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CMLL Running Diary: The "Please Don't Do Rush vs. Diamante Azul at the Anniversary Show" Edition

Updated on August 11, 2017

As the week has gone by, I've found myself less and less motivated to write than the past few weeks. I mean granted, there haven't been any good stories like the last two weeks (unless you count Vampiro, Johnny Mundo and Taya successfully working us all) and every lucha show I saw that wasn't Wednesday's Lucha Underground was like if Castle had gone ahead with a ninth season sans Detective Beckett. So I do have those excuses. Even still, I wasn't feeling it...until tonight's CMLL! Look at that card. Adventure? Excitement? Soberano and Zeuxis?! Cult craves not these things. Or is it the other way around? Damn Mallrats for their ambigous Silent Bob quotes. And with that let's get to what I do somewhat better than others; a running diary. I swear it'll go better than this opening. Moses, GO GO MEMEZILLA!

9:32: We are live babay! The big developments thus far; some dude was just announcing stuff with two half naked women, and CMLL has in fact replaced the King Haku banner for the Gran Prix with Kenny King. I'm gonna be honest; I would've lost money if I had bet on whether they ever did that. I was certain they'd leave that up there till the end of the world. Hell I'm not yet convinced they'll remember to take all the banners down when the Gran Prix is over. It's CMLL after all!

9:34: We've got a positive looking opener on our hands yet again as Stukita and Shockercito take on Pierrothito and Mercurio. I feel like I say this every time they work, but if Mercurio and Pierrothito are on, this could be sweet. Big IF there.

9:36: Stukita and Pierrothito will start by hitting the mat and doing chain wrestling. Somewhere, Zack Sabre Jr. nods in approval as he stretches Tomohiro Ishii into a pretzel once more.

9:38: It was all even till Mercurio came in, double teamed Stukita with Pierrothito and started to work the arm. Stukita gets out of it and puts in an STF, which Mercurio then gets out of himself. Stukita is bored (so am I) so he tags in Shockercito to do some more mat work/counter wrestling.

9:39: The jets are on! Shockercito does a nice arm drag and a nice headscissors back to back on Mercurio, who retreats to the ramp. Pierrothito is then arm dragged outside himself, so Mercurio comes back in and nails Shockercito with a kick.

9:40: Everyone gets sent out, leading to Pierrothito and Shockercito to come back in. Shockercito leaves Pierrothito prone for a Stukita springboard splash, but he misses the Lionsault, allowing Pierrothito to tap him out with an arm bar. Shockercito tries to work his speed game on Mercurio, but instead walks into a powerbomb to make this 1-0 rudos. Good start after the mat work, with these four cutting a nice pace.

9:42: Fall two begins...with Mercurio biting Stukita's nipples.

9:44: It's a standard rudo beat down before Stukita turns the tide and sends Mercurio to the floor. Pierrothito then gets sent to the apron and HOLY GOOD FUCKING GRODD! PIERROTHITO JUST MONKEY FLIPPED SHOCKERCITO ONTO MERCURIO AND SHOCKERCITO TURNED IT INTO A RANA! TREMENDOUS!

9:45: Back in the ring, Stukita nails three consecutive moonsaults to put away Pierrothito, while Shockercito taps out Mercurio. We're tied and we may already have the spot of the night.

9:48: Fall three begins with me trying to convince my buddy Skitz to watch this show. Also, Stukita and Pierrothito appear to be slapping each other.

9:49: Mercurio is in, he floors Stukita with a kick and then dances. You take the good with the bad I guess. And the good is back quickly with Stukita hitting an arm drag and doing a spinaroonie, followed by another arm drag.

9:50: Shockercito and Pierrothito are beefing again. This leads to Pierrothito shoulder blocking Shockercito as hard as he can before the technico turns on the jets and gets arm drag happy. he sends Pierrothito to the floor and takes a dive, leaving him prone for Mercurio to kick him and do Mercurio things.

9:51: Shockercito is now arm dragging and headscissoring Mercurio, sending him to the floor. Pierrothito comes in with a kick, but so does Stukita. The two work their way to the corner, then the other corner, where Stukita sends Pierrothito to the floor. He looks to be going for a dive, but Mercurio pushes him to the floor and hits a dive himself!

