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CMLL Puebla: Red Frog Has Fallen

Updated on July 17, 2017

What a day huh? WWE decided to do their version of Family Guy’s “My Black Son” skit, Super Dragon booked a show that made Triple H booking NXT look like Vince Russo in WCW 1999 and CMLL had yet another forgettable Puebla show. Well not entirely forgettable; the show did have a nice main event, a weird semi-main event and two of the worst matches I’ve seen all year in the undercard. Oh, and it had Astro being super cool. So there was all that. Beyond that though, yeah, totally forgettable. All the more reason it must be documented! Moses, get the meme before the stock plummets some more.

Fuerza Chicana & Rey Apocalipsis defeated Black Tiger & Meyer two falls to one

This match somehow made the travesty that was the opener this past Friday look like Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk (or so I hear). My Grodd what a piece of shit this was. With the exception of Rey Apocalipsis, the only luchador who seemed to care, everyone else here was awful. Meyer, who’s usually solid, had an off night. Fuerza Chicana, who’s always bad, was hitting moves with so much softness and so little conviction that I’ll be surprised to learn if CMLL didn’t send him to the old luchadors home immediately after the match. And Black Tiger wasn’t just bland but he was just as bad as Chicana; all you need as proof is Tiger trying a top rope dive into a roll up, which was botched at least once and seemed to take thirteen years to develop. Like I said, what a piece of shit. I look forward to the day where our alien overlords invade and wipe the memory of this match from my mind.

Joker, Pequeño Nitro, Pierrothito defeated Astro, Shockercito, Último Dragóncito two falls to one

For the first…however many minutes of this match, this was all about Astro and no one else. Those of you who have caught Astro when he makes a rare appearance in Puebla know that he’s super talented, and for most of this match he looked to be the only guy in this match with any talent, flying around, giving a great effort and actually trying. Granted, guys like Shockercito and Nitro didn’t really seem to get any time to try, but Pierrothito and Último Dragóncito were, and they were too busy going through the motions or doing the worst selling this side of the Ultimate Warrior.

Is that pain, happiness or horror? I cannot tell
Is that pain, happiness or horror? I cannot tell

And then, in the final thirty seconds, this match suddenly became extraordinary. Dragóncito, who couldn’t have given a shit less about this match before this, suddenly turned on the jets and hit Guerrero Maya Jr.’s suicide senton dive on Nitro better than Maya generally hits it. Not to be topped, Astro went outside and proceeded to hit the first ever Cannonball Moonsault I’ve ever seen in my life. It was like he turned into Aerostar and Último Dragón all in one swoop! These moments were as electric as it gets in CMLL, and even more electric when you consider this match otherwise had no spark unless Astro was involved. As such it wasn’t enough to save the match, but it did at least give us two good moments, and did allow Pierrothito to submit Shockercito so they could set up a CMLL Mini-Estrellas Championship match next week. Hey, at least Shockercito will be able to do stuff; Dwayne Johnson’s screen time in You Again was longer than Shockercito’s work in this match.

Hijo del Signo, King Jaguar, Sangre Azteca defeated Astral, Lestat, Tigre Rojo Jr. two falls to one

You know how the last match was mediocre till the last thirty seconds? This match was also mediocre; the only problem is it fell apart in the last thirty seconds and then some. I counted at least four botches, and I may be kind; no one seemed to be doing anything right, whether it was Signo trying to rotate to help Tigre Rojo on two backbreaker attempts, Lestat trying for a springboard dive, the list goes on and on. It wasn’t laziness on anyone’s part either; each guy was trying hard and if anything the mistakes were from them trying a little too much. That said, the end result wasn’t pretty at all and ended up turning a non memorable match into another contender for worst CMLL match of the night. And to think; Astral was actually pretty good here! This guy can’t win at anything; he could join the New England Patriots and probably curse them into missing the playoffs.

