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It's time! It's time! It's CMLL Running Diary time!

Updated on January 24, 2017

It's Tuesday night and the CMLL FantasticaMania crew is back in town. You know what that means folks. Running diary? Running diary? RUNNING GORRAM DIARY! Sorry; got a little too hyped right there. I'll try to tone it down. In the meantime let's get started. Moses, JUST MEME IT (meme it) MEME IT (meme it)!

8:15: We are coming to you live from a sold out Casa de Cult! All that's left to do is promote this bad boy, resist the urge to play TEW 16 some more and we're off. I fear I'm becoming addicted to that game by the way. Then again how can one not when he's turned CMLL into a mega power where all the ex-AAA guys are working for him and Los Ingobernables is now a stable run by Konnan and Rush. HIRE ME PACO! HIRE ME BEFORE DORIAN GETS MY NUMBER!

8:22: Promoting is done...and there's still seven minutes left before the show. This is what I get for trying to get things done too quickly!

8:26: WAITING (awesome guitar rift) WAITING (awesome guitar rift) WAITING (mini solo) WAITING!

8:29: WAITING (more awesome guitar rifts) WAITING (giant hammers marching) WAITING (Dave Gilmour plays that rift) WAITING!

8:34: DEAR GRODD; WILL THIS SHOW EVER BEGIN?! Seriously will it? I could be playing TEW right now dammit!

8:40: We are nine minutes past the start time and still nothing. Did Arena Mexico blow up? Did Atlantis get lost on the way there and they're holding it up for him?

8:42: IT'S HERE! IT'S FINALLY HERE...and it's in the middle of a match between Aereo/Acero and Mini Universo and Violencia. Maybe we should've kept it off. What am I say; CMLL IS LIVE!

8:44: Fall one appears to be over after Acero of the rudos and Aereo drops the elbow on the other. Honestly who cares? One of the rudos can't work and the other is as motivated as Rush against Diamante Azul. What I'm more interested in is whether or not Aereo and Acero realize they're stuck together forever. Cause they are.

8:45: And now the stream is buffering! Looks like this show is going to be the Triplemania XXIII of CMLL's 2017.

8:48: Mercifully the rudos finish off Aereo and Acero and...are we tied or was that the end? Please let it be the end. I can't watch Violencia and Universo attempt to wrestle anymore unless it involves that Cloverleaf Violencia just did.

8:50: After further review...the match continues.

8:52: Just as I'm thinking this has gone too long, Aereo nails Universo with an awesome Spanish Fly. See ya big boy! The technicos quickly follow up with a double team and they win! A rare technico victory on Tuesday! Too bad the match was like every M. Night Shyamalan film after Signs and before Split.

8:56: Dear Grodd it's the low rent Drone!

8:58: Low rent Drone is teaming with Star Jr. and Flyer to take on the homeless man's Heavy Metal (Canelo Casas), El Hijo del Signo and Arkangel de la Muerte. Canelo Casas and Arkangel in the same match?! Man if I were Star Jr. and Flyer I'd be out of there faster than Pentagon, Daga and Garza Jr. in AAA!

9:00: Flyer and Arkangel are captains, Edgar is ref. At least they've got Edgar I suppose.

9:02: Just came across this tweet. "What a moment; the low rent Casas is taking on the low rent Drone right now. Beauty. #CMLL". Alright that was me but still; good tweet right?

9:03: Star Jr. in to save the show.

9:06: Star Jr. did not save the show (yet). Flyer now must try to make Arkangel look good. This will do wonders for his confidence! Can someone tell his family member L.A. Park that CMLL (particularly) Arkangel is treating him bad just so we can have Park walk in and send Arkangel to the boatman?

9:07: Me when we get a low rent Drone vs. Arkangel sequence.

9:11: This fall has gone on so long that I've given up following it and simply wondering where the hell Heavy Metal is. Why? Because Canelo Casas legit looks just like him. Too bad Canelo got none of his ability! Arkangel just submitted low rent Drone by the by, before Canelo finished off Star Jr. with a splash. Fall one to the rudos. I may throw up.

