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CMLL Puebla: The Rush is Gone

Updated on July 31, 2017

Sports fans, there’s an alternate universe out there where this CMLL Puebla show was the best CMLL Puebla show of the year. With a solid Mini-Estrellas title match, a great trios match and a great main event, this show would serve as an example of what Arena Puebla can be if CMLL is trying. Instead, we’re stuck in the real world, where only the first two things happened and the main event was an Emoji Movie level dud. It was that bad folks, bad enough that it honestly brought the show down a bunch. And it was a good show otherwise, thanks to that Mini-Estrellas match, that great trios match and two surprisingly great performances in the opener. It just goes to show you; the main event is that important. Braun Strowman knows what I’m talking about. But enough about people fans will turn on in two months; let’s get reviewing! Moses, drop that meme, get with the…you know what, this one still needs work. It happens.

Espíritu Maligno, Rey Samuray, Arkalis defeated Ares, Rey Apocalipsis, Guerrero Especial two falls to one

Talk about the tale of two matches. And yes, this was basically two matches molded into one. The first, involving everything Maligno, Ares, Rey Apocalipsis and Guerrero Especial, was a colossal bore. All we got from them was four guys going through the motions, doing nothing of interest and testing my ability to stay awake. Even Rey Apocalipsis, who is normally above all this, wasn’t exciting, either due to the poor effort of others rubbing off on him or him getting no opportunity. In any event, anything with those four sucked. The good news; everything with Rey Samuray and Arkalis was (all caps alert) AWESOME! Not entirely out of character; Rey Samuray is always great and Arkalis has been quite good the last few times I’ve seen him. But they were really going hard tonight, with Arkalis pulling off some Volador Jr. esq moves while Samuray was flying all over the place. The best part though; when the two conspired to hit a DOUBLE SPANISH FLY ON APOCALIPSIS OFF THE TOP ROPE! As you can see, I’m still very excited about it, a) because I’ve never seen it before and b) BECAUSE IT WAS FRIGGIN AWESOME MAN! Its stuff like that we need to see in the opener more. Of course it doesn’t eliminate the other boring parts, nor does it unfortunately take away the fact that Ares submitted Arkalis a minute later because Maligno needed to win the match for his team (don’t ask me), but that’s beside the point. All you’re supposed to remember about this match is that Samuray and Arkalis are awesome and need to be used more. Someone remind me to drop their names to Konnan next time I do one of those podcasts.

Tiffany, Dalys, Amapola defeated Princesa Sugehit, Sanely, La Vaquerita two falls to one

The best way to sum up this match is by saying this; I was more interested in watching gifs of a new Teddy Hart match on Twitter than I was watching this. In fairness, there was nothing offensive about this match. The problem was there was also nothing good about it. It was just a bunch of odd match ups (Sugehit and Tiffany? REALLY?!), a lot of basic offense and a slow, plodding affair that mercifully ended when Dalys finally cranked in a sharpshooter on Sanely. Pretty much just another example of how the luchadoras division is cooked if Zeuxis or Silueta aren’t around to help pick up the load. A complete and utter bore.

CMLL World Mini Estrellas Championship Match

Shockercito (c) defeated Pierrothito two falls to one

Hopes were high for this match, and if you’re a person that only focuses on the in ring action then you weren’t disappointed. Not only did these two deliver but they delivered in spades. The story of the match was Shockercito trying to use his super athleticism to catch Pierrothito off guard while the rudo tried to keep up long enough so he could eventually ground Shockercito and steal it with a slam or submission. Both guys played those roles perfectly; Pierrothito looked every bit of what you’d want actual Pierroth to be, while Shockercito legit jumped off the screen. He didn’t do as many dives as you’d want, but he’s so good at making simple stuff like arm drags and headscissors look exciting that you don’t care. That and the two dives he did were awesome; it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a crossbody that crisp and my Grodd, that suicide dive of Shockercito’s saw him get a shit ton of air AND nail it perfectly. That only happens when Aerostar and Fantasma are involved. In fact, Shockercito flew for so long that I’m not sure he’s landed yet. He’s like the dude in Airplane!, and I don't mean the guy who sweats a ton.

There was just one problem with this match, aside from the two taking a little too long to get back into the ring a couple of times. Unfortunately, that problem was big enough to put a ceiling on this, because it involved the crowd. They just didn’t give a shit about this match, except when Shockercito was flying around or when he eventually rolled Pierrothito up to get the win. Otherwise they were sitting on their hands or acting like they were at an episode of RAW. I can’t tell you why this happened; my only guess is that the Puebla fans just don’t care about the Mini-Estrellas (which makes sense considering how CMLL treats them), but that’s before you remember they went wild for that Demus-Astral match from not too long ago. So in the end, all I can do is shake my head and say I don’t get it. The work in this match warranted a strong crowd reaction, but ultimately they didn’t get it, and it kept this match from reaching the level it may have if it took place on a Friday. What a shame, especially since both guys gave a great effort.

