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CMLL Super Viernes Review: Rush-Corleone I

Updated on April 8, 2016

In case the picture above doesn’t’ sum it up, tonight’s CMLL show was a whole lot of fun. That’s not too surprising considering the top three matches all looked to range from good to great going in; what was surprising was that the first three matches ended up exceeding expectations and in some regards were even better than the three headliners. Who knew?! Luckily I’m here to give you a rundown of how everything shook out if you missed it doing other stuff. Which is possible; it is Friday night and all. But enough about being social; it’s lucha time!

Magnus and Robin defeated Akuma and Espiritu Negro two falls to one

I’ve learned my lesson with these opening matches folks; which is to never bet against them again. Though this bout started slow, each fall got progressively better before the third fall gave way to some spectacular action. An excellent match overall and let me declare myself to officially be a fan of Magnus. My goodness he was great in this match; he hit the best Swanton Bomb I’ve seen in years and delivered the moment of the match (and maybe even the evening) with a death defying Spanish Fly to the floor that helped secure his team the victory! I always like seeing things I’ve never seen before; that was new. You couldn’t ask for a better way to kick off the show than that. Now if only Magnus had some better music! May I suggest Bon Jovi’s “Livin on a Prayer”? It kind of fits the whole death defying Spanish Fly to the floor motif he has going on.

Zeuxis, Dalys and Reyna Isis defeated Marcela, Lluvia and Skadi two falls to one

First off, how does Dalys end up being captain over Zeuxis? It’s freaking Zeuxis CMLL; she should be the captain and queen of every single match from this day till the day the film This is the End becomes a reality!

All hail
All hail

Other than that oversight, this match was surprisingly very good (aside from some stream issues which would unfortunately pop up every now and again throughout the show). As expected Zeuxis, Dalys and Marcela were all very good and thankfully all three were in the ring for most of the bout. The pleasant surprise was that Lluvia and Skadi both contributed at points too; Lluvia was quite good in the second fall I thought at picking up the pace and Skadi was very solid, especially when Zeuxis was her dance partner. Hell even Isis wasn’t that bad; she wasn’t great either but she tried, and that’s the important thing (or so I’m told). You really can’t ask for anything more from this match, except for maybe some more development for a feud going forward. The action was solid, everyone gave full effort and the right team won in the end By the way, was I the only one who thought there might’ve been a tease for a Zeuxis-Dalys match when Dalys accidentally hit Zeuxis when going for Marcela? If that had happened, I’d be down in Arena Mexico tomorrow for that match. How can we make this happen people?!

Mr. Niebla, Cavernario defeated El Felino vs. Titan, Stuka and Rey Cometa two falls to one

This one started out a little bit slow as Niebla, Felino and Cavernario brought the pace to an unfortunate grinding halt to take control. Thankfully that all ended at the end of the second fall when the technicos fought back, leading to a great springboard moonsault by Titan and an AMAZING corkscrew dive by Cometa that I’m not sure Fenix would even try. From there it was lights out as the technicos picked up the pace, the rudos delivered their usual entertaining blend of comedy (Mr. Niebla) and athleticism (Cavernario, who was brilliant again) and ultimately the decision went the way of evil again after a Niebla splash on Stuka and a top rope powerbomb by Felino secured the victory. In short, this was the true definition of an underrated gem, and that’s without me mentioning the triple moonsault the technicos performed or Cavernario catching Cometa and slamming him into the barricade during another attempted dive. Just brilliant stuff all around and you could make the argument this was the second best match of the night. Not even the guys in this match would’ve had that going in!

CMLL World Light Heavyweight Championship Match

La Mascara defeated Angel de Oro two falls to one

Would you believe me if I told you that this match was actually, gasp, the worst match of the night? I know I’m having trouble myself. This must be what it was like for all the people who walked into Batman v Superman with so much hope and then left wanting Zack Snyder’s head on a stick.

Here’s the thing though; much like Batman v Superman, this wasn’t bad in the slightest. While the first two falls were definitely a tad sluggish I found that the third fall picked up some considerable steam and overall, the match was a very solid display for both Oro and Mascara. Perhaps most importantly we had a title change, with Mascara netting the biggest title victory to date of his career after a distraction from his Ingobernables buddy Rush. And that my friends is where we get into the match’s biggest issue; for all the good things Mascara and Oro did, the biggest story wasn’t them but who was at ringside. That would be the aforementioned Rush (who made his presence known throughout the entire match) and Dragon Lee, who accompanied Oro as his second. As good as the in ring action was at times, I was more transfixed with what those two would do and while CMLL did a very good job at teasing tension between the two when Mascara attacked Dragon Lee after the match (Rush did step in, but he also didn’t let Lee go after Mascara or get angry with Mascara himself), you can’t say it wasn’t at least a little bit of a disservice to the match as a whole. Regardless, the match was entertaining as a whole, the suspense generated from outside of the ring kept things interesting (if not only for the right reasons) and we have a new World Light Heavyweight Champion in La Mascara, and a deserving one at that. If this is the worst match on your card, you’re doing a damn good job.

Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia and Gran Guerrero defeated Mistico, Dragon Lee and Mascara Dorada two falls to one

My expectations were high for this one and unsurprisingly it didn’t disappoint. I’d actually say this match featured the same blueprint as the other six man tag from earlier with better results; the Guerrero’s took control early, the technicos came back with an exciting second fall and the pace never let up from there till the Guerrero’s pulled off the victory thanks to the heroics (or villainy) of Euforia and Gran Guerrero. Was it the right choice? I might’ve preferred a screwy finish or even Rush or Mascara coming in to continue the issues with Lee from the last match. But overall the finish was better than one that would’ve featured Thunder interfering (as was feared by the great Rob Viper) and the match was so damn good from top to bottom that it really didn’t matter. The only thing I’m amazed by is that none of the spots in this match beat Magnus’ Spanish Fly! And that’s with Mistico doing a hurricanrana to one of the Guerrero’s while they were standing on top of two other men, two suicide dives by Dorada and Lee that was only missing them screaming “kamikaze!” and several other high impact moves. The lesson as always; the Spanish Fly to the floor is always the way to go. I expect we’ll see fifteen of them next week.

Rush defeated Marco Corleone two falls to none

Alright, so I was wrong about this being Match of the Night after being so headstrong about it in the preview. It happens. I’m not that disappointed though, considering this match was super fun anyway and set up more stuff between these two going forward, something I should’ve taken more into account than I did. In the end there was still plenty to enjoy; I liked that this match was more of a brawl than we typically see from a CMLL match (it began with Marco and Rush laying into each other on the mat, something I don’t recall seeing in Arena Mexico since…ever) and I especially liked that Marco was the aggressor as it went on. While I was expecting a screwy finish, I never expected it be in the second fall and I never expected it be Marco dishing it out with an amazing punt to Rush’s gonads, followed by him laying out the poor referee. Really good stuff and the type of unpredictable finale that really helped what was already a fun bout. Now it’s time to see where it goes. Marco did challenge Rush to a hair vs. hair match in a post bout promo and while Rush didn’t accept I have to believe we may be seeing that match soon. There are still issues to be resolved here and that great match I was expecting is still out there waiting to be seen. The glimpse we got tonight only makes me want to see what these two can do in a full blown contest even more!

And I’m spent. Hope you enjoyed boys and girls; I’ll be back soon with…something. Once more, it’ll probably be myself and Matt Mortensen chatting about our most desired Anniversary Show main events. Yes we’re already talking about it; deal with it. And while you deal with it, take a look at this picture of El Santo and Blue Demon being awesome as per usual.

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