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Praise Grodd and Pass the CMLL Running Diary

Updated on July 21, 2017

It's time! It's time! It's CMLL Running Diary on Friday night time! Hopefully it's just as eventful was last week's show was sports fans. I mean, I don't know if we're getting anything UG-Volador quality, but we do have Blue Panther and Sam Adonis in a match that should get massive amounts of heat and several other bouts that have a chance of being really, REALLY good. So my hopes are high and so should yours. So let's not waste any time; for real, the show starts in like five minutes. Moses, meme it like we're out of time!

9:31: Perfect timing; the promoting is done and the show is LIVE!!!! And JCR seems to be announcing something about a hair vs. hair match...

9:32: HOLY CRAP! CMLL is bringing out Blue Panther and Sam Adonis to do a contract signing for a hair vs. hair match! IT'S GONNA HAPPEN! Blue Panther comes out first, followed by Sam coming out once again in a modified Love Machine mask as the fans boo.

9:34: Blue Panther has signed. Sam waves his American flag for a moment, backs away as Panther closes in on him and is now getting out of the ring. Is Sam going to avoid this? Evil! EVIL!!!

9:35: Crisis averted. Sam is back int he ring and puts pen to paper. WE HAVE OUR MATCH! The only question is whether it's in a few weeks or if it's actually tonight. They wouldn't do it tonight with no build, would they? Who am I kidding; it's CMLL!

9:36: Now with that out of the way, Blue Panther's sons, Blue Panther Jr. and The Panther, will take on Puma and Tiger in what should be a strong opening match. Wouldn't it be awesome if Sam attacked one or both of the kids here?

9:39: Alas Sam didn't do that. There's wait, there isn't a next time. DAMMIT SAM! Anyways this match is underway and should be swell. Junior and Puma will start.

9:41: Exquisite mat work between Junior and Puma. Not too fast, not too slow, super crisp and smooth. Just what you want. The two give way to Tiger and Panther, who should pick up the pace.

9:42: Or not! These two are doing the chain wrestling too, albeit with a little more kick. No sooner do I say this does the pace start to pick up quite a bit before Panther whips Tiger into his corner. Puma is in, he lifts Panther off the ground and allows Tiger to super kick Panther.

9:43: Junior off the top with a crossbody, but it goes badly quickly as Puma grounds him then Reverse Alabama Slams his brother into Junior. To the showers with him! Meanwhile Puma bends the shit out of Panther with a submission and it's 1-0 rudos. A quick, but good, start.

9:45: Fall two is on! Tiger will start it by elbowing poor Panther hard, then trying to unmask him on the top rope. When that fails, he hangs Panther in the tree of woe and shotgun dropkicks him right in the head.

9:46: Puma now taking it to Junior with a delay vertical suplex. Panther makes the save, then gets kicked for his troubles. This ain't going well for the Panthers right now.


9:48: Boy did that turn quickly. Junior ended up pinning Tiger after Tiger rebounded off the ropes and into perfect position for a Junior German Suplex, while Panther caught Puma with a Code Red to tie it all up. Another good, quick fall. Seems like they're moving through this quickly; a little too quickly.

9:49: Panther and Puma play to the crowd and then get to the lucha. Panther uses his speed to send Puma to the floor then does an awesome fake 619. Very fast. Junior and Tiger quickly enter, collide with shoulder blocks and then go back and forth before Junior hits a rolling dropkick out of the corner.

9:50: Double arm drag by Junior and both rudos. The brothers go for the dives, only to be met with superkicks by Puma and Tiger. They then go for dives, only for Junior and Panther to dive back in with a crossbody and sunset flip for near falls!

9:51: OH MY! Junior just got caught in the backcracker/codebreaker combo! Luckily Panther was in for the save, and they quickly turn the tide, leading to Panther planting a gorgeous Frog Splash on Puma. Tiger is in to break that up, and he gains control on Panther by reversing a sunset flip with a double stomp.

9:52: Junior with an elbow drop on Tiger from the top. Puma then comes in, Wasteland's Junior and hits a senton, only for Panther to nail him with a dropkick right after. Everyone then gets hit with a backbreaker, Puma and Panther have a timing problem that luckily is solved in time for Puma to be sent out of the ring, followed by Panther hitting a sweet hurricanrana.

