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CMLL Super Viernes Preview: Prepare for Prelude

Updated on July 27, 2017

You know what the worst part about this Blue Panther-Sam Adonis hair match we have coming up? IT’S NOT FOR ANOTHER WEEK! Sadly we have to sit through another three CMLL shows before we get to the big one, which is even more painful for considering my plans to do a few columns on Sam, this feud’s relation to the Panther-Art Barr feud and the two famous matches Panther and Barr had in the 90’s. This is why waits suck. The good news is that we’re one step closer to the big show, with tomorrow’s CMLL Super Viernes serving as the official “go home” show (as Sam and Panther won’t be around during the week last I checked). So what’s on deck? Well we’ll obviously be getting some more build for the big match, but with no other matches announced (and at least one other major match likely) this show should serve to give us an idea of what the rest of the show may be like while also having a couple matches that could be very good. Get it? Got it? Good, cause I’m done with this intro. It was like pulling needles out of my feet trying to write it. Let’s get that image out of all our heads by moving on. Moses, go go Memezilla!

Eléctrico & Stukita vs. Mercurio & Pequeño Nitro

What to Expect: Judging by this lineup, you’d think CMLL was actually attempting to put two straight above average openers together (seriously folks, check the Tuesday opener out. It was something). Unfortunately, we’re more than likely to get the Mercurio that bites as opposed to the one who does tornillos, while Pequeño Nitro does what Pequeño Nitro does best; the bare minimum. That won’t be enough to make this a bad match, especially with Stukita and Eléctrico doing good work as of late. But two technicos alone does not a good match make. I’m just saying; don’t get your hopes up here. All that leaves you with is the same sort of despair Dorian Roldan expresses every time he reads about an AAA luchador jumping to The Crash.

Winners: This is a big moment sports fans; it’s the return of when in doubt, go with the rudos. Has it really been so long? Yes it has and no the rules haven’t changed as Nitro and Mercurio take a match they don’t deserve in three falls. I swear; it’s all uphill from this point. Hell it may be uphill to start if the rudos here decide to prove my ass wrong. Please rudos; prove my ass wrong.

Fuego, Esfinge, Pegasso vs. Raziel, Puma, Tiger

What to Expect: I think this may be one of the rare occasions where the rudo team is stacked while the technico team resembles the District Five Mighty Ducks when they were still just called District Five. I mean sure, Fuego isn’t out of place in this match and neither is Pegasso entirely. But putting Esfinge with them? That’s a team with a solid number two for a normal trios match followed by three third wheels bringing up the rear. I guess Star Jr. and Magnus are too far in the dog house to get a call while Tritón is…come to think of it where is Tritón? Didn’t I hear he isn’t working the states anymore? If that’s true, the fact that CMLL, AAA nor The Crash is using him is a crime against humanity. Or as Gran Metalik calls it, every day employed by WWE.

Getting a ton of mileage out of this one!
Getting a ton of mileage out of this one!

Wow I got off topic there. The weak technico team aside, this match should still be fairly interesting because the rudos are that good. Raziel can be a pain in the ass sure, but he’s a talented pain in the ass and this is the kind of match where he’ll get to do a lot, which means he’ll try. And it goes without saying that Puma and Tiger will bring it because, hey, they always do. So as long as those two get to the double teaming, Raziel is good Raziel and the technicos give us a little bit of flash, I think we’re in for a relatively good second match. Then again, if you spent the next 24 hours hoping Esfinge and Pegasso got lost on the way to Arena Mexico and were subsequently replaced by Tritón, Star Jr., Magnus or someone else, I wouldn’t hold it against you.

Winners: The only thing more certain than the rudos winning this one is Theon Greyjoy killing Euron Greyjoy before the end of season seven. That’s to say Puma and Tiger take this home in the third fall after isolating poor Fuego and nailing the Backcracker/Double Stomp combo. Even the Rainmaker isn’t as reliable as that noise.

Drone, Soberano Jr., Titán vs. El Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón

What to Expect: We have now reached the “Match of the Evening” contenders portion of the show, and I’d say this one is the leader in the clubhouse. It has what the last match had and what the last match was missing; a formidable rudo team going up against three awesome technicos who are prone to doing really cool things when called upon. I’d bank on that being the case here, and I wouldn’t discount the possibility of CMLL using this match as a springboard to something else. For those who don’t know, Cuatrero, Sansón and Forastero are the new Mexican National Trios Champions, having dethroned Los Hijos del Infierno this past Tuesday in Guadalajara. That’s a sign of big things to come for this group; it’s also a sign that the Mexican National Trios titles have been upgraded in a major way. Perhaps it’s too soon for a title defense, but we do have a big show coming up next week and a card that needs filling. So don’t be surprised if this match turns out to be super fun and a prelude for things to come next week between these two teams.

Winners: It really wouldn’t make sense for the rudos to lose this match unless a) there was a rematch coming next week where the New Age Dinamitas would retain or b) CMLL was stupid. Since both of those things are clearly possible, I say the technicos this one on the back of Soberano. He is the Dinamitas kryptonite after all (how many times has he beaten Sansón at this point) and I think he continues that trend by catching Sansón with the Guillotine Moonsault in the third fall. At that point we’ll be left to wonder if CMLL has a plan or if they’re just out of their minds. Or both. Spoiler alert; it’s probably both.

