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CMLL Puebla: The Road to Atlantis-Hechicero

Updated on June 13, 2017

Let’s be real sports fans; this Monday’s CMLL show in Arena Puebla could not be timed any worse, at least for me. Not only would the NBA Finals be potentially wrapping up on this day, not only would I be dying to get through this show in order to play some Uncharted 4 and NHL 17, but most importantly this Puebla show was following my viewing of New Japan’s Dominion show earlier that day (why did I watch it on Monday? Cause I couldn’t until then. Big whoop, want to fight about it?). How does one go from a roller coaster of emotion like that Dominion show to what CMLL generally gives out on Monday?! Luckily it didn’t turn out so bad; there was some cool moments throughout the show, a few more dives than expected, an honest to Grodd good match in the middle and, most importantly, the set up to a big title match next week that has me Lucha Underground/Kenny Omega levels of excited. It’s that big folks. But we’ll get to that in a few matches; for now let’s just start with the undercard. Moses, take us to the meme district. Wow that one was bad. Note to self; never use meme district again. You’re already having enough credibility problems since that D list podcast guy called you an ass kisser.

Meyer, París, Flyer defeated King Jaguar, Joker, Policeman two falls to one

Considering how good Flyer was this past Friday in Arena Mexico, it’s possible you got suckered into thinking he’d be allowed to go all out in this match. NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND! Overall Flyer did just fine and was even allowed to get the pinfall victory over Policeman; of course that was pretty much the biggest thing he was allowed to do in this match so it’s hard to get too excited. With the youngster kept in the background, it came down to Meyer, París and the three rudos carrying the bout, and while there were some moments, there were also countless moments of sloppiness (with the exception of Joker, who looked great. Naturally he and Flyer had little to no interaction). In short, an interesting but overall average CMLL opener. I guess that is improvement though; the last time I said a CMLL Puebla opener was interesting, Pinkerton was still considered a disappointment of an album. Seriously, what were people thinking hating on that? IT HAD EL SCORCHO!

Ares, Hijo del Signo, Disturbio defeated Arkalis, Rey Samuray, Espíritu Maligno two falls to one

This was a match of three radically different falls. The first was your standard mat based beginning, only it had a little bit of life to it because Arkalis and Rey Samuray are really, REALLY good and Maligno seemed energized working with Disturbio (the rare rudo Maligno meets who’s actually competent). The match then cratered in fall two after the rudos took control, leading us into some mind numbing boredom until the end of fall three, when Arkalis was able to break out an Asai Moonsault, Ares delivered a frightening suicide dive (I haven’t seen someone overshoot their landing field that bad since Armageddon) and Rey Samuray pulled off a springboard tornillo! I always knew that Rey Samuray was something. That wasn’t enough to save the match, but it was at least something exciting, and coupled with a good performance from Disturbio gave this match a few things to really like. It was just two better partners for Disturbio away from being something really good I think.

Sagrado, Dragón Rojo Jr., Pólvora defeated Tigre Rojo Jr., Drone, Esfinge two falls to one

This was the best match of the night to this point. Shocking I know. Actually there were some shocking aspects to this match, most notably Tigre Rojo Jr.’s presence and the fact that he knocked this opportunity out of the park. Much like Maligno with Disturbio, Tigre seemed to be motivated by being around some talented opponents, and he was able to get off a few dives and highlight reel moves during his sequences in this match. I’d like to believe CMLL would take note of this and give Tigre more opportunities going forward, but this is the same organization that watched Flyer in the Gran Alternativa Friday and rewarded his hard work by giving him absolutely nothing to do tonight. Regardless, Tigre was really good and luckily so was everyone else; Drone and Esfinge were actively trying and Sagrado continues to click well with Dragón Rojo and Pólvora, who both seemed to be more into tonight’s match than they have their last few bouts. I wouldn’t call this a classic or anything, but overall it was a pretty good match with some cool stuff. On a Monday night, you can’t ask for much more than that.

Johnny Idol, Marco Corleone, Atlantis defeated Hechicero, Ripper, Máscara Año 2000 two falls to none

There’s only one thing you need to know about this match folks; Atlantis and Hechicero feuded some more, and it culminated in Atlantis challenging Hechicero to a match next week and Hechicero accepting. That’s right folks; ATLANTIS VS. HECHICERO IS A GO!

Seriously sports fans, that’s all that matters. Sure there was some wrestling here, and we did get to see Johnny Idol perform a cool suicide dive while Máscara Año 2000 inexplicably wore a green mask all match. But who cares; ATLANTIS-HECHICERO BABAY! You may remember I moaned about CMLL seeming to set up that match last week only to go nowhere, and it turns out that’s because they were planning to carry the feud over one more week before making it official. You gotta love CMLL; they get you all flustered, and then next thing you know they’re giving you exactly what you want! And make no mistake folks; you should want this match. Atlantis is Atlantis and Hechicero is one of the best workers alive, not to mention a dude who has yet to defend his NWA World Historic Light Heavyweight Championship on a CMLL streamed show since he won it from Rey Rey Buc back in October. This should be a killer match, and the fact that it was set up here makes this match a win for me, even if next to nothing happened outside of the two feuding. Just think folks; we may be getting Atlantis vs. Hechicero and Volador Jr. vs. Cavernario back to back next week! Ain’t life swell?!

Dragón Lee, Carístico, Mistico defeated Mr. Niebla, Cavernario, Negro Casas two falls to one

This match had the unfortunate distinction of a) following a hot angle leading to a hot match last week and b) falling right as the Golden State Warriors were locking up the NBA Championship. You can see why I would be distracted while this match was going on! Even without the distractions, there wasn’t much to get into here besides a few really nice sequences between Dragón Lee and Negro Casas. They were working with each other like this meant something, while the other four guys seemed more than happy just to get a dive in and move onto the next show. CMLL isn’t done with these six guys yet though; Casas deliberately low blowed Lee to end the match in the third fall, Carístico was in full “Carístico promo” mode afterwards and from what I can tell there will be a rematch between these teams next week just before Atlantis and Hechicero go at it in the main event. So there is more to this; I’m just not sure if that more is Lee and Casas having a match in Puebla the week after (which would rule) or if these guys will actually try to go all out an give us a match worth remembering next week (which would also rule). Either way this wasn’t much outside of Casas and Lee interacting and did little to distract from the big story of Atlantis vs. Hechicero happening next week! You’re gorram right I’m still bringing it up; it’s kind of a big deal!

That’s game sports fans. I will now ride off into my air conditioned living room to play some Uncharted 4, but I’ll return later to do a Running Diary of tonight’s Tuesday show. Fun stuff. Till we meet again, THIS!

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