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CMLL Super Viernes Preview: Semi-Final Hype

Updated on April 20, 2017

We’ve made it gang! After breaking down what makes both Magnus and Star Jr. special earlier today, the third and final column of the trilogy has arrived. Tomorrow is yet another exciting episode of CMLL Super Viernes (Z!!!) and like most Friday night’s it’s shaping up to be a memorable show. We’ve got a good looking main event. We’ve got a decent undercard if a few things break the right way. And oh yeah, we have the whole reason I wrote those columns about Magnus and Star Jr.; the second semi-final match of the Copa Junior tournament, which has all the makings of being even better and crazier than last week’s match. What are we waiting for; let’s preview this bad boy. Moses, are you read to meme and roll?!

Flyer & Robin vs. Canelo Casas & Espanto Jr.

What to Expect: Evidently discount Heavy Metal and Espanto Jr. made enough of an impression that they got invited back for a second straight week. I’m still not sure what discount Heavy Metal did to warrant that but what do I know? In any event you can expect him to make this match at least 15% worse than it would’ve been without him, which is a shame because I’m guessing it probably would’ve had a shot at being decent. Robin is alright, Espanto Jr. has been impressing me lately and we all know I’m Team Flyer (especially when he and Espanto are fighting. Those two nearly kill each other every time out!). Put anyone else with Espanto (like, say, Hijo del Signo) and I’d say this match has a shot at being good. Now? It’ll be fine when Flyer and Robin are working with Espanto and duck and cover time when discount Metal comes in. Can we get Negro Casas to come out and officially disown him already? I’ll take that or Flyer attempting something crazy to show CMLL that they should’ve put him in the Copa Junior match instead of Artillero.

Winners: Strangely I feel good about the technicos in this one. They take it after Robin gets Espanto Jr. and Flyer beats discount Heavy Metal. That’s right, I’m calling for Flyer to pin Canelo Casas. And that’s not even going to be my second craziest prediction in this column.

Drone, Fuego, Rey Cometa vs. Nitro, Raziel, Virus

What to Expect: For the second straight match we have several respectable names and one skid mark you wish would go away. And yes, that skid mark is Nitro. Why he continues to get booked after he nearly let Magia Blanca paralyze himself is beyond me, but here is in a spot that Cancerbero should be occupying, ready to turn a good match into an okay match. In fairness this mach still has a shot; Virus and Raziel are two very good workers and that technicos team is great. Whenever you can get Fuego to be the third best guy on your team, you know you’re sitting prettier than the 2002 Mighty Ducks with a two goal lead and the immortal Jean-Sébastien Giguère in net. As long as Nitro is either replaced or kept out of the ring for 75% of the match, this match could end up being good. That sound you hear is a million lucha fans heading to Mexico City to make sure Nitro gets lost on the way to Arena Mexico.

Winners: The rudos will inexplicably win, with Raziel submitting Fuego and Virus submitting Drone. Hey, at least we avoid Nitro getting the win right?

Lightning Match

Guerrero Maya Jr. vs. Luciferno

What to Expect: You gotta love CMLL; for the third straight match on this show, they have taken a situation that looks promising on one side and then canceled it out immediately. Normally a Guerrero Maya Jr. singles match is cause for celebration, especially after that masterpiece he and Virus put on several weeks back. Sadly, CMLL has put a damper on it by giving Maya Luciferno to carry. You know, the same Luciferno who only shows up when teaming with Mephisto and whoever otherwise resembles Liam Hemsworth in everything he’s in. Seriously; did that dude go to the Hayden Christensen school of acting or something?

In any event, this match is nowhere near as promising as it could’ve been if Maya had been given Mephisto, Euforia or Gran Guerrero to work with instead. Does it still have a shot to be something though? Only if Maya decides to go bat shit insane. It won’t be enough for him to do some mat work and then hit one suicide dive; Maya’s going to have to hit a moonsault, a couple fancy arm drags, one suicide dive and that awe inspiring second rope senton where Maya finds himself in the fifth row afterwards. If he can do that, I think he can take this match to a good level, regardless of what Luciferno does. Of course Maya may not think this match is worth it (he’s right) and thus decides to keep it in neutral, leading to a passable but skippable Lightning Match. Dammit all; if only it had been Mephisto instead.

Winner: Maya should be the easy pick here, except he did inexplicably lose to Ephesto when the two fought not too long ago. I’ll still go with him for the victory here, but it wouldn’t shock me at all if Luciferno pulled this out, leading to a lot of angry venting on the internet afterwards.