9:52: In the ring, Pierrothito catches Shockercito coming off the ropes and nails a Canadian Backbreaker Driver...thing. I think that's what it was? Why don't we just go with Canadian Facebuster and call it a day?! In any event, Pierrothito moves quickly to get Shockercito in a California Dream while Mercurio makes sure Stukita can't get back in the ring, leading to a countout. Rudos win a very good opener. Even if you take away the awesome Shockercito spot it was still really good, with the technicos going really hard and...well at least Pierrothito went full out the whole time. The lesson if you're Mercurio; ease up on the nipple biting. No one wants to see that.

9:55: We're still looking good! Third wheel Esfinge, The Panther and Blue Panther Jr. (JUNIOR!) take on Disturbio, Tiger and Puma. If only CMLL had found someone other than Esfinge for this match; what potential it could've had. Seriously, was Star Jr. too busy beating Star Boy at darts again to be available?

9:58: That was an ultra quick start between Panther and Puma right there. They're in and they're out just like that, with Tiger and Esfinge in immediately after and also going fast.

9:59: This went a little longer, but not that much longer. Junior and Disturbio are in and a thousand cringes from lucha fans can be felt. Luckily Junior and Disturbio keep the pace till Junior forces Disturbio to come to a sliding stop. That brings in Puma and Tiger and just like that, the rudo beat down is on.

10:02: And just like that it's off! Puma gets sent to the floor by Panther (who followed up with a hurricanrana off the apron), and no sooner does that happen are Junior and Esfinge taking down Disturbio and Tiger to give the technicos a 1-0 lead. Fast, decent start.

10:03: Panther can't stop owning Puma's ass, sending him to the floor again to begin fall two.

10:04: Tiger and Esfinge are in, going back and forth with strikes and kicks. Tiger finally seems to get the edge by bring Esfinge to the corner, but he makes the mistake of sending Esfinge to the corner, where the technico hits a hurricanrana to send Tiger retreating to the floor. Junior and Disturbio time.

10:05: Disturbio has turned into the lucha version of Guster's "One Man Wrecking Machine." He sends Junior down, floors Panther and Esfinge off the apron and allows the rudos to go to work. Puma nails a delayed suplex on Junior which seems like a deal breaker, but Panther breaks it up and the fall goes on.

10:07: And now it's over! Puma submitted Panther with an Octopus Stretch (finally getting off the schnide against his rival) while Tiger hits Esfinge with a backcracker, leaving him prone for a Disturbio big splash. We're tied. This is as serviceable as they come.

10:09: Fall three begins with the rudos dominating so much that the camera crew cuts to Rush's banner in the rafters. Things have been going so good that CMLL needed to show us something that sucks I guess.

10:10: I was about to post a meme when Junior suddenly took everyone to Backbreaker City. He even almost took Esfinge there! Panther tried to get a dive on Disturbio, but the rudo moved and decked him on the floor. Meanwhile, Tiger and Puma send Junior and Esfinge to the floor, leading to the rudos hitting cool dives!

10:11: A backcracker into a top rope codebreaker into a schoolboy into a running corner knee strike. That's a sequence! And it's pretty much the only one I can keep up with as this match is suddenly getting out of control in the best way.

10:12: Powerslam/Lionsault combo by Panther for a nearfall. Tiger kicks him to the floor, Esfinge comes in and Esfinge is wishing he didn't as he gets nailed by Tiger with a Cross Rhodes. It's only a near fall though.

10:13: Esfinge sends Tiger to the floor with a spin kick and hits a sweet tope con hilo! Panther sends Disturbo to the floor, fakes him out with a dive and then hits an AWESOME suicide dive because duh!

10:14: Puma goes nuts in the ring, hitting Junior with a Codebreaker and a REVERSE RANA! WOW! Junior kicks out though, hits a German Suplex and then plants Puma with two straight powerbombs (the final being a sitout). That'll do it! The Panthers and Esfinge win a very good match! It was merely okay through falls one and two but the third fall was excellent with great action. So great I'm still trying to figure out what happened at times! Was Esfinge really good in that?!

