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CMLL Tuesday Preview: A Good Day to Lucha

Updated on September 12, 2016

Ladies and gentlemen I have been to Madison Square Garden, I have seen Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice alone in an empty theater; hell I’ve even witnessed a grown man satisfy a camel (just kidding. Or am I?). But this development, a CMLL Tuesday show more compelling that a CMLL Puebla show is something so foreign that I’m pretty sure Andy Kaufman is portraying it. Yes folks, while this week’s Puebla looks to be something of a dud, the Tuesday show looks poised for a comeback after an off week. Sure the opener still looks like a bitter wrestling fan making fun of CM Punk (despite the fact they’d shit their pants if they tried to do what he did), but everything else looks hopeful, exciting or downright good. Maybe the good CMLL booker took the week off from Puebla to save the Tuesday show? Maybe but that’s an investigation for another time. For now let’s get cracking with this preview. Moses, its meming time.

Leono & Sensei vs. Camorra & Cholo

What to Expect: Never before in lucha history as a match screamed “HURRY MY SON! GET AWAY! THE RED AND WHITE BENGAL TIGER APPROACHES!” like this one does. I’m still not even sure what that means by the way, I just know it’s not a good thing. When is the appropriate time to start feeling bad for Leono and Sensei by the way? I’m still not entirely sure what kind of performers they are, but I know going against dudes like Camorra and Cholo isn’t going to help. The sooner it’s over, the better.

Winners: When in doubt, go with the rudos. They take it in three falls.

Astral, Eléctrico, Stukita vs. Demus 3:16, Pequeño Nitro, Pequeño Violencia

What to Expect: Hey now! Here’s a match that can suddenly turn the frown upside down, with at least three really good performers and three capable ones depending on their mood. This is also the first bout to feature Astral and Demus on opposing teams since their borderline classic in Puebla a few weeks ago, which is definitely a welcome sight. Ultimately I’m not even that concerned with how much these guys will be allowed to do. Astral, Stukita and Demus are proven guys who can make even the most restricted match something entertaining, and while the rest of the gang may lack consistency they too can hang on any given night (and the chances will go up with the quality of those three). This will be a good match, maybe great depending on what we get from Eléctrico, Nitro and Violencia.

Winners: Too close to call, which means it’s time to go with the rudos in three falls. Perhaps CMLL can use this to set up a title match between Eléctrico or Astral and one of the rudos?

Blue Panther, Fuego, Pegasso vs. Misterioso Jr., Okumura, Sagrado

What to Expect: This feels like a high end match from this Monday’s Puebla show. The technicos team is really good and, if Fuego and Pegasso perform at the level they did last time out, has the potential to be tremendous. The rudo team meanwhile is a tad more hit or miss. I love Okumura and you know he’s going to be reliable here. Misterioso and Mr. Bullying Club have a tendency to come and go though; they were good in their last Trios match together, but struggled recently despite teaming with the great Hechicero (not to mention Sagrado’s disappointing performance in a Lightning Match against The Panther last week). I reckon that Blue Panther and Okumura will be kept together for a couple of really good sequences, so what this will come down to how well Fuego and Pegasso match up with Misterioso and Sagrado. If Pegasso looks like he did Friday and Fuego actually goes outside his routine like he did in his last match then it should be enough to inspire the rudos to step up their game and give this match a boost. At worst Fuego’s charisma and Blue Panther’s Cthulhu like ability to structure a match should guarantee this a decent amount of heat from the crowd.

Winners: Sorry Okumura; no Fujin and Raijin means no win for you. Panther, Fuego and Pegasso take this in three falls.

Lightning Match

Esfinge vs. Pólvora

What to Expect: Much like the new Tarzan film, I’m not sure what to make of this match. My first thought is that this is going to be pretty underwhelming. I think we can all agree that Pólvora is definitely the Ringo Starr to Dragon Rojo Jr.’s Paul, John and George, while Esfinge is usually all sorts of just kind of there, despite how CMLL may want us to see him as something more. Basically this is the kind of Lightning Match that you hope goes three or four minutes as opposed to eight or nine; the Dude, Where’s My Car? to Soberano vs. Hechicero’s Ben-Hur. And with that a million voices just cried out in ecstasy for the return of RAMMING SPEED!