Copa Junior Semi-Final

Blue Panther Jr. vs. Esfinge vs. Magnus vs. Stigma vs. Star Jr. vs. Sansón vs. Forastero vs. Artillero

What to Expect: The biggest and baddest match of the evening, something CMLL even seemed to realize as they’ve moved this match up two spots from where last week’s was. Still not quite in the spot it should be (*cough* the main event *cough*) but close enough. Personally I would say expectations should be even higher for this match than last week’s semi-final. Sure that match was bonkers good, but it also featured a middle section featuring discount Heavy Metal doing offense; that’s no good. This week’s lineup has no Canelo Casas style weaknesses; all eight of these luchadors are at least good (yes, even you Artillero), almost all of them will be looking to take advantage of having the spotlight on them (looking at you Magnus and Star Jr.) and best of all, this match should get the proper amount of time for everyone to show what they can do (even if it’s not as much as last week’s epic). I’m looking forward to see what Junior does, I’m excited for the crazy stuff Magnus is hinting at on Twitter (dude has already said he’s going to try to work in a Spanish Fly from the apron to the floor), Sansón and Forastero are no doubt going to bring something unique to the table and boy oh boy do I expect big things from Star Jr. Of all the guys in this match, he’s arguably the most talented and the one with the most to prove. Regardless of where he ends up, expect him to have a huge OMG moment in this match that gets him more notice than he’s ever had.

Winner: This match is far more wide open to me than last week. Judging from where they’re usually booked, Sansón, Junior and Forastero would seem like the favorites, with Esfinge and Stigma being dark horses. For whatever reason though, be it my own fandom, naivety or sheer craziness, I can’t help but think that this is going to be Star Jr.’s night. Thus, even though I’m probably going to look dumb, I’m going to say Star Jr. pulls up the upset and beats Sansón in the final two to move on to the finals, where he and old friend Soberano will collide in what could be a Match of the Year contender. By the way, if I’m right about this, you’ll never hear the end of it. I’ll make Rob Viper’s moments of genius look humble by comparison.

Diamante Azul, Stuka Jr., Valiente vs. Mr. Niebla, Pierroth, Sam Adonis

What to Expect: This was going to be Diamante, Stuka and Valiente vs. Los Guerreros before; inexplicably CMLL thought that was dumb and decided to change it up. Now Sam Adonis is the only rudo worth watching in this match and the Pierroth-Valiente feud we thought was dead may be getting a reboot on the Friday show. I’ll let Red Skull share my thoughts on that.

In fairness I’m still be interested in this match, which just goes to show you how much I like Sam. At this point I would watch him work Pierroth, Nitro and Arkángel de la Muerte at the same time the man has gotten so entertaining. But poor Sam can’t do this all by himself, and with Mr. Niebla likely to just be doing his usual shtick and Pierroth being Pierroth, I can’t say I have high hopes for this match. Hopefully it’s kept quick in the wake of the Copa Junior match, Sam gets plenty of time, Niebla wears his fro and Valiente decides not to go after Pierroth. That happens and we may all get out of this one alive.

Winners: The rudos take this one in three quick falls, with Niebla pinning Stuka after a splash and Sam tapping Diamante out to Mutilacion Americana. No feuds are set up.

Carístico, Dragón Lee, Volador Jr. vs. Cavernario, La Máscara, Negro Casas

What to Expect: If I didn’t know any better this main event looks as though it’s an apology from CMLL for the last match. Whatever the reason this match looks great; we’ve got a dream team of a technico squad on one side and a rudo team featuring the best young rudo alive, the best luchador ever (potentially) and…La Máscara. I kid Máscara, you’re alright. The only reason this match won’t be something to behold is if CMLL is setting up a big singles match to go along with the Copa Junior final next week (possible) or if someone gets hurt. I don’t see the second one happening, so your best bet is to hope that nothing is being set up and that this match gets a lot of time for these guys to work their magic. Of course it wouldn’t be a bad thing to hope for a big singles match either; Carístico-Máscara, Lee-Cavernario, Lee-Casas, Volador-Cavernario and Volador-Casas are all matches I would absolutely love to sit through. Maybe CMLL will give us the best of both worlds and do a great match that sets up another one next week?

Winners: I’m very much leaning towards a match being set up here and for some reason I’m thinking it’s either going to be Carístico vs. La Máscara for the CMLL Light Heavyweight Championship (seriously; has Máscara defended that thing since he won it?) or Volador-Cavernario III for Volador’s NWA World Historic Welterweight Championship. I’ll say we get the latter; Cavernario pins Volador to give the rudos a three fall win, and afterwards challenges Volador, who accepts. Let’s now go live to the internet reacting to the possibility of having Cavernario vs. Volador Jr. and Soberano Jr. vs. Star Jr. (or Sansón) on the same show next week.

Game…blouses. We’re done for the night folks. I will see you tomorrow with a review of this show and a column about why Dorian Roldan needs to be fired. Spoiler alert! Till we meet again, THIS!

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