10:18: It's luchadora time! Silueta, Princesa Sugehit and Lady Maravilla take on Zeuxis, Amapola and Dalys. And we've got no time for intros as Zeuxis is out in a pink outfit to attack Sugehit before the bell. Damn Queen; I couldn't have gotten a glass of water first?

10:20: I guess the match is officially underway, with Maravilla and Dalys squaring off. Have I mentioned that I'm starting to fall in love with Maravilla? Or am I not allowed to say that due to my Zeuxis fandom?

10:21: Dalys and Maravilla take turns sliding out of each other's pins before Dalys WRECKS Maravilla with a nice dropkick. The young technica strike back quick with a Codebreaker for a near fall. Lots of Codebreakers tonight. Dalys then picks Maravilla up into a Torture Rack and THAT IS A GORRAM TORTURE RACK BOMB! Everyone doing big moves tonight.

10:22: Silueta is in and Dalys is now owning her too. Very good work from Dalys thus far. Silueta recovers quick though and backs Dalys into a corner. They then wind up in the other corner, where Silueta ties Dalys up in the ropes and hits a dropkick off the top.

10:23: Amapola is finally in and goes to work on Silueta. The technica tries to come off the top with a sunset flip roll up, but Amapola rolls out and hits a clothesline. Unfortunately Silueta is immediately up hitting a rana in a dropkick, but Amapola gets control back in the corner by planting Silueta on the mat.

10:24: Sugehit is in, Amapola is out and WHAT A SHOTGUN DROPKICK BY THE QUEEN! She stomps on Sugehit in the corner, but it soon gets back to the center of the ring, where Silueta sends Zeuxis to the floor with an arm drag. She then follows it up with a running senton off the apron, leaving the Queen helpless to save Amapola from a Silueta submission and Dalys from...did Maravilla just do a Cradle DDT?! Whatever it was it was sick and it's 1-0 technicas after a good first fall. Upon review, Maravilla appears to have hit a Cradle Suplex Buster. Yup.

10:26: Fall three begins with Sugehit and Zeuxis going full throttle till Dalys provides a distraction. With that the rudas are in control and Sugehit is eating corner attacks. All well and good, but when can we get Zeuxis and Maravilla doing stuff?!

10:28: Dalys with a corner knee attack. Don't worry, there will be a better one in a moment. AND RIGHT ON CUE THERE'S ZEUXIS NAILING SUGEHIT WITH THE KNEES!

10:29: Amapola taps Silueta with a Scorpion Cross Lock hybrid. Meanwhile, Dalys absolutely destroys Maravilla with a spinebuster, then follows it up with a Sharpshooter to tie it up. This has been very solid.

10:30: Fall three begins with Dalys reverse scoop slamming Silueta before Zeuxis and Amapola kill her with dropkicks. Sugehit tries to get in, gets floored by Zeuxis, and soon after Maravilla and Silueta are suffering the same fate.

10:31: Triple corner attacks by the rudas! Very nice. Sugehit's mask nearly comes off and we take a moment for her to fix the technical difficulty. But uh oh; Sugehit has got control back! You know what that means.

10:32: Sugehit doing all the work, including hitting Zeuxis with a splash on the ramp! She then tears at the mask while Maravilla and Silueta go to work on dalys and Amapola in ring.

10:33: The Queen and Sugehit are back in the ring and are just tearing at each other's mask like there's no tomorrow. Dalys and Amapola come in to break it up, but Sugehit just keeps control while Silueta and Maravilla come n to assist. Maravilla ends up a bridging pin on Amapola for a near fall, but she immediately walks into an Amapola codebreaker to head back to the showers.

10:34: Silueta sends Amapola packing with a capture suplex. I smell a dive and a DQ finish coming. Sure enough Silueta sends Dalys to the floor, heads to the apron...and gets caught and powerbombed against the pole by Dalys. UH OH! Zeuxis and Sugehit go at it in the ring, Amapola distracts Edgar...AND THE QUEEN TAKES OFF THE MASK AND ROLLS SUGEHIT UP! And that kids is how you get things done. The Queen and her loyal servants take home a pretty good match.

