from being an exciting midcarder to winning the Copa Junior in a great match, beating Rey Cometa for the Mexican National Welterweight Championship in a borderline great match and now winning the Gran Alternativa in an epic match. And on top of that, he was just as over as Caristico and Ultimo Guerrero in this match tonight, the biggest of his life. He's come a long way in such a short time, and it's great to see him not only reaching the heights he so richly deserves, but to see CMLL proving they can still get talent over when they truly try. Bravo to everyone; an excellent end to a show that got better as it went along and featured another great match in Dragon Lee-Cavernario.

That's game folks; I'm off to sleep! I need to after that match. Till we meet again, THIS!

Please change disks to continue...

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