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CMLL Puebla: The Last of Rush-UG (hopefully)

Updated on March 6, 2017

We’re not wasting time here sports fans. I’m tired, I want to sleep…alright that’s pretty much it but that’s all I need. So let’s just get to breaking down what made tonight’s CMLL Puebla an alright show. Moses, drop the meme while the sad Lord of the Rings music plays.

El Malayo & Guerrero Espacial defeated Hijo de Centella Roja & Vega two falls to one

So remember how I completely dismissed Vega in my preview column? Yeah, turns out I’m an idiot and Vega set out to prove it tonight. I wouldn’t say he re-invented the wheel but he was by far the best guy in this match, showing off great athleticism and hints at a lot more than he showed. He rubbed off on Hijo de Centella Roja too, who still is slow at times but actually showed flashes of potential tonight. Sure it’s not much, but it’s more than you can say for other CMLL rookies out there (*cough* Sangre Imperial *cough*). Unfortunately for this match, Malayo and Guerrero Espacial weren’t always on the same level as the technicos. They weren’t terrible and at times they even looked good; there was just also times where they looked slow and even uncooperative (like when Malayo no sold a Roja hurricanrana because REASONS!). That was enough to keep this match from being good, even if it was a pretty decent CMLL opener all things considered. If nothing else, it made me want to see more Vega and yes, more Hijo de Centella Roja. What is it with the Centella Roja’s impressing me recently? Do I need help?

Hijo del Signo & Policeman defeated Black Tiger & Espíritu Maligno two falls to one

I took only one thing away from this match; Espíritu Maligno has the makings of a pretty decent technico if CMLL wants to continue down this route with him. Besides that this was exactly the kind of dull, nothing match you’d expect. Black Tiger did nothing of value. Hijo del Signo wasn’t a complete embarrassment, but he wasn’t close to interesting either. That left the Policeman-Maligno feud to carry this match and to the shock of no one, nobody seemed to care much about these two guys going at it. Thus you get a dull second match and really the only match not worth paying attention to on this show. I do suppose it’s interesting that CMLL didn’t directly set up Policeman-Maligno as a match for a future show, but I wouldn’t doubt they’re just waiting a week before pulling the trigger there. Hopefully Maligno has the chance to show off more once that happens. He showed flashes tonight like I said; he just needs a better stage. Well that and someone who isn’t Policeman as his opponent, but we can’t be beggars and choosers at this stage.

Canelo Casas, Sangre Azteca, Virus defeated Soberano Jr., Star Jr., Stigma two falls to one

Here lies a match that ended up being both uplifting and utterly devastating. The uplifting part was everything Virus and Soberano did in this match, which was a whole hell of a lot. The two dominated the first and second falls, so much so that they actually took up the whole first fall doing some awesome mat wrestling. It was very Blue Panther of them, and because Virus and Soberano are so good they managed to make it work. Really they made it work the whole match, to the point where you really, REALLY wish this match had just been the two of them going at it for fifteen to twenty minutes. Another reason to have wanted that match more than this one; it would’ve prevented us from seeing the horror that was discount Heavy Metal pinning Star Jr. to win the match.

You know how people were/are ticked off at WWE for Kevin Owens losing to Goldberg in 20 seconds last night? That’s me here, only multiplied by over 9,000. Star Jr. is an exceptional young luchador who could be a star if CMLL got behind him. Discount Heavy Metal is at best the homeless man’s version of his more famous (and successful) uncle and at worst one of the worst performers in lucha libre history who’s only around because of his last name. Why on earth CMLL would have him go over a potential star in Star Jr. is almost as mindboggling as CMLL headlining Homenaje a Dos Leyendas with Pierroth vs. Diamante Azul. And at least there those two are trying; discount Heavy Metal couldn’t have given a shit less tonight and was by far the worst luchador in this match. He even got outworked by Sangre Azteca, a guy who mails in performances for a living these days. Maybe I’m the only one but seeing that finish to the match was just immensely deflating, and took away from everything else that happened here. That’s saying a lot, because the Virus/Soberano stuff was legitimately great, Azteca was legit trying and Star Jr. and Stigma were both good. It just goes to show you that you can do a lot of things well and shit will still hit the fan thanks to one decision and one terrible luchador. Thanks a lot discount Heavy Metal.