Ángel de Oro, Stigma, Stuka Jr. vs. Ephesto, Luciferno, Mephisto end in a draw

This was one hundred times better than the first three matches (minus the end of fall three in match two). Of course those bouts were like listening to a Nickelback CD, so this being better isn’t saying much. Honestly though, these guys were really just a few communication gaffs and pacing issues away from something decent. Stuka, even after suffering a head injury, looked pretty good and didn’t let the pain stop him from doing two dives. Ángel de Oro and Stigma didn’t have a ton of flashy stuff to do, but they were effective, and Stigma continues to be someone I’d like to see have more to do. But the big story amazingly remains Luciferno. WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED TO THIS MAN?! I was pretty sure he was past his prime a few weeks about; then he wrestled Dragón Lee in a really good match, then he was one of the best guys in that awesome trios match this past Friday, and he was by far the best performer here. Maybe he’s been hurt all this time and finally got healthy? I don’t know what it was, but he looked explosive here and as long as that keeps up I want to see more of him. It seems like we will, considering this match ended with Stuka pinning Mephisto while Luciferno and Ephesto pinned Stigma and Oro, thus ending it in a draw. If any match seemed like a good idea for a Mexican National Trios Championship match, it’s this one, especially if they get all the kinks worked out and the Luciferno renaissance continues.

Carístico, Diamante Azul, Euforia defeated Pierroth, Mistico, Volador Jr. two falls to none

So this may have been the most bizarre match in all history. Why you ask? Mainly because the rudo team was Pierroth, Mistico and Volador Jr., which wouldn’t be a big deal if Mistico and Volador weren’t the biggest technicos around. Sure this was one of those weird technico/rudo team matches and sure Mistico was a last minute replacement for Rush (who was obviously out scouting for the next Sombra) but still; you couldn’t have done Carístico, Diamante and Big Euf as the rudo team instead?

Anyways, the match wasn’t much because of the weirdness; well that and the fact that it went uber quick and featured way too much Pierroth. Even still I enjoyed it; Volador as a rudo is always cool and the brief interactions between Carístico and Mistico were sweet. There’s money to be made in that match one day and I hope CMLL eventually decides to run with it. Alas they aren’t now; the post match activities (following Volador pulling off Carístico’s mask) seemed to hint at a Volador-Carístico match happening in the near distant future. Not that I’m not fine with that match, considering those two tore the house down for Lucha Libre Elite last year. I’d just like to see Carístico and Mistico tear it down some time. That or I’d like to see something make sense, which this clearly didn’t even if it was entertaining in ways.

NWA World Historic Middleweight Championship Match

Último Guerrero (c) defeated Niebla Roja two falls to one

For better or worse, this match was the Último Guerrero special, and I don’t mean the finishing move (though it was featured). It had UG hitting everything but the body attack over the barricade, a little bit of Roja’s offense thrown in and a Guerrero Special waiting at the end when Roja inexplicably went for the moonsault. They never learn. If you enjoy that sort of thing then you probably liked this match; if you don’t then you probably came away thinking this was okay and wishing UG had a more dynamic opponent. I’m honestly in the middle. It wasn’t the best Último Guerrero match I’ve ever seen and it certainly felt more formulaic than his epic with Volador from this past Friday. But in a lot of ways it worked; the crowd was hot for both guys (a great sign for Roja), some of their stuff was really creative (I marked out for Roja rolling out of UG’s roll out to steal the first fall) and there were times that Niebla Roja looked like he may be on the verge of something. Unfortunately I just think this match was a little too much UG for Roja to have the performance he so desperately needed to keep getting over going forward. Hopefully he gets more chances, and at least he can say he didn’t screw up that bad with UG here. Overall a very good match and the best one on the show; you just wish it could’ve done more for Roja is all.

That’s a wrap sports fans. See you tomorrow for the Tuesday review, which may be a running diary. Depends on my mood. Till we meet again, THIS!

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