Soberano Jr., Rey Cometa, Stigma defeated Puma, Tiger, El Malayo two falls to one

You know what else hurt the last match’s cause; it’s successor. Holy hell did this match turn things up a bit. You knew it would be good considering who was in it, but these types of matches tend to have a ceiling in Arena Puebla, where people are generally taking it easy. Not tonight! Puma and Tiger were working this like it was a Friday show, double teaming like mad men, breaking out that ultra creative offense and generally seeming like two dudes who were told they had a prime spot on the Anniversary Show if they killed it tonight. They did, and they weren’t alone; Soberano Jr. was just as electric as them, Rey Cometa was awesome and Stigma continues to look like a guy who can be right there with these guys with a little more time. Or at least he’s looks to be a better third wheel than the immoral third wheel himself, Esfinge. I suppose you could argue that this match hurt Malayo by seeing him get overshadowed in what should’ve been a big spot for him, but considering this probably the best match he’s ever been involved in I don’t think he’ll mind. It wasn’t like he was bad either; he just got lost in the shuffle that was the awesomeness of Puma, Tiger, Soberano and Rey Cometa doing cool shit. What more needs to be said; this was one hell of a match and maybe the best trios match in Puebla all year. And I’m not even saying that because Puebla has been the place where good matches go to die; this would’ve stood out anywhere.

Mistico, Dragon Lee, Stuka Jr. defeated Negro Casas, Mephisto, Ephesto two falls to none

You know how CMLL always has that main event match that follows a great match, so the other guys do enough to make sure they send the fans home happy but generally take it easy? Yeah, this was that match. I can’t say I blame these guys either. Not only did they have to follow a terrific trios match, but they were also being followed by (what should’ve been) a great main event. The best course was to take it easy in a way that didn’t come off as embarrassing, and they did just that. Dragón Lee got to get some stuff in without going all out, Mistico did stuff (he also badly missed a super kick, but that’s here nor there), Negro Casas was Negro Casas and Ephesto…was also there. Actually now that I think of it, the poor bloke didn’t even get to do his suicide dive. Clearly of all the winners tonight, Ephesto wasn’t one of them!

You can't tell, but Ephesto is very sad in this picture, hence it fits the joke.
You can't tell, but Ephesto is very sad in this picture, hence it fits the joke.

The big winners for this match though were Stuka and Mephisto. Remember how they kept having trios matches a few weeks ago and it looked like it was leading to a trios title shot for Stuka and his partners? Guess what; it turns out it was leading to Stuka getting a shot at Mephisto again! It was rinse and repeat tonight for those two, with Stuka getting Mephisto’s number in the first fall and again in the second, finishing the rudo off the same way he did in their last trios match. All that was left after was the challenge, and it looks like we’ve got Mephisto defending his Welterweight Championship against Stuka next week. I’m great with this. Mephisto is great, Stuka is really good, the two seem to mesh well together and CMLL continuing to book big matches week after week is always a good thing. Good call for CMLL booking that match and good call using this one, a clear cool down match, to set it up. I look forward to seeing what they can do.

Carístico defeated Rush two falls to one

What has two world class luchadors and was a major disappointment? THIS MATCH! Though I’m honestly starting to wonder if Rush is a world class luchador anymore, unless L.A. Park was involved. I don’t know what to say about this match really. It had some nice parts and it felt like it was building to something decent. Instead, all we got was Rush dominating most of the match, some brawling in the seats and Carístico getting a couple offensive spurts before Rush nailed Carístico with a low blow and unmasked him. I know what you’re thinking; that’s it?! Yes, because I guess Rush cannot be bothered at this stage. I’m not going to blame Carístico at all for this; he wasn’t at his best, but he also wasn’t allowed to do anything. This one is squarely on Rush, who looked as unmotivated as ever and seemed like he wanted to be anywhere else but here. It’s almost amazing to see; this guy is one of the best rudos alive, and yet he can’t be bothered to put together a decent match with an above average opponent? What a waste; even the post match was a disappointment too, with no follow up and Rush hitting Carístico with a stretcher lightly before leaving. I went into this thinking this would be a potential Puebla match of the year; come to find out it’s just another disappointment in the ever increasing list of Rush disappointments. I doubt he’s reading right now but if he is, I say this with all due respect; either get off your ass and try, or man up, get out of CMLL and start tearing shit up with The Crash. Because whatever this is, just ain’t fucking cutting it, especially when you’ve got hungry dudes like the four who killed it in the fourth match who’d have made more with this match tonight then you did.

That’s a wrap sports fans. I’ve got three columns on tap tomorrow, including a review of the Tuesday show. Here’s hoping I can get all of them! Till we meet again, THIS!

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