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CMLL Puebla: That Didn't Suck!

Updated on February 13, 2017

Breaking news sports fans; a fun looking CMLL Puebla show turned out to be, wait for it…a fun CMLL Puebla show! Stop the presses and batten down the hatches! Actually just because tonight’s Arena Puebla funhouse was predictably good doesn’t mean there weren’t surprises. What were those surprises though? You’ll just have to brave the next few paragraphs and this Nerf Herder song to find out. Moses, time to meme again!

Centella Roja & Flyer defeated Ares & Guerrero Espacial two falls to one

There were many minor miracles this evening sports fans; one of them was Centella Roja not only not sucking but actually being quite good in this match! I’m not joking; he was an above average luchador at almost all points. I don’t know if someone finally put another luchador under the mask, if someone dangled money in front of his face before this or the stars aligned for one really good day, but Centella Roja lived up to having “The Final Countdown” as his theme song. Go watch that amazing leg drop he performed if you don’t believe me. I’m not sure this was a good match but I was so amazed by Roja’s performance and so delighted by Flyer not only pinning Ares to win the match but also posing while standing on Ares afterwards that it gets my recommendation. A surprisingly decent start to the show and good Grodd wouldn’t it be great if Centella Roja kept this up. Naturally I expect he’ll be back to emulating Arkángel de la Muerte the next time we see him. We can only hope Arkángel is also in that match and Flyer will be standing over him afterwards (dreams are great, huh?).

Asturiano & Black Tiger defeated Rey Apocalipsis & Toro Bill Jr. two falls to one

As if the Centella Roja miracle wasn’t enough, we got another miracle with this match not sucking! Granted it wasn’t exactly great for the first two falls; in fact the first fall of the match was so long and featured so much Black Tiger that I almost turned the whole thing off. Then the third fall started and amazingly things picked up, culminating in a great finish that saw Tiger hit a great guillotine leg drop on Toro Bill on the stage! Whoever came up with the finishes tonight did some great work, because that was just as good, if not better, than Roja’s leg drop in the previous match. Again, not the strongest match ever and that first fall was too slow. Overall though it was better than I thought even with a poor Asturiano performance, thanks to the good final fall and an above average performance from the Rey Apocalipsis and Toro Bill. It’s almost as if they remembered they were pretty good workers when they wanted to be! I’m looking forward to hearing about the meeting all the old guys had tonight where they decided to actually try for once. Can that happen before every show from now on?

Disturbio & Policeman defeated Lestat & Rey Samuray two fall to one

The good news; this was the worst match of the night. The bad news; this was the worst match of the night.

That’s not to say this match was terrible because it wasn’t. I was highly impressed with what I saw from Rey Samuray and Disturbio worked very hard. The problem with the latter is that he worked too hard, and a lot of his effort was directing Policeman towards spots that the veteran had either forgotten or was too lazy to attempt. It was kind of a shame considering Disturbio and Policeman worked well together when Policeman paid attention, but on the other hand it wasn’t too surprising; it was Policeman after all. That said I did enjoy Disturbio yelling at him and giving him the death stare every few minutes, and the work of Samuray and Lestat (to a lesser extent) definitely raised this match up. A serviceable match that probably would’ve been better served if it was just Disturbio and Samuray going at it for ten minutes. If only there was a match in CMLL’s arsenal that worked that way…

Random Ass Cibernetico

Virus defeated Soberano Jr., Pólvora, Stigma, Sagrado, Star Jr., Skándalo, Fuego, Guerrero Maya Jr., and Okumura