9:13: Can we get to Flyer and Star Jr. owning noobs yet?!

9:14: Hey, Canelo Casas with a good clothesline of Star Jr. over the rope. I guess a dead clock is right twice a day.

9:15: My friend Joe Brown just brought up something John Cena said on Smackdown. Amazingly I still care more about this match. I know; I don't get it either.

9:16: Low rent Drone starts a low rent comeback. Luckily Flyer and Star Jr. then get involved, leading to Flyer putting Casas away with a great dropkick and Star Jr. putting Signo away with a great dropkick. We're tied. You know, CMLL could more than make up for this awful match up by giving the technicos the win...

9:18: Low rent Drone and low rent Casas doing low rent lucha!

9:20: Flyer doing all he can to save this match. He gives way to Star Jr...who has to carry Arkangel. Dammit all.


9:22: Everybody in a headlock. Gotta get back girl on the headlock train!

9:23: Triple dive fakeout. This is low rent Drone's fault.

9:24: Mother of Grodd, Arkangel just did a half decent plancha! In the ring Canelo pins low rent Drone after a Full Nelson Slam and Signo taps out Star Jr. because FUCK THIS LIFE AND EVERYTHING IN IT! Sorry, got a little emotional there. This match sucked, the treatment of the technicos by the rudos sucked and...yeah, everything sucked. Well except Rey Bucanero; I'll treasure him trying to talk me into a Canelo Casas match with endless enthusiasm forever.

9:26: It's Fuego! NO! NO! EL COCO NO! Am I doing it right?

9:28: And here's Skandalo. Welp, the hope died quick for this match.

9:29: Just tweeted to L.A. Park telling him to lay waste to Arkangel for treating Flyer like shit. It had to be done.

9:30: All Skandalo till Fuego hits a dropkick. A few moves later and Fuego is into the antics!

9:31: And just like that the momentum is cooled. Dammit Skandalo. I want to only slightly hate myself for watching this show, not fully hate myself!

9:32: The Green Bay Packers had more offense this past Sunday than Fuego has right now.

9:33: Great springboard splash for a near fall by Fuego! He gets another quick near fall a second later, then does a few more cools things before hitting a cool dive.

9:34: We get a few more minutes of wrestling before Fuego gets Skandalo in a crucifix and THANK GRODD HE'S WON THIS MATCH! I was fearing the worst there but Fuego pulled it out. Sure the match wasn't worth a damn but who cares; you always react to a technico winning on a Tuesday show like this.

9:39: They're letting Stigma use the stage? How nice of them. He's teaming with Pegasso and...TRITON! The show may be saved.

9:40: Misterioso is the first rudo out and holy Grodd does his music suck. He's actually giving Esfinge's theme a run for it's money, and Esfinge uses "Kiss Me Through the Phone" as his song. KISS ME THROUGH THE PHONE PEOPLE!

9:42: Sagrado is here! I think we're guaranteed at least a decent match here between Sagrado and Triton's presence...and now here's Virus. Yup, this will be the best match of the night.

9:44: Virus and Triton are captains.

9:46: Triton and Misterioso picking up where they left off this past Friday with some decent mat work.

9:48: I don't know what it is but Pegasso always works better with Virus. They have a nice sequence before Stigma and Sagrado come in, with Sagrado mocking the shit out of Stigma's height!

9:49: What the hell is Misterioso's obsession with taking off Triton's shirt? Very strange!

9:50: Bad ass Triton leg drop! That takes care of Virus and fall one. Definitely the best fall of the night thus far, even though this was just okay.

9:52: Really nice work by Pegasso and Sagrado to start this fall. Amazing how good Sagrado has been these last few months. Virus and Triton are now in. YES!

9:53: Now that's what Kalisto would call Good Lucha Things.

9:56: The rudos eventually gained control, Sagrado beat people up for a few minutes and Virus finally submitted Triton with a leg lock. Another decent fall. I'll take it at this point. Did you see those first three matches?!

9:57: Just realized I haven't broken out the comeback meme yet! Don't worry folks; it's coming.