9:53: Back and forth before...WOW! Puma with a sunset flip powerbomb running from the ramp back into the ring! Junior is done. Panther is back in quick to nail a dropkick on Puma, but he can't make the cover before Tiger returns.

9:54: Panther briefly had the momentum before the numbers game became too much, allowing Tiger and Puma to hit the backcracker/double stomp combo for the victory. Very good; not their best work or anything (especially when you consider the communication problems Panther and Puma had at one point), but this was as well worked as it usually is and the Sunset Flip Powerbomb spot was sick. Strong start to the show.

9:57: It's Adonis-Panther time and MY GRODD SAM HAS ATTACKED PANTHER BEFORE THE BELL! He's still go the Love Machine mask on too; somewhere, Vamprio has put down his Johnny Mundo voodoo doll in search for a Sam Adonis one.

9:58: Sam is whiping his ass with a Blue Panther mask and now slapping the legend with it. And wait...DID HE JUST TEAR IT UP?! That's a rudo right there.

9:59: Sam charges the corner...MISS! Panther slaps him, takes him to the floor, rips the Love Machine mask off Sam's head and starts pounding on him. The ref pulls Panther off, allows Sam time to recover and attack the legend from behind to a chorus of boos.

10:01: Sam sends Panther to the ramp with a Yakuza kick. He tries to Irish Whip his nemesis, but Panther holds onto the ropes. Sam improvises and nails a scoop slam on the ramp. They're going further and further up, as Sam slams Panther down again. He goes back to get his Trump flag, drapes it over Panther and stomps on him. EVIL!!!!

10:02: Sam is touring around the ring with his flag and wasting valuable time as the fans go ape shit...WOW! Out of nowhere comes Blue Panther with a suicide dive while Sam's back is turned! Panther nails Sam with the flag and starts chopping him on the floor when the ref starts getting on his case again. This distracts Panther long enough for Sam to get the advantage and bring this back to the ring.

10:03: Not one, not two, but THREE Hulk Hogan like leg drops by Sam Adonis on Panther. That's made in America! It only gets him a near fall though. No idea how much time is left. Sam goes for a suplex...PANTHER WITH A CRADLE! Only a near fall and Sam is right back in control.

10:04: Sam with the Nail in the Coffin...doesn't go for the pin. Instead he goes up top...WHAT A FROG SPLASH! BUT PANTHER KICKS OUT! Less than three minutes left.

10:05: Sam with a chop. Another chop. Panther won't go down. He ducks another chop and starts wailing on Sam before the ref pulls Panther off again. Is the ref on Sam's payroll or something?! Sam kicks Panther to the floor and we're brawling out there again as Sam whips the legend into the barricade. Less than two minutes to go.

10:06: TOPE CON HILO BY SAM! What a dive. Time is running out and Sam seems to think he has it as he's in the ring waving the flag with almost a minute left on the clock. Now he's going out again to get Panther.


10:08: The two brawl in the crowd as time expires. We have a draw! I FUCKING CALLED IT! The two just continue to hammer each other in the first row before the referee and some backstage people come in to pull Panther off Sam. Fantastic; all of this. The heat was great, the story was great; there's no reason to believe this hair match won't be awesome. Well done to both men.

10:09: Sam and Panther are being physically restrained from each other as Panther gets on the mic and cuts a promo. The crowd is going nuts. Can we just move the match to next week?

10:10: SAM WITH THE MIC! The boos are deafening as he tries to talk, which lead to him insulting fans and CMLL cutting the mic! Somewhere, L.A. Park is understanding exactly what Sam is going through. AND NOW THEY'RE BRAWLING AGAIN! AND PANTHER IS BEATING UP THE REF!

10:15: I am spent after that. Wow.

Hey, it's a good time to be tired too. The least interesting match of the night is next, with Caristico, Diamante Azul and Marco Corleone taking on Pierroth, Rush and Kraneo. A nice breather before we move onto better things.

10:21: Rush and Caristico are captains...and Rush goes right after Caristico to start the match. Oh my...could that be the Anniversary Show main event being set up here?

10:22: The rudos are all over Caristico, with Rush faking the technico out with his usual running dropkick to just normal kick Caristico. Marco comes in and initially has success, but he eventually gets sent into the corner and is wrecked by a running hip attack by Kraneo. All that's left is for Diamante to taste the pain, and he tastes it in the form of a Kraneo Nail in the Coffin and a Pierroth senton. 1-0 rudos. Quick and inoffensive.

