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CMLL Puebla: New Year, Same Old Taste

Updated on January 2, 2017

It’s a new year, yes it is sports fans! But with a new year comes more of the same, like CMLL shows on Monday night from Arena Puebla that are mostly average. I say mostly because CMLL actually delivered the goods in the main event tonight, with Volador Jr. and La Máscara surprising everyone by having an above average, highly energetic contest. It’s a shame the rest of the card couldn’t reach that outside of a few spurts here and there. What were these spurts you ask? Let’s read on to find out. Moses, meme like it’s 2016!

Rey Apocalipsis & Toro Bill Jr. defeated Asturiano & Zaeta Roja two falls to one

All you need to know about this match is that I spent the bulk of it arguing with Rob Viper over Sexy Star instead of watching. That’s how boring this got. Asturiano and Zaeta Roja did get something going towards the end of the match, but they were otherwise lifeless while Rey Apocalipsis and Toro Bill were even worse. It used to be they were decent but slow workers; now they’re just slow. Brutal way to kick off the show, though it was thankfully the worst things got.

Arkalis, Millenium, Tigre Rojo Jr. defeated Arkángel de la Muerte, Metálico, Policeman two falls to one

Best part of this match; the technicos actually won! I know; it’s as if the guy who booked all those technico victories Friday and Sunday took the book while Tirantes wasn’t looking and actually gave the people what they wanted. Sound strategy. Unfortunately that was the lone bright spot on this otherwise mediocre affair. I did like the effort from Policeman here, but Metálico and Arkángel showed no signs of match him and pretty much slummed their way through this. Meanwhile both Arkalis and Tigre Rojo looked off tonight, leaving a game Millenium to have the big moments. He did just that, with a great sequence towards the end of the third fall that deserved a build up far better than the one this match gave him. Well at least he and his pals got the win I suppose. They can hold onto that when Arkángel is pinning one of them a few weeks from now because…well I’ll let Vince McMahon say it.

Guerrero Maya Jr., Rey Cometa, Stigma defeated Disturbio, Sam Adonis, Skándalo two falls to one

On the one hand, this match felt way too long for my liking, and the Skándalo-Stigma sequences are so painful that I’m considering having my teeth pulled out at the same time to see which hurts more. On the other hand this moment had some nice heat and creativity and you’ll never believe who was behind it! Alright you will; it was Sam Adonis and Rey Cometa. It looks like CMLL fell into a gold mind last week when Adonis nearly melted Arena Mexico with the heat he got and he continued here. There was more arrogance, more taunting, more cowering on the stage as Cometa and Maya ambushed him; if CMLL doesn’t put this guy in an Apuesta match before the year is out then we have all failed this city. They may want to do it with Cometa too. They worked well together last week and I loved their interactions tonight, especially when Cometa wore a Poncho to the ring and then taunted Adonis with it like Sam was a bull. I’ll admit I laughed. If CMLL had done more of than an incorporated Guerrero Maya and Disturbio into it more than I think this match may have worked better. Instead Maya and Disturbio were afterthoughts while Adonis and Cometa split the rest of the time with Stigma/Skándalo.

Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Vangellys defeated Ángel de Oro, Titán, Valiente two falls to one

This started off super well; the technicos were going full speed, the rudos were letting them get their stuff in and this looked like it could be a surprisingly good match. Sadly the match continued after the first fall and things just got worse and worse. It wasn’t bad necessarily, but aside from Terrible just tossing Oro and Titán aside on dive attempts (a unique spot that CMLL should definitely do more in the future) it was boring, and it was made even worse by Titán and Oro (two of the better young luchadors CMLL has recently) losing this match because…how the hell do I know? I guess we should take solace in the fact that this was the only match that was a) mediocre and b) featured the wrong result. Generally we get about five of those on a CMLL show. There’s always tomorrow!

Cavernario, Gran Guerrero, Negro Casas defeated Atlantis, Carístico, Máximo Sexy two falls to one

Easily the second best match of the night and that was despite not a lot going on. I think that may have helped; these six kept it simple, played to the crowd with the usual entertaining spots (Máximo feigning a dive from the top and then merely collapsing on all three rudos, Atlantis’ “Backbreaker City” sequence) and gave us a large helping of Carístico v. Negro Casas throughout this match. Sounds like a winner to me right? We may all be winners in the end because the match concluded with Casas low blowing Carístico while the ref’s back was turned to steal the win, suggesting a potential match between the two coming up that was further suggested by a post match Carístico promo. As cubsfan said on Twitter, sign me up! Carístico has been white hot recently, Negro Casas is always a treat to watch and those two had great match after great match after great match back during Carístico’s first run. What’s one more between old rivals?

NWA World Historic Welterweight Championship Match

Volador Jr. (c) defeated La Máscara two falls to one

Remember how hard I was on the build up to this match in my last two Puebla running diaries? Yeah, let’s forget about all of that. Better yet, let’s play the Dr. Cox clip right now because I couldn’t have been more wrong about this match.

Certainly the build up to this match left a lot to be desired and I think myself and others figured that this match would at best be okay due to Volador not really giving a damn and Máscara being, well, Máscara. Wrong on every count. Volador came to play tonight and it wasn’t just because he had the dives going early; there was an energy to him that resembled the man who had great matches with so many dudes in 2016 and not the late year clunker he had with Mephisto, where he seemed to be going through the motions. It certainly helped that his opponent was hanging with him every step. This is the La Máscara I’d like to see more of, the guy who helped turn the Anniversary Show main event into an above average build and match. I thought he looked absolutely great tonight with his brawling offense, and even got to get in a surprise or two such as his superplex that I was certain would be reversed into another awe inspiring Volador move. It was really impressive stuff and I’d dare say this was the first great match of 2017 for CMLL. Perhaps best of all, Volador was able to have a great match here without using his full arsenal, meaning (as long as the motivation is the same Friday) he’s got some tricks up his sleeve for that rematch with Mephisto.

That’s a wrap sports fans. You’ll see me tomorrow to preview LU and review tomorrow’s Tuesday show. Just cause it’s a new year doesn’t mean the work is done! Till then, SCULLY!

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