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I Have No Fancy Title for this CMLL Running Diary

Updated on May 9, 2017

Tuesday night is upon us, which means yet another CMLL show is upon us. You know what that means; it's running diary time yet again! And probably the second of three this week considering how long the Friday show usually goes for and how early I need to be up during these dog sitting gigs. The things I do for you dear readers. But enough of my troubles; let's dive into mediocrity! Moses, in the words of Fred Durst, you know what time it is.

8:26: Goodbye promoting, hello writing! We are live once more in North Kingston, with my pals Bandit, Bear and Boomer already asleep right next to me. We haven't even had the first match yet dudes! Don't you want to be awake for when CMLL promotes this new restaurant of theirs that's opening in Arena Mexico tonight?!

8:29: Just had a horrible thought; what if it takes another half an hour for them to get the stream working? Seriously CMLL, don't do that. I really don't want to regret watching/waiting for this show when I could've been re-watching season two of Game of Thrones instead.

8:32: We are live, we are on time and that is indeed JCR and his minions broadcasting from the new restaurant in Arena Mexico.

8:33: Our first match is "Purple Rain" Aereo and his deadweight partner Acero taking on Pierrothito and Mercurio. It could be good if Acero doesn't get much time and the rudos try. In other words, don't count on it.

8;37: Had to let the dogs out quickly. It appears the only thing I've missed is Pequeno Nitro in Pierrothito's place. This changes very little for the match.

8:38: Acero nearly botches a running hurricanrana.You don't see that often. Nitro bounces after that and now we have Mercurio and Aero.

8:40: A decentback and forth between Aereo and Mercurio gives way to a decent back and forth between Aereo and Nitro before Acero flies in with a crossbody. Mercurio comes in to turn the tide and my space bar is starting to act up. Thought you'd like to know

8:42: The rudos endedup taking control after Acero came in (isn't that just typical), and it leads to Nitro putting Aereo away with a splash and Mercurio pinning Acero with a powerbomb. Your typical opening fall for a CMLL opening match.

8:43: Rudos keeping control to start fall two. Joy.

8:45: After two minutes that feel like fifteen, Aereo catches Mercurio with a big boot in the corner. You know what that means!

8:46: The technicos waste no time, with Acero barely connecting on a moonsault to take care of Nitro to rid us of him, while Aereo connects with a second rope Spanish Fly on Mercurio for the pin. Ho hum. Onto fall three.

8:48: Just realized I "ho hummed" a second rope Spanish Fly. I apologize. Aereo just owned Nitro by the way.

8:49: Acero actually does a few cool things! I sense a botch is incoming.

8:50: Nitro hits Acero with a modified codebreaker and just like that Acero is gone. At least he didn't botch. Aereo and Nitro come in and that doesn't last long either, with Mercurio nailing a Package Piledriver to give the rudos the win. Yawn-a-roonie. Not a bad match and thankfully Mercurio bit no one on the ass (that I saw), but nothing of note happened other than that Spanish Fly. Say it with me folks; your typical CMLL opener!

8:53: Are they ever doing another Boing! commercial again? Asking for a friend. Also, Jarochita, Marcela and Skadi take on Amapola, Tiffany and Reyna Isis next. There's a 60% chance Skadi kills either Reyna Isis or Tiffany, and I may be low balling it.

8:58: Amapola and Marcela are the captains. Is it sad the only thing exciting me about this match is Edgar being the ref? Jarochita is being forced to carry Reyna Isis to start this match by the way.

9:00: The best thing I can say about this sequence is that it doesn't suck. It's boring, but it doesn't suck. Improvement from Reyna Isis!

9:01: And now it sucks. Jarochita tried a hurricanrana on Reyna Isis and...

9:02: Skadi and Tiffany in. This will end poorly.

9:03: Say what you will about Skadi's skill and her stiffness, but she at least is giving it her all. She kicks the shit out of Tiffany a few times to drive her out and give us the match's only redeemable pairing thus far, Marcela and Amapola.