10:36: Sugehit has the mic. We're getting a challenge of sorts. And indeed it is a mask vs. mask challenge, though no date is given.

10:37: Sounds like the Queen has accepted, though again, no date is given. Does that mean the Anniversary Show? The Gran Prix? Who knows. The two go at it agian and somehow wind up wearing each other's mask! I don't know about you but I'm pretty stoked for this one, wherever and whenever it's happening. Not only is it a good match waiting to happen, but you just know Zeuxis is taking Sugehit's mask. That fills me to the brim with a feeling of goodness.

10:41: Potentially very good match alert! Soberano Jr. is here (to a big pop), and he'll be teaming with Caristico and Valiente to take on Cavernario, Negro Casas and the man who took Blue Panther's hair one week ago, Sam Adonis. If CMLL were wise, they'd drop the idea of Diamante Azul-Rush and use this match to set up an opponent for Sam at the Anniversary Show. You're telling me you wouldn't be down for Soberano-Sam or Caristico-Sam? Stop lying to yourself.

10:44: Casas and Caristico are captains. Stunning! I'm putting on the Caristico mask I have for this one.

10:45: Caristico tried to take the Trump Flag! INTERESTING! Now Valiente is after it as Soberano and Cavernario have words. I feel like I'm gonna really like this match!

10:46: As Sam won't get in, Cavernario and Valiente will start. Sweet. They go to the mat quick and trade holds. Your typical CMLL opener there.

10:47: SOBERANO AND NEGRO CASAS TIME! AND THEY SHAKE HANDS! Sorry, lost control for a minute.

10:48: Excellent chain wrestling between these two; it's like Dragon Lee-Casas out there. Soberano sends Casas to the floor via hurricanrana and it's Caristico-Sam Adonis time. OH MY!!!!!

10:49: Sam drops Caristico with a huge kick, but the technico gets the edge quick...before Sam ducks out of the ring. HE'S AVOIDING CARISTICO! I'm smelling something here folks, and not just cause the rudos are in complete control right now on the floor.

10:51: SOBERANO TRYING TO ATTACK ZACARIAS! For that Sam Adonis slams him hard into the barricade and is now attacking him. Please CMLL, stop teasing me with all these wonderful possibilities. In the ring Cavernario stomps on Valiente and plays to the crowd as Caristico and Sam get back in, with Sam pounding on Caristico some more.

10:52: That was one HELL of a Nail in the Coffin by Sam, and he's just pinned Caristico to end fall one as the crowd boos the shit out of him. Good start. I like where we're going.

10:53: Fall two begins with...Sam trying to unmask Caristico while Cavernario crotches Soberano on the barricade. GET OUT OF MY HEAD PACO!

10:54: It is all rudos right now, with Caristico taking the brunt of the attack. Or he was till he rolled out. Now it's Valiente's turn.

10:55: UH OH! Valiente is on the comeback trail, Monkey Flipping Cavernario to the floor. Casas sends him to the floor and in comes Soberano for a strike exchange! Casas winds up on the floor, then Sam sends Soberano to the floor. Caristico returns the favor to Sam and hits a suicide dive!

10:56: SOBERANO JUST DID THE 900 ONTO CAVERNARIO, JUMPING OVER A VALIENTE ROMERO SPECIAL ON CASAS TO DO SO! Wow what a spot! That'll knot this up at two and I am very, VERY excited about where we could be going in the third fall.

10:58: Sam is hiding from Caristico in the crowd to start this fall. Meanwhile Zacarias is waving the Trump flag. TRAITOR!

10:59: Soberano and Casas start again. They've been doing this a lot tonight. More strikes and kicks before Casas goes for a suplex. Soberano blocks it and hits a gorgeous standing suplex. Cavernario comes in for the save.

11:00: As I just said on Twitter, Soberano is life, Soberano is lucha! He sends Cavernario to the floor with that awesome triple jump hurricanrana from the ramp.

11:01: Valiente is in with Sam, giving Caristico some time to breathe. Valiente goes to town on Sam, hitting him with some nice dropkicks and chasing him across the floor. Nice stuff. Now it's Caristico-Cavernario time.