10:25: Fall two begins with Rush beating up Caristico near the announcer's table before climbing on top of the table. It's a lot taller than it looks. Meanwhile Kraneo beats up Marco with Pierroth takes care of Diamante Azul. Eventually Caristico is sent back into the ring and the rudos triple team him. Something's definitely in the works there it seems.

10:26: Rush now beating (and taunting) Marco. He's sent to the ramp and Diamante is now isolated in ring while Kraneo keeps an eye on Marco. Good plan; he does love that ramp dive after all.

10:27: Caristico gets owned by the rudos again, all three do the Ingobernables taunt...and that is a mistake as Caristico recovers to send Rush to the floor. He then hits a suicide dive, while Marco and Diamante both do dives from the ramps! Just like that the tide has completely turned and we are tied. Not terrible, not great; just there. The Caristico-Rush stuff is interesting though.

10:30: Fall three starts with Diamante Azul and Pierroth trading shots.

Thankfully it's a quick scene that featured Diamante Monkey Flipping Pierroth a few times before sending him to the floor. Rush then comes in with Caristico and they are DEFINITELY teasing something here as Rush avoids the technico for a few minutes before getting in to do battle.

10:32: Rush was initially in control, but Caristico turned on the jets, does some old school arm drags and sends Rush to the ramp. He then lures Kraneo in so Marco can take him on. I guess Kraneo-Marco is on the table too!

10:33: Ah, we're getting comedy spots from these two. Or we were till Marco sent the rudo to the floor. Kraneo is now back in...and nope, still comedy as Mije is in for an assist. Rush attacks Marco before he can get to the mascot though, and it's triple team time again...or is it?!

10:34: Marco does Marco things to Kraneo and Rush, culminating in a crossbody and push ups. Mije tries to save Kraneo, but Marco picks him and sends him crashing down on his pal!

10:35: Marco takes out Pierroth with a clothesline off the apron, while Diamante takes out Kraneo with a suicide dive. It's just Rush and Caristico and it ends quickly with Rush low blowing Caristico as he goes for a springboard. Our first technico victory of the evening, and Rush takes Caristico's mask after for good measure. INTERESTING! A just kind of there match, but the potential for a Caristico-Rush match is definitely something to look out for.

10:38: JCR is back in the ring, I'm guessing to introduce the trophy for the Copa Natalia Vasquez match. That or we're getting another big match announced for August 4th right now.

10:40: Time for the match. Newcomer Lady Maravilla is out first, followed by Sanely, Skadi, Vaquerita, Silueta, Princesa Sugehit, Estrellita (who may as well be wearing nothing), Marcela, Metalica, La Comandante, Seductora, Amapola and, last but not certainly not least, the Queen of Lucha Libre Zeuxis! And what bad ass gear she has on!

10:43: Dammit; she wasn't the last one. I forgot Dalys was in this match. cubsfan seems to think that the winner of this match will become a new character named La Mistica (since Mistico's kayfabe trainer Fray Tormenta is in attendance) so that will change the way I'm thinking this match will go if that's the case. Then again he was probably joking. Right? Yeah; probably joking.

10:45: And we're off...and this looks like a battle royal. Fuck, really? I guess we need to determine the teams but...really?

10:46: No one is going over the top rope. WHY IS NO ONE GOING OVER THE TOP ROPE?! The sooner that's over with, the sooner we can get to the good stuff.

10:47: This has gone on for so long that I'm starting to wonder if the match is actually just a battle royal. Wouldn't that be a mistake? Seductora is finally sent to the floor, so I guess we'll find out shortly...and she's not going anywhere so it looks like this will be a cibernetico. THANK YOU GRODD!

10:49: Zeuxis pushed Skadi off the top and to the floor! Hysterical. Everyone is now attacking Comandante for some reason, though it backfires and leads to Princesa Sugehit being sent out. Only four to go.

10:50: Silueta and Vaquerita have been knocked out, so only two left. Dalys and Marcela are in the corner...and they're both out! So now they're on the same team! I'll admit; that was creative. So now we have Zeuxis, Metalica, Maravilla, Estrellita, Amapola, Comandante and Sanely on one side, Silueta, Sugehit, Dalys, Marcela, Skadi, Seductora and Vaquerita on the other side.