9:04: Marcela hit the second rope knees and had Amapola locked in a submission, but Tiffany and Reyna came in to make the save. Amapola was then able to get Marcela up for the Angel Wings and it's bye bye fall one; rudas are in the lead. I'm now off to learn five different ways to say the phrase "my Grodd was that bad!". True story.

9:06: Triple teaming to start fall two. Hey, it's better than giving Reyna Isis or Tiffany time to work solo.

9:08: The comeback is on, with Marcela headscissoring Amapola out and Jarochita getting Tiffany with a top rope arm drag. The technicas take turns hitting running sentons on Tiffany before Skadi drops the leg.

9:09: Skadi channels her mother with a Double Underhook Backbreaker on Amapola, leading to Marcela going for the kill with the Nail in the Coffin. We're tied. Who cares; can this match be over already?! Or could we at least get Zeuxis to come out and save this wreck? Either scenario works.

9:10: Fall three; please don't take too long.

9:11: Skadi and Reyna Isis in. Oh boy...

9:12: Thank Grodd; it last only thirty seconds before Tiffany came in to save Reyna. And yes, that does mean we've reached the "break up the falls" portion of the match. Jarochita eventually does the same to Tiffany and gets in a nice Boston Crab before Amapola breaks it up.

9:13: Great spear by Amapola that Jarochita barely gets out of (Marcela was supposed to break it up, but was late. Nice heads up play by Jarochita kicking out anyway). Marcela and Amapola have a good sequence together thatends with Amapola dragging Marcela out o fthe ring and slamming her against the barricade.

9:14: That is a SWEET moonsault by Jarochita. Bye bye Tiffany! Skadi then nearly paralyzes Reyna Isis on a Powerbomb to the Knees and the technicas pull out the victory while Amapola and Marcela argue at ringside. Start of a feud? Probably not. Match was awful through two falls and was only marginally better in fall three thanks to Jarochita's moonsault and a couple Marcela-Amapola sequences. Reyna Isis needs to never wrestle again folks. Like ever.

9:29: You may be wondering why I disappeared for fifteen minutes. Well my mother called needing to vent about her day, and that takes precident over everything, including lucha libre. The good news; I got to catch all of The Panther vs. Misterioso anyway because I'm a good listener and a good multitasker. The bad news; the match only went five minutes, was average and saw Misterioso winning. Maybe I should've turned the show off! In any event, Pegasso, Fuego and Stigma are taking on Disturbio, Puma and Tiger next. Puma and Tiger are always great so thus this match has my full attention. Here endeth the longest paragraph in CMLL Running Diary history!

9:33: Tiger and Fuego are captains.

9:35: Disturbio and Fuego starting this out on the mat. It ends quickly so Stigma and Tiger can come in. Strangely, I get the feeling this will be quality.

9:38: As expected, good stuff from those two (I especially liked the forearms on the mat). Puma and Pegasso come in quick for some fast paced action, followed by Fuego and Disturbio coming in for some more fast paced action. It's fast!

9:39: Puma and Tiger do another cool double team, Tiger Shotgun Dropkick's Stigma into the corner and Disturbio runs in to hit the running knees to eliminate Stigma. Great sequence. Disturbio then powerbombs Pegasso, and Puma reverse Alabama Slams Tiger into the technico to seal the deal. Good first fall.

9:40: Fall two begins with the rudos in control.For once this is good, as Puma and Tiger are two of the most creative dudes in CMLL and should deliver a slew of great double and triple teams.

9:41: Puma doing the delayed vertical suplex where he waves to the crowd. That'll never get old.

9:43: Hey; Kamaitachi fan is there! And the technicos have turned the tide!

9:44: Fuego dropkicks Tiger to the floor and hits a very good suicide dive! In the ring, Pegasso rolls up Disturbio for a pin and Stigma escapes a Puma powerbomb to hit a Code Red for the pin. Another good sequence. This has been fun!

9:46: Fall three begins with the rudos regrouping. Smart strategy. Disturbio and Fuego will start.