11:02: Sam ends Caristico's fun with a huge kick, drawing boos. He chops Caristico a few times, teases going for a mask tear and ultimately settles for an attempted Irish Whip. Finally he gets Caristico to move, but the technico hits a backspring elbow, an awesome arm drag and HOT DAMN SAM JUST NAILED HIM WITH THE TRUMP FLAG! Tirantes saw it, ignored it and we watch as Sam drapes the flag over Caristico while Cavernario hits his rope assisted splash. Rudos win a good, heatedmatch and my does there appear to be more to this story.


11:06: Sam finally got away, and now all five luchadors are shaking hands and posing in the ring. I guess the takeaway from this is simple; EVERYONE is feuding with Sam Adonis. Sam's like Stewie in that Family Guy episode where he realized he was so alone.

Close enough!
Close enough!

11:10: CMLL is kind enough to turn off the sound for Diamante Azul vs. Rush, which begins with Rush attacking Azul on the stage, tearing at his mask and hitting Azul with that weird ass belt he carries around all the time. Please Rush; if there was ever a time for you to give a shit and do something cool, it be now.

11:11: And it looks like Rush is immediately back into coast mode, grinding things to a halt. He sets up for his corner Shotgun Dropkick and nails it, giving him a 1-0 lead as the sound comes back. Pretty much your standard Ingobernable start.

11:13: We're in the stands and Rush is throwing drinks as fall two begins. He then takes Diamante towards the announcer's booth and pounds his head into it a couple times before slamming the barricade door into Diamante's head. Classic Rush. I just wish I cared.

11:15: Hey; Rush with a powerslam. That's new. He then stomps Diamante and does the Ingobernable taunt. Somewhere, Tetsuya Naito can't believe this is the same guy who saved his career.

11:16: We're on the ramp, where Rush is now ripping Diamante's mask with his teeth and suplexing Diamante hard onto the ramp. Rush then disappears and...where is he? Did he just leave? LOL if Rush just left.

11:17: Rush is back and HOLY FUCK! Did he just hit him with plexiglass? I THINK HE JUST HIT HIM WITH PLEXIGLASS! That is more than enough for Edgar to call for the DQ and Diamante Azul is in this match, despite getting wrecked the entire time. Alright Rush; I'm intrigued.

11:18: Fall three begins with Diamante leaping into the ring for a Ramp Clothesline, hitting a suicide dive that sends Rush into the seats (!!!) and some crowd brawling. Rush bumped like made for that suicide dive. Has the old Rush returned?!

11:19: Diamante posing on the announcer's table as Rush crawls to safety in the ring. Diamante is back in quick and hits a Nail in the Coffin out of a Military Press! Rush just kicks out. I'm into this one!

11:20: Rush is prone in the corner and THAT IS A RUNNING SENTON BY AZUL! WOW! Rush just gets his hand on the ropes.

11:21: Rush with a belly to belly...and Diamante just gets out. Rush with a Northern Lights...and Diamante just gets out. Rush argues with Edgar, Diamante rolls him did Rush just get out. This is great. HOW THE HELL DID THIS GET GREAT?!

11:22: Diamante with a flying elbow attack...and it's only two. Both men are down. Crowd is HEATED for this right now. Diamante plants Rush, stalls, goes up top...and Rush is there to meet him! They brawl on the top before Rush goes all the way up AND HOLY HELL THAT NEARLY KILLED THEM BOTH! What a suplex! Diamante just kicks out at two.

11:23: Rush stomps on Diamante in the corner...will he go for the kick again? He will, but Diamante explodes out of the corner with a spear! One, two...NO! Rush stops the count! Rush then sends Diamante into the corner and he nails the Shotgun Kick! But no cover! Interesting!

11:24: German by Diamante Azul! One, two...YES! Diamante Azul pins Rush for the clean win of all things. I can't believe I'm saying this but WHAT A MATCH! Evidently all Rush needed was some drywall to hit Diamante with and just like that things turned around. There was heat, there was urgency, both guys tried and somehow both delivered. Really, REALLY good match. Now please, let's never do that again!