10:52: And we're off! Dalys and Maravilla will start.

10:53: Dalys really taking it to Maravilla right now. Welcome to CMLL I guess. Maravilla keeps getting up though, and eventually locks Dalys in a very nice looking leg lock. They go back and forth for a moment before Dalys is sent into the corner. this works in her favor, and she ends up drop kicking Maravilla while shes hung up in the ropes. Near fall.

10:55: More back and forth, with Dalys going for a pin and Maravilla bridging her way out. Very Paige like. That's all for them, as we now get Skadi and Metalica.

10:56: Skadi has been in control and continues with a hard looking kick on Metalica. That'll mercifully end that and give us...Sanely and Seductora. Can we have Skadi back?! PLEASE!

10:57: The good news; that wasn't as bad as I thought. The bad news; it still wasn't good, and now Naked Estrellita is in with Vaquerita. When are we getting the good luchadoras back?

10:58: That was short and not bad. ZEUXIS AND SILUETA NOW! Immediately things turn up with Silueta hitting a hurricanrana and Zeuxis turning the tide with an awesome dropkick. Zeuxis' mask is bad ass by the way.

10:59: TROUBLE! Sugehit pulls out Zeuxis as she's going for an attack and we get a near brawl on the floor! Everything calms down though and Marcela and Amapola are in to go at it. Things are heating up.

11:00: Marcela sends Amapola to the floor and it's time for Sugehit-Comandante. Sugehit hits an arm drag on Comandante and is looking very spry. She can't lift Comandante for a suplex though, and instead gets whipped into the corner. They go back and forth before Sugehit comes off the top with a hair drag.

11:01: And there's the Queen to return the favor! Zeuxis pulls out Sugehit and it's mayhem on the floor with Edgar trying to break it up. Comandante decides it's time to have fun and comes off the apron with a crossbody, wiping a ton of luchadoras out.

11:02: Metalica and Seductora in. Seductora takes it to Metalica momentarily, then gives way to Skadi, who WRECKS Metalica with an uppercut. Metalica then turns the tide and WRECKS Skadi with a stiff knee for a near fall.

11:03: OH MY GRODD, METALICA IS DEAD! Skadi just dropped her right on her neck. She doesn't go for a cover though, and gets caught on the top...or did till Marcela came in and evened the odds. Skadi then hits Metalica with a leg drop while she's hung in the ropes.

11:04: Amapola spears Skadi out of her boots, then helps Comandante come off the top with a splash. Skadi is the first one out. Cool. Dalys then comes in and Comandante is owning her in a matter of moments...or was till Dalys dropkicked her to the floor.

11:05: Sanely with a springboard crossbody! That's new. Dalys is back in control immediately though, slapping Sanely in the corner. Sanely turns the tide though with a bulldog out of the wheelbarrow and Dalys retreats to the floor, bringing in Vaquerita.

11:06: This is probably the best Sanely has ever looked. She hits a nice running crossbody on Vaquerita in the corner, but only gets a near fall. Vaquerita is quickly fighting back and hangs Sanely in the tree of woe for...a shotgun dropkick. Ouch. Metalica quickly comes in (somehow still standing after her Skadi encounter) and eats a Vaquerita hurricanrana. She recovers quick though and hits Catrina's finisher, a sitout cradle driver. Vaquerita kicks out, so Metalica goes up top...and crashes and burns on a moonsault, allowing Vaquerita to hit the Rush Driver for the pin. Time for Metalica to disappear. Get it?!

11:08: Amapola in and quickly on offense. Vaquerita strikes back with an arm drag and dropkick, but she quickly gets caught in the corner and slammed hard by Amapola. Silueta is back in and is quickly felled too, but she hits a nice elbow in the corner and dropkicks Amapola to gain the edge.

11:09: Amapola misses the corner spear and collides with the ring post on the way to the floor. Maravilla back in for an intriguing sequence with Silueta, who quickly hits a codebreaker while Maravilla is trapped in the ropes. Silueta quickly follows up with a corner dropkick for a near fall.

11:10: Maravilla with a dropkick of her own to send Silueta to the floor. Seductora is in and my Grodd Maravilla better be eliminating her shortly. Naturally Seductora starts looking pretty good here with numerous roll up attempts, but Maravilla conquers them all and hits a Bridging Cradle Suplex for the elimination! Nice mvoe.