9:47: Fuego owns Disturbio with antics and theatrics. The Maximo gameplan as it were. Now we get Puma and Pegasso, which is merely a lot of fast paced action and arm drags before Stigma and Tiger come in...or before Stigma comes in to face Puma. My bad!

9:48: There's Tiger. See, I told you he was coming in!

9:49: Disturbio botched a Stigma headscissors by turning the wrong way. Tiger then shows him how it's done a second later. This all leads to the technicos going for a triple dive, the rudos breaking it up and getting three near falls.

9:50: COOL SUBMISSION SPOT ALERT! COOL SUBMISSION SPOT ALERT! And now backbreaker's for everyone!

9:50: PUMA DIVE!

9:51: DISTURBIO SUICIDE DIVE INTO THE RING! That gets a nearfall.Stigma and Pegasso then send Disturbio and Puma to the floor so Pegasso can hit his tornillo and Stigma can hit a BRILLO STIGMA! My Grodd Billy.

9:52: Fuego and Tiger are the only dudes left in the ring, and Fuego manages to catch Tiger with a hurricanrana roll up to give the technicos the win. Fun match aside from the Disturbio botch. Should easily wind up being the best match of the night. Also...

9:55: Johnny Idol, Blue Panther and Rey Cometa are next to take on Cavernario, Bobby Villa and Polvora. Hey, remember when I said the last match was definitely the best of the night. I'm taking that back.

9:57: Is Bobby Villa back to not having a gun or a machete?! What is this madness General Rojo?!

9:59: Cavernario and Cometa are captains. Interesting.

10:00: What do you know; Cav and Cometa are feuding! Looks like Cometa will be busy defending that title over the next week. By the by, after Cavernario slammed Cometa into the barricade, Blue Panther and Polvora will start. Thought you'd like to know.

10:03: Blue Panther is the man. That is all.

10:04: Johnny Idol hits a really solid knee on Bobby and follows it with a Lionsault. Sadly Polvora and Cavernario are in to break it up, leading to, you guessed it, a rudo beat down...well it did till Cometa came in that is to give us the Cavernario-Cometa face off we all want.

10:05: Cometa is rammed right into Idol, who is then launched into a top rope Cavernario dropkick. As you can imagine, Idol didn't last long after this. The rudos then triple team Blue Panther as the fans boo, leaving Cometa all by inexplicably pin Bobby and Polvora on roll ups. The Blue Panther put together finishers strike again!

10:08: They definitely seem to be setting up Cometa-Cavernario 9,000 here. Not sure what that means for Cometa-Soberano on Friday, but hey, I'll never complain about Cometa and Cavernario wrestling. In any event,the rudos are in control right now, which either means a quick fall to tie it at one or the technicos are winning in two falls.

10:10: Los Revolucionarios going to work on Blue Panther. That then allows all three rudos to go to work on Johnny Idol, with Cavernario even biting Idol's face. That's a new one.

10:11: Does anyone do a Shotgun Dropkick better than Bobby V?

10:12: Here comes Cometa! He gives a backbreaker to everyone in sight and starts pulling Cavernario around the ring by his hair, while Idol takes it to Polvora outside and Blue Panther owns Bobby V on the stage.

10:13: Cav and Cometa are back in the ring now. Cavernario hits his ripe assisted splash, but Cometa surprisingly kicks out. Cavernario goes for a second,and this time Cometa blocks it. He sends Cavernario to the floor, allowing Idol to hit an awesome moonsault. Unfortunately this leads to Blue Panther getting pinned by Polvora,and the next thing you know the rudos are stomping on Cometa and shoving Edgar out of the ring. Is that a DQ or will there be a fall three?

10:16: Looks like it's a DQ. Technicos win an okay match on a DQ. Looks like my initial call of the fourth match being the best was the correct one. Cometa has the mic and I think we all know where this is going.