Bobby Villa, Dragón Rojo Jr., Pólvora defeated Ángel de Oro, Stuka Jr., Titán two falls to one

This would’ve been the best match of the night if not for the main event surprising, and that’s with these six leaving stuff on the table. Really this was a match that needed Arena Mexico; put it there and I bet it gets more time, less restrictions and we get a real barnburner. Instead we got a good, solid match here, which is just fine considering how rare those are in Puebla. They key was once again Los Revolucionarios. The technicos were just fine here, but that rudo team just continues to gel with each other every time they work. Bobby V’s dropkick game looks better than ever, Dragón Rojo is a natural leader and Pólvora continues to be one of CMLL’s most unsung heroes. Honestly I thought Pólvora’s performance tonight was his best since this threesome came together tonight. He did a sweet job catching an attempted Titán hurricanrana and turning it into a powerbomb and hit a magnificent Pólvora Driver to put Titán away in fall three that a) looked devastating and b) managed to protect Titán on the way down. It was exactly the type of strong work I’ve come to expect from Pólvora and the Revolucionarios as a whole and I don’t doubt it continues tomorrow in Arena Mexico. If nothing else, tonight suggests they’re hot streak will continue.

Atlantis, Carístico, Dragón Lee defeated Ephesto, Luciferno, Mephisto two falls to one

This match more or less existed to prove me a prophet! Remember how I said this match could potentially set up a Mexican National Trios Championship match between Los Infiernos and the super team of technicos? Guess what; that’s exactly what happened.

That’s not entirely good news of course, as it meant these six were entirely going all out and the best moments of the match were mini sequences as opposed to extended, all out spots. That’s quite okay though, considering we’re getting this match as soon as next week in a position where these six likely will be going balls to the wall. On top of that it’s not like the action was bad tonight. Carístico did stuff. Atlantis took people to Backbreaker City. Tame Dragón Lee is still cooler than many high flyers out there. Mephisto wasn’t brought down by his lesser talented teammates! Good things happened here aside from Carístico’s challenge, and it gives me hope that next week (or the week after) is going to deliver us an absolute barnburner of a match. It also helps that I absolutely called this and there’s no way in hell I can be mad about calling something! What more is there to say; this was solid if unspectacular stuff that set the stage for spectacular stuff next week. It’s a win.

Rush defeated Último Guerrero two falls to one

Maybe it’s because I was in a good mood or maybe I really have blocked out the first 8,999 matches these two had. Whatever it was, I really, REALLY liked this match Rush and UG had tonight. It felt different from the previous encounters in many ways. UG didn’t do the usual “check list” routine; sure he still many of his usual spots but he also broke out some new ones (how about that brainbuster?!), allowed himself to look more vulnerable than usual and even did a little bit of Rush style brawling by taking Rush around the arena. And Rush was more motivated as well, doing dives, carrying the early stages with his brawling and pulling out some surprises like that huge Superplex of his. Even the weak point of this match, Tirantes being Tirantes, worked as it was something they were building throughout the match and included in the conclusion. I certainly would’ve preferred a cleaner finish here, but I can’t fault it too much because there was build up to it AND because the rest of the match was so good (it does help that Rush finally got a deserved win over UG too). Put it all together and this match exceeded expectations for me and was the best match of this show. Now please CMLL; don’t do this match again for at least another year! I don’t care what it takes or whose feelings it hurts; just make sure these two are kept apart for awhile. They aren’t topping this one, unless you’re actually lifting your weapons ban in Arena Mexico!

And scene. I’m off till tomorrow evening, where I’ll be reviewing the CMLL Tuesday show. Till then, THIS!

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