11:11: Sugehit is in with Maravilla, with Zeuxis looming in the corner. Silueta is going hard and fast, but Maravilla hits a hurricanrana to send her to the floor. She goes for a dice as Sugehit counters with a kick to the ribs.

11:12: Zeuxis with a HUGE big boot on Marcela and then THE KNEES! That looks like it killed. Somehow Marcela kicks out though, and she turns the tide with springboard knees for a near fall of her own. She then dodges a Zeuxis clothesline in the corner, comes off the top with a dropkick and WOW, WHAT A HURRICANRANA TO THE FLOOR!

11:13: Comandante catches Dalys, slams her down and hits a splash for a near fall. As you can see, we're going fast now. Somehow Dalys recovers and quickly slams Comandante down, then nailing a senton that somehow is enough. Wow. See ya Comandante. Estrellita is in and she quickly sends Dalys to the floor so she can hit a suicide dive. Dalys' team quickly gangs up on Estrellita after this.

11:15: Vaquerita and Sanely are going at it on the top rope. Sanely blocks a strike, sends Vaquerita crashing down...and hits a decent Code Red for a near fall. Just needed a bit more oomph. They stay in the corner, where Sanely chops Vaquerita before whipping her to the other end, where she eats a kick. Vaquerita comes off with a dropkick, goes up top on the other side...and misses the elbow drop. Sanely pounces quick and submits Vaquerita.

11:16: Sugehit in quick and she's all over Sanely. WHAT A KICK! Sanely counters quick with a crossbody, but Sugehit rolls out of a sunset flip and hits another brutal kick. Amapola is in, and the two trade clotheslines before Silueta and Maravilla come in to kick both out of the ring. I love it!

11:17: Maravilla tries another bridge and is instead kicked hard by Silueta. She hits a few more kicks before going up top for a...never mind, Maravilla is there to meet her. The two exchange strikes and Silueta sends Maravilla back to the floor for a Shotgun Dropkick. Only a near fall though.

11:18: WOW! A sitout spinebuster by Maravilla, with Silueta kicking out at one. Maravilla is now up, but Silueta is up to meet her and hits a kneeling down Muscle Buster. That's all for Maravilla. A good showing in her debut.

11:19: Zeuxis is now in and she immediately eats a Codebreaker from Silueta for a near fall. It's a quick recover though as Zeuxis sends Silueta to the floor, bringing in Marcela. The technica hits a sitout gordbuster, but it's broken up by Sanely because...why not?

11:20: Sanely is set up perfectly for a Marcela knee drop, which she hits. Marcela then nails a Nail in the Coffin and Sanely is through. The herd is thinning.

11:21: Amapola is in and barely survives to straight near falls from Marcela. She recovers enough to hit a Blue Thunder Bomb, but Silueta is in to break that up. They go back and forth for a few seconds before Amapola nails the double chokeslam for a near fall. Estrellita comes in for a double team...and misses Silueta and hits Amapola. Luckily she rolls up Silueta for the elimination anyway, so it's no harm no foul.

11:23: Estrellita has gotten dangerously close to pinning Marcela twice. Marcela keeps fighting though and gets Naked Estrellita in the Romero Special. Unfortunately for both, they find themselves in a position where both their shoulders are down, meaning both are counted out and eliminated. This leaves us with Sugehit, Dalys, Zeuxis and Amapola as the final four.

11:25: Sugehit just tapped Amapola, so Rob Viper's pick is wrong! Dalys, Zeuxis and Sugehit are the final three. All that's left is for Dalys to get eliminated and we're looking golden.

11:26: Dalys and Zeuxis are taking turns nailing Sugehit with the knees. Dalys pulls Sugehit up from a pin attempt though and suddenly there's tension between the pals!

11:27: Zeuxis has eliminated Dalys! It's down to Sugehit and Zeuxis. If only someone had called that...OH WAIT!

11:28: Sugehit captures Zeuxis in that submission...RATS! Zeuxis taps. Sugehit is the Copa Natalia Vasquez winner. The good news; this means Zeuxis is likely winning the mask match, so there's no worries there. The bad news is she lost this match and the match was...well it wasn't bad, but it was a little too long for my tastes and didn't give everyone the showcase they needed. Sugehit and Zeuxis both looked great but needed more time, Silueta looked good but needed more time; really Maravilla was the most impressive in this match, and even she could've used a few more minutes of showcase. Not a bad match in the slightest and upon a rewatch I'd probably like it more. It was just really, REALLY long.