10:17: Cometa makes the challenge, but doesn't mention the title. Instead he mentions the hair. Dude...hasn't Cavernario taken your hair two times already? Maybe it's time to aim for something else.

10:18: HOT DAMN! Cavernario just beat up Cometa with the mic! More of this feud please!

10:20: It was apparently mentioned that the match would be for the Mexican National Welterweight Championship, which is interesting considering Soberano is challenging Cometa for that belt Friday. Either Cometa-Cavernario is going to turn into a non title match, or poor Soberano's chances of becoming a champ have gone the way of the New York Rangers. Look at me with that timely joke!

10:23: It's main event time; Atlantis, Caristico and Mistico against UG, Gran Guerrero and Niebla Roja. Are you ready for more dissension between the Guerreros while UG makes awesome faces?!

10:26: UG and Mistico are captains. Roja and Caristico will start. The countdown to UG's first "what the fuck Roja?!" face is on!

10:27: Quick Roja-Caristico sequence is quick. Gran Guerrero seemed unhappy about something, but Roja calmed him down so he could take on Mistico briefly and shake his hand. You can just feel UG's anger levels rising!

10:28: Now Roja wants to face Atlantis and shake his hand. Atlantis is hesitant, but eventually Roja gets him to shake his hand...right as UG and Gran Guerrero come in to start the assault. Great plan by the UG there!

10:29: Atlantis and Caristico are owned by UG and Gran before Mistico comes in. They want Roja to do a triple team, but Roja refused. Gran and UG take care of business themselves, with UG hitting the corner senton and both him and Gran getting Pulpo Guerrero on Caristico and Mistico to end fall one. The usual stuff as far as this storyline is concerned.

10:32: Fall two begins with Roja and Atlantis. Wonder if Atlantis accepts the handshake this time.

10:33: No handshake attempt.Instead the two get right into it, with Atlantis getting a roll up, Roja trying a pin with a leg lock and Atlantis doing the same before UG and Gran Guerrero come in to break it up and restart the beat down.

10:34: Holy crap...I think Roja just officially turned on his partners. He "accidentally" hits Gran Guerrero with a splash, sends UG into the ring to get beat up by Atlantis (who then hit UG with a suicide dive) and then watched as Mistico got Gran Guerrero with La Mistica. Of course Caristico then got Roja with La Caristica, but he did apologize after so maybe it was all part of the plan. We're tied by the way.

10:37: The ring girl is late coming out with the card. Fall three begins with Gran Guerrero and Atlantis. Atlantis comically sends Gran Guererro into Niebla Roja three different times, then gets UG in so they can do some call backs to their Anniversary Show match.

10:38: Roja just shook and raised Atlantis' hand as he was going for backbreakers. Atlantis looked at Roja like he had eight heads. That was even better than UG's reactions to Roja!

10:39: Nice brawling sequence between Mistico and Roja, who is getting booed. Mistico quickly turns the tide, and continues rolling even after UG and Gran get involved.

10:40: That is a sweet hurricanrana from Mistico! Caristico and Roja are now in, and Roja does the same thing he did with Atlantis in shaking Caristico's hand. Caristico's reaction is great to this!

10:41: Caristico now taking it to all the rudos, till he sends UG to the top. UG goes for the powerbomb, but Roja deliberately sabotages it and allows Caristico to hit a hurricanrana. Mistico then sends Gran Guerrero to the floor so he can hit a tope con hilo, while in the ring Roja "accidentally" super kicks UG into La Atlantida. Game over; technicos win an okay main event. I was expecting a promo afterwards from UG, but we didn't get one, and thus it appears the UG-Roja issues will continue another week. I'd be seriously frustrated about that, but I just watched this show so it's hard to get that mad when I'm already annoyed.

Well, that was a waste of a show folks. Thanks to everyone who stuck with me during it, and thanks to Stigma, Fuego, Pegasso, Puma and Tiger for being the only guys who seemed to care about putting on a good show. I'll be back soon with...something. Who knows what it'll be? Till that happens though, THIS!

Please change disks to continue...


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