This was awesome. I know you’re shocked. I’m not sure it was as awesome as it could’ve been and you could make the argument it peaked early but it was awesome never the less. If you wanted spots you got them, with Soberano, Star Jr. and (surprisingly) Stigma providing some great dives in the early moments of the match. If you wanted to watch Virus cut loose, you got to see that at several different points. If you wanted surprise eliminations you got that, with Guerrero Maya (who I would’ve pegged as a favorite) getting tossed earlier in favor of some of the younger guys going deeper. Whatever you wanted this match had it, and best of all it served to make the young guys like Soberano, Star Jr. and Stigma look good. Sure I would’ve preferred a few more dives here or there, a longer Soberano-Pólvora sequence and I definitely was let down by Soberano losing at the end to Virus. But ultimately the match was so much fun and Virus is such an OG that it’s hard to stay mad at it for too long. It won’t win any match of the year awards but this was super fun and definitely worth your fifteen to twenty minutes. Well unless you really like Okumura; then you’re better off skipping to the next match.

Rush defeated Diamante Azul two falls to one

I must confess; I feel bad for both Rush and Diamante Azul right now. All week I and others have been dreading this match up and rightfully so considering how bad the first match was. As we speak there’s probably several people putting the match they had tonight down either at the same level or even lower than the original. And the fact of the matter is this match didn’t deserve. Believe it or not, this match not only didn’t suck but I dare say was good. Legit. Good.

Now please keep in mind, when I say it was good I don’t mean to call it a Match of the Year contender or anything. But just because a match doesn’t reach that level doesn’t mean it was worthless. This match was far from that, regardless of what anyone tells you. Rush was significantly better here than he was the first time these two fought. Maybe he still isn’t entirely motivated, but he seemed much more so than usual, expanding his offense, taking the fight to the outside and showing off that classic viciousness only he can display. And Diamante Azul was pretty good himself. I know no one will admit that because…I’m still not sure why, but the guy didn’t botch anything, didn’t look sloppy and overall looked good hitting all his big spots. Quite frankly the only thing about this match that wasn’t very good was the ending, where Rush feigned getting low blowed by Diamante and the ref (who had five seconds earlier been bickering with Rush) fell for it and DQ’d Diamante. That was dumb and that should be criticized. Everything else however was just fine, and at times better than fine. I get that Diamante Azul is an easy target, his feud with Pierroth is an easy target and the Rush-Diamante match ups have been ripe for ridicule. That hasn’t changed. But that doesn’t mean tonight’s match wasn’t pretty good, because it was up till the ending. Even if it was a low bar to clear, it easily surpassed the first match and isn’t close to a waste of time. Anyone who tells you otherwise didn’t watch it or made up their mind a week ago.

Dragón Lee, Mistico, Volador Jr. defeated Euforia, La Máscara, Negro Casas two falls to one

For the first two falls this match had the look of six men trying to get this over as quickly as possible so they could hit the bar before closing time. Then Dragón Lee and Negro Casas faced off in the third fall and this match turned into a strong main event. There were better matches on the show sports fans but I don’t know if there was a better sequence then the few minutes Lee and Casas went at it. They just went back and forth and back and forth with forearm shots, and at one point Casas even busted out a perfect hurricanrana! Sure Lee landed on his feet but who cares; 57 YEAR OLD NEGRO CASAS CAN STILL DO A HURRICANRANA! If that doesn’t make you swoon then I don’t know what will. Once those two got going then the rest of the match got going too, with Lee and Máscara having a great sequence themselves (amazing how much better Máscara’s superkick looks when he does it to Lee) and Volador and Euforia once again proving why they need to have a singles match post haste. Only Mistico didn’t get much shine, and that’s quite okay when everyone else is firing on all cylinders. It wasn’t great because of the rushed first two falls, but the third fall was wicked strong and ended the show on the right note. I just wish they had given it another five minutes or so; if they had then this may have challenged the cibernetico for Match of the Evening status.

That’s game! I’m off till tomorrow sports fans, though I’m not sure if I’ll have a Tuesday review, a passionate defense of Diamante Azul, an opener letter on the Diamante Azul-Pierroth match, two out of three, all three or none of the above. Depends on my mood. Till the decision is reached, how about a little Rupert Giles?!

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