11:33: Main event time. That's right; the show ain't over! We've got the Universal Champion Volador Jr. (who Brock Lesnar keeps ducking from what I hear), Niebla Roja and Dragon Lee taking on Big Euf, Gran Guerrero and the UG. If they give it time, it'll be super.

11:36: Gran Guerrero and Niebla Roja are immediately going at it, so it looks like Roja needs to go through Gran Guerrero first before he gets UG. Mass brawling to start, with the rudos in control.

11:37: Volador just got WRECKED by a UG/Big Euf double team. Now it's Roja's turn as the Guerrero's do their favorite triple team.

11:38: OH MY! Volador and Roja tried to turn the tide with Volador launching Roja in the ring for a hurricanrana, only Gran Guerrero caught Roja and PLANTED his ass with a powerbomb. Awesome. The Guerreros then put in a triple Gory Special submission where they all dance around, giving them a 1-0 lead. Great ending.

11:40: Fall two has yet to begin and Gran Guerrero is busy trying to rip Roja's mask. Roja turns the tables briefly, but UG is there to make sure things don't get out of hand.

11:41: Fall two is underway and the Guerreros just continue to rock and roll. They take out Volador and Lee, leaving Roja prone in the take complete and utter control!

11:42: Roja sends all the Guerreros to the floor and takes out Gran with a tope con hilo. Dragon Lee meanwhile trips up Big Euf on the top, allowing him to hit the double stomp, while Volador goes super kick, backcracker on UG. We're tied! This is fun.

11:44: Fall three; be quick so I can go play NHL 17? We begin with Gran Guerrero running from Roja, thus giving us Big Euf and Volador instead.

11:45: Volador just went NUTS! Wow; excellent sequences with UG and Big Euf; the fastest I've seen Volador in awhile. Gran Guerrero and Roja are back, but Gran runs away again, so poor Roja must give way to Dragon Lee, who goes nose to nose with Big Euf!

11:46: Big Euf overpowers Lee when the high flyer attempts a shoulder block, then slaps him around a bit. UH OH! Lee fires up, slaps Big Euf as hard as he can, then kicks Euforia when he goes for a slap of his own. This leads to kick exchanges, Big Euf sending Lee into the corner and Big Euf CLOTHESLINING THE SHIT OUT OF LEE!

11:47: Lee finally gains the edge with his pace and sends Euf to the floor. UG comes in and he's not fairing any better, with Lee sending him to the floor with a dropkick. Gran Guerrero and Roja are in and Gran has no choice; HE MUST FIGHT!

11:48: Roja tosses Gran up into the air and punts him as hard as humanly possible. He then goes for the mask tear, but Gran gets out. Roja soon finds himself on the apron and hits a hurricanrana, but can't follow up with a dive as UG and Big Euf are in for the save.

11:49: HOLY FUCK! Dragon Lee and Volador go nuts, send Big Euf and UG to the floor and then connect on a tope con hilo (Lee) and a breathtaking springboard diving hurricanrana (Volador). That leaves Roja and Gran Guerrero alone, and Gran wastes no time tearing off Roja's mask. That's a DQ finish folks with the technicos picking up the win. Very good; I wish it had been longer, but the action was excellent while it lasted, Roja and Gran Guerrero impressed while Volador and Lee were show stealers in limited roles. Very well done and a good ending to a good show.

That's a wrap sports fans. Wasn't that fun? We must part ways for now, but you'll see me soon, possibly tomorrow if I can ever get my LU/AAA article up to snuff. Till whenever, THIS!

Please change disks to continue...

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    Author Google AnalyticsThis is used to provide traffic data and reports to the authors of articles on the HubPages Service. (Privacy Policy)
    ComscoreComScore is a media measurement and analytics company providing marketing data and analytics to enterprises, media and advertising agencies, and publishers. Non-consent will result in ComScore only processing obfuscated personal data. (Privacy Policy)
    Amazon Tracking PixelSome articles display amazon products as part of the Amazon Affiliate program, this pixel provides traffic statistics for those products (Privacy Policy)
    ClickscoThis is a data management platform studying reader behavior (Privacy Policy)