11:27: Main event time! Dragon Lee, Mistico and Niebla Roja are taking on Ultimo Guerrero, Mephisto and Gran Guerrero in a continuation of the Roja-Gran Guerrero feud that looks like it may headline the Anniversary Show. Another thing I would've lost money on if you had told me this would happen a year ago. And with that, let's go to a random meme! It's been awhile, no?

11:31: And we're off with GRAN GUERRERO POWERBOMBING ROJA INTO THE ANNOUNCER'S BOOTH! I tell you; this show hasn't been that great, and yet I've marked out about fifteen times during it. Something is working!

11:33: This fall has just been the Guerreros kicking the shit out of Niebla Roja. He just got crotched into the barricade and fell over into the seats. Poor bastard.

11:34: ROJA COMEBACK! He nails Gran Guerrero and UG with a combined FIVE rolling elbows (all of which ruled) and is now tearing away at Gran Guerrero's mask. He hits a rolling dropkick on Gran, sends him to the floor, momentarily loses his balance on a springboard crossbody but regains it and nails the move. Meanwhile, Dragon Lee and Mistico take care of UG and Mephisto and it's 1-0 technicos. Good stuff other than Roja's slip, which I'm sure everyone will hold against him.

11:35: Roja and Gran are now brawling in the stands! Why not right? I don't know if it's working, but at least these two are trying their asses off.

11:37: Fall two begins with Roja wanting Gran Guerrero...and getting him! That never happens! They trade slaps for an awfully long time before Gran tackles him and the two exchange strikes on the mat. They try getting the crowd onto their side (with the crowd actually responding for once) before Gran tags out and Mephisto comes in.

11:38: Dragon Lee in with Mephisto. Could be good. They exchange slaps before Lee hits a back kick and turns on the jets. Mephisto gets another slap and grounds Lee in the corner with stomps. Lee is right back up though, gets Mephisto to discard the shirt and we're now trading more slaps!

11:39: Lee nails a hurricanrana and sends Mephisto to the floor. ENTER THE UG! Lee starts owning him to, finishing the sequence off with a great springboard Shotgun Dropkick. Gran and Roja are back in and Gran quickly starts stomping on his rival before the wind up on the mat again.

11:40: Did those two morons just try to take each other's mask off? THEY DID! Luckily they failed and this match continues to boos. Enter Mistico and Mephisto.

11:41: What a clothesline by Mephisto. He chokes Mistico in the ropes and nearly pulls his mask off. Mistico hits the ropes and here comes the fast paced offense!

11:42: Just like that Mistico sends Mephisto to the floor, sends UG to the floor and nails a crazy hurricanrana. Gran and Roja are back in, with Gran tearing at the mask and biting Roja's forehead! Roja turns the tables and does the same. They are trying folks.

11:43: Nice suicide dive by Roja! UG and Mephisto both wind up on the floor again and THAT IS A THING OF BEAUTY THOSE STEREO TOPE CON HILOS! Grodd Bless Dragon Lee and Mistico. In the ring, Gran Guerrero nails a Rock Bottom on Roja and...inexplicably unmasks him even though he has the win. DUMB ASS! That's a 2-0 victory for the technicos in a decent main event. Lee, Mistico, UG and Mephisto all looked really good and, while I don't think it's working, Gran Guerrero and Niebla Roja are trying their best to get this over. I just don't think the crowd takes them seriously enough to do so.

11:45: Gran challenges Roja again for a mask vs. mask match. Roja accepts and Gran pulls off the mask again while Mistico watches from the ropes with a "can we get Rush and Diamante Azul back out here" posture to him? If I were CMLL, I'd change this Anniversary Show main event stat. Move this to the Gran Prix, give Sam Adonis the Anniversary Show main event and save yourselves. There's still time Paco; there's still time.

And with that, we're done folks. I hope you enjoyed being stunned by Rush and Diamante Azul like I was. I still can't believe how good that match was! Now watch Paco make that the Anniversary Show main event and that one stinks it up like Goldberg in the limo during the first Mighty Ducks. On that note, I think I'll take off now, but I shall return...eventually. Might be tomorrow, might be Monday; who can say for sure? Till we meet again, THIS!

Please change disks to continue...


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