9:59: Thank you Pegasso!

10:00: No sooner did I post that do the rudos snuff out the comeback. Misterioso taps Pegasso with a figure four while Stigma is put down with a One Winged Angel. Decent match, though nothing out of this world and with very few great Triton moments. Definitely better than the shit from earlier however.

10:07: Guerrero Maya Jr., Rey Cometa and Angel de Oro are teaming up to face Vangellys, Ripper and the American Heatwave Sam Adonis! Here's Sam now with that Trump flag and good Grodd you can hear everyone in the arena booing him.

10:09: Ripper and Angel de Oro are captains but who cares because SAM HAS THE MIC AND SINGING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM! THE HEAT IS TOO DAMN HIGH!

10:11: Rey Cometa grabbing and stepping on the Trump flag makes him the greatest technico ever.

10:12: A current look at the temperature in Arena Mexico.

10:14: Sam steps into the ring, instant heat. CMLL needs to get him a hair match yesterday.

10:15: Sam did a little too good pulling of Oro's mask there; I practically saw all of Oro's face!

10:17: Perfectplex/Fisherman Suplex/AmeriPlex/whatever you want to call it by Adonis puts Oro away. Huge heat for Adonis again with that one. Been a basic match but the heat has been real as fuck.

10:18: The fans are legit getting mad during this match!

10:21: Maya with a dive and dropkick on Adonis to a HUGE pop! Oro and Cometa take care of the rest in ring and we're tied. Very good work thus far. Oro grabs Adonis in the medium before we cut to a replay.

10:22: Fall three stars with Maya grabbing Adonis' flag and playing keep away! If CMLL hasn't booked Adonis-Maya for next week then I'm complaining extensively online later!

10:25: Cometa going to work.

10:26: Adonis and Maya are now back in with Adonis in control. He wants a triple team with the rudos...and like the last time it doesn't work. Stop with the triple team's Sam!

10:28: A ridiculously good splash by Maya puts away Sam Adonis. Ripper and Vangellys consider just going to the back, but Vangellys decides to get in to lose with dignity, which he does after a Cometa frog splash. Wonder if something was missed there. Regardless, decent match with GREAT heat thanks to Sam. They have to find a singles feud for him to do at some point.

10:29: It's been awhile since we've had a meme, so let's post one!

10:32: Valiente (wearing pants for the second straight night!) is teaming with the returning Atlantis and Stuka Jr. If you haven't yet, go find Atlantis' match with Rush from FantasticaMania. The man still has it. They're opponents are Rey Bucanero, Shocker and Terrible for those who care.

10:36: Rudos jumped the technicos before the bell and have been in control since.

10:38: Stuka, still thinking he's in Japan, goes all out with a torpedo suicide dive on Bucanero (both guys stay down for a bit). Atlantis and Valiente take care of business in ring, rolling up Terrible and Shocker to end fall one.

10:42: To quote Brian from Family Guy, nothing's happening.

10:43: Did Shocker just hand Tirantes a $20?

10:45: This feels like it's going two falls, unless I missed the rudos knotting it up. Just as I say that Bucanero pulls down the straps!

10:46: AND THE FOUL! Bucanero with a punt to Stuka's nether regions ends this match with the technicos winning two straight falls. Bucanero takes Stuka's mask to boot. I'm not opposed to Bucanero-Stuka if they were to do it.

10:47: Bucanero has the mic. He tosses away Stuka's mask and it sounds like he challenged Stuka to a match. He and Shocker dance around while Atlantis gets Stuka's mask back. Will we get a response?

10:50: Bucanero doing really good work on the mic right now. Other than Adonis I think he did the best work on this show and it wasn't even in ring. Atlantis and Valiente carry out Stuka while Bucanero and Shocker dance around to close the show. Considering the joke this card was at some points, I can't say I blame them.

That's the show sports fans! Hope you enjoyed...well at least I hope you enjoyed hanging out with me. I'll legit be back in a half an hour with another column on the AAA situation. Till then, SCULLZ!

Please change disks to continue...

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