However, I strangely find myself compelled to give this match a shot despite everything I just said. The key here is that while these guys aren’t usually that good, usually doesn’t mean all the time. Esfinge does have moments of inspired brilliance and Rojo wouldn’t keep Pólvora around if he didn’t believe he had something. They are capable of at least a good match and really that’s all I want from here. This probably shouldn’t go any longer than five minutes or so and it definitely shouldn’t lead into anything bigger than this. But for one night for a couple of minutes this match shouldn’t be a problem and could potentially be fun. And there’s nothing wrong with fun, unless it involves the Insane Clown Posse. If you’re having fun with that, you know you’ve gone too far and can never go back.

Winner: CMLL loves Esfinge, CMLL likes Pólvora. Esfinge and his terrible music win.

Guerrero Maya Jr., Johnny Idol, Rey Cometa vs. Bobby Z, Sam Adonis, Vangellys

What to Expect: I don’t believe it; a Guerrero Maya Jr. match WITHOUT Dragon Rojo Jr.? This is unbelievable; this is madness!

That development aside this has the makings of being a Match of the Evening candidate alongside the main event. The technicos team is really good and the unselfishness of guys like Maya and Cometa should allow Johnny Idol to finally break loose and do some things he hasn’t been allowed when working with higher profile veterans. It also helps that Bobby Z and Vangellys are on the other side and are two of the more giving rudos on the roster. Naturally of course all those guys don’t interest me nearly as much as the third dude on the rudos team, a returning Sam Adonis! I’d been wondering when he was returning to the CMLL streaming circuit (he’s been working plenty of shows that CMLL doesn’t stream) and it’s going to be nice to see the Young American here again. We may not have agreed on some aspects of his last performance, but I was overall really impressed with him and I figure I’ll be even more so now that (don’t get mad Sam!) he should be even more adjusted to the pace of Arena Mexico. Ultimately this is the perfect match to showcase newer talent to Arena Mexico like himself and Idol, while also providing plenty of moments for the talented veterans.

Winners: I frankly could see this going either way. I guess I’ll go with the rudos, especially since the main event seems like it’ll end on a cheerier note and it makes sense to balance that out with the bad guys coming out on top here. Rudos take it in three falls, and if CMLL was smart they’d set something up here for Idol or Adonis to do next week in singles action. You’re telling me you wouldn’t be the least bit interested in Idol vs. Bobby Z or Adonis vs. Guerrero Maya Jr.?

Dragón Lee, Rush, Titán vs. Dragón Rojo Jr., Luciferno, Mephisto

What to Expect: You want to talk about a match that has a lot going on. There’s plenty of stories to tell here, such as a continuation of the budding Titán-Mephisto title feud started last week and the first time brothers Dragón Lee and Rush will have crossed paths since Rush turned on Lee at the Anniversary Show in favor of old friend La Máscara. The latter point may be the most compelling but I don’t see it being the focal point; there’s still plenty of time for CMLL to set up whatever they have planned between Rush and Lee, which means the most you can expect here is some tension and maybe a Rush walkout. That’s fine by me, as seeing Titán earn a title shot against Mephisto is a cool story in its own right and should provide some great action. Combine that with what Rush and Lee can do in the ring, the always reliable presence of Dragón Rojo Jr. and what should be a game Luciferno and this is the front runner for Match of the Evening. Regardless of how it turns out though, isn’t it just fun to see a CMLL Tuesday match that features not one, but two potential story arcs? It’s so unbelievable that you have to believe it happened by accident.

Winners: The result could become entirely unpredictable if something does develop between Rush and Lee. Until I see that though I’m sticking with CMLL using this finish to further set up Titán and Mephisto, with the Viking metal enthusiast picking up the win in the third fall over the CMLL World Welterweight Champion. You know what’s next; a challenge will be issued and either Mephisto accepts for next Tuesday or we drag this out one more week before having the match. I say we get to it next week; Mephisto-Titán is a match the people want to see and there’s only so many more ways you can have Mephisto duck Titán. Let’s get to it already!

And this is how it ends (with a simple telephone call). Yes that was a reference to a early 2000's boy band song (bonus points to the reader who successfully guesses it). I’ll be back later today to break down a big episode of Lucha Underground this Wednesday while also giving some final thoughts on the two weeks that was LuchaPalooza. Sound good? Sounds good. Till then, let's check in on Spider-Man.

Please change disks to continue...

What match are you most looking forward to on CMLL Tuesday?

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