Lighting Match

Stuka Jr. vs. Hechicero

What to Expect: The only complaint you can make about this one is that CMLL could’ve chosen a better technico than Stuka. And that’s really a nitpick considering Stuka can be really good and Hechicero is so great that I’m pretty convinced he could make me look like Yvonne Strahovski at the beach. So don’t sleep on this match in the slightest sports fans. This will be at least seven minutes of very good lucha libre that you wish got more time. Or as the lucha libre community likes to call it, every lightning match that isn’t Hechicero –Soberano, Guerrero Maya Jr.-Virus or Blue Panther-Sam Adonis.

Winner: I’d normally pick Hechicero in this position, but an obvious rudo triumph coming in the next match leads me to think this match will be Stuka’s. I see him overcoming Hechicero at around the 7:48 mark after nailing a Stuka Splash. Why the 7:48 mark? I needed to give a time and those were the first combination of numbers I came up with. Just be thankful the first group wasn’t 112:31; that would make this the longest lightning match in the history of the western hemisphere.

Blue Panther, Diamante Azul, Valiente vs. Pierroth, Rush, Sam Adonis

What to Expect: For the second straight week, Blue Panther and Sam Adonis are in the most interesting match of the evening. And technically they’re going to make it three straight weeks with their hair match next week, which only serves to highlight what a great idea this feud turned out to be. Why is this match so interesting though? For one, it’s a clash of styles; Rush and Pierroth are known for liking matches a certain way (chaotic messes where they dominate, build to a technico comeback and then DQ themselves) while Panther is the type of guy who likes to do shit differently every time. The way they blend those two styles together will be fascinating in a way. Most importantly though, this is the last time Blue Panther and Sam Adonis will tangle before their big match come next Friday, which means they’ll be doing everything in their power to move tickets, which means there’s a decent chance Arena Mexico looks like this when the match is over.

Will this result in a big time match? Probably not, but as Sam would tell you, that’s not the point. The point, much like last week’s excellent Lightning Match the two had, is to continue building the heat so that people are banging the doors down come next Friday, much like Blue Panther once did with another American twenty plus years ago. Thus I expect Sam and Panther to do just what they did last week; show enough to get the crowd going while saving their best stuff for the big show. Combine that with Valiente and Diamante Azul doing Valiente and Diamante Azul things while Rush and Pierroth take it easy and this has all the makings of a super heated, super fun match. Maybe it gets to be more if Panther structures it a certain way, but I doubt it. And that’s fine, especially for the folks who are just happy to see someone other than Pierroth feuding in an upper card match. Remember that from a few weeks ago? Good times.

Winners: As I can’t figure out who exactly is winning the Panther-Adonis match next week, I’m not 100% sold on how this will turn out. So I’m going with what I’d do if I was booking, which is having Sam steal this one with a low blow on Panther in the third fall behind the ref’s back. Sure that’s the Arena Mexico Special and all, but I can forgive that this time because that will only add even more heat to the proceedings and because Sam, whether he’s winning next week or not, should come in as hateable as possible while Panther should go in the underdog. Hence Sam winning dirty makes sense and that’s what I’m going with. Perhaps the two will surprise me and find another dirty way to end this match, thus accomplishing the goal and avoiding the Arena Mexico Special. If anyone can, it’s these two.

Carístico, Mistico, Niebla Roja vs. Gran Guerrero, Mephisto, Último Guerrero

What to Expect: This is a great looking match that I’m not sure is going to be given the opportunity to be a great match. It’ll certainly be heated and all that, but the quality of this one will depend on whether CMLL is looking to further the issues between Niebla Roja and the Guerreros (with Gran Guerrero now being the focus of Roja’s anger) or if CMLL is going to put this on hold for a week with Panther-Adonis taking precedent. I honestly hope it’s the latter. As I’ve said, there does need to be another big match on next week’s show, but unless they’re shoehorning Niebla Roja-Gran Guerrero into the card it’s not coming from this bout. So if I’m CMLL, I highlight the issues between the guys but overall just let them go out and kill it as best they can, allowing us to enjoy a great match while merely reminding us there’s a program waiting once this feud is over. Whether CMLL does the right thing there or not will be the question, and the answer could determine whether this should is good or potentially great.

Winners: I’m going to be naïve and go with my theory here. These six will be able to go all out and in the end Niebla Roja will win the match for his team by pinning Gran Guerrero in the third fall. That’ll be the extent of that and things will cool down until next week is over so CMLL can begin building to…whatever it is they’re building to with this Roja-Guerreros program. I just know whatever it winds up being will see Niebla Roja as only mildly over while UG or Gran is cheered like crazy. Or as I like to call it, every moment in this feud minus that one episode of Puebla.

Show’s over sports fans. I’m off to make some burgers, watch Akira, play NHL 17 and get ready for tomorrow night. Till then, THIS!

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