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CMLL Tuesday: Back to Normal

Updated on January 30, 2018

Well, the string of CMLL shows having at least one really good match had to come to an end at some point. I mean technically that happened last week with CMLL Puebla and again this week with, what else, CMLL Puebla, but we'll ignore that because I didn't get to review those shows! I did get to review this one though, and while it wasn't bad, it was mostly dull save for a few cool moments from a few select luchadors here and there. Don't worry though; the column still has all the things you love, including one of the best memes I've ever created at the very end. Yes, that's how lame this show was seeing how I have to advertise that. But enough of wallowing in sorrows; let's write!

Shockercito & Stukita defeated Mercurio & Pequeño Nitro two falls to one

Not that I thought Eléctrico was bad this past Friday, but this match more than anything showed that Stukita really, REALLY needs to be out of the minis division. He didn’t do a whole hell of a lot, but he was so far ahead of everyone else in this match (including Shockercito, who’s really good) that the only thing left for him to do is move on up. Sadly I don’t think he’s going to. Besides him throwing in some much needed flash throughout the match and Shockercito hitting a beautiful Déjà vu style headscissors towards the end, this was your basic CMLL opener, complete with the phoned in Mercurio/Pequeño Nitro performance? Even their outfits were phoned in; didn’t they just dress up in similar attire not two weeks ago? This is what happens when you trap guys in a division with no hope. Unless they’re Stukita; then they remain good and make you wish they had better.

Espanto Jr., Hijo del Signo, Sangre Azteca defeated Flyer, Magia Blanca, Magnus two falls to one

We cannot talk about this match before starting things off with this!

Man it feels good to bring that back. And it was well earned too; by my count Magnus was the only guy in this match allowed to do anything. Or, shall I rephrase, the only guy in this match allowed to do anything who had talent. Sadly all three rudos got to do quite a bit for…reasons that have yet to be explained to me, which left Flyer and Magia Blanca with nothing to do. They maybe hit a few backbreakers and a hurricanrana each? Thus it fell on Magnus to carry the load, and he was energetic and ready to go throughout, making even the simplest moves look good. It wasn’t enough to save the match from rudo overload, but it did at least provide a few moments of relief. I wish I could say that was enough, but it’s not when you got three technicos this good in one match. Come on CMLL; you’ve been doing so well recently and yet you couldn’t give these guys someone better to work with? Either team them with dudes worthy of their talents or go out and find guys that can. Because this…this was unacceptable and a waste of Blanca, Flyer and Magnus. Well aside from the meme; it’s always nice to use that. I just wish I could use it in a match that was legit great as opposed to mediocre.

Audaz, Fuego, Tritón defeated Cancerbero, Nitro, Raziel two falls to one

What this match revealed is that, regardless of who they’re in there with, Audaz and Tritón are so good that they will find a way to impress you. I wouldn’t go as far to call this a good match but it was certainly better than it had any right to be, largely because of those two. Tritón kept most of his big moves in the bag and rightfully so; the rudos were dropping him on his head at several points during the match and going for a big move likely would’ve left him with a one way ticket to the ER. Even still he was dynamite, with some cool arm drags, a crushing tope con hilo on Nitro and just a lot of activity, which is always good in matches like these. He was easily overshadowed by Audaz though, who’s dodging at this point is a thing to watch because he’s so athletic at it. CMLL has chosen wisely with him and his victory over Nitro in the third fall is proof they’re going to at least give it a go. How much of one I don’t know, but it’ll be a go nonetheless. I’d like to see this match again one day without Nitro involved, as Tritón and Audaz were as noted, Fuego can do better and both Raziel and Cancerbero actually put in some effort. Alas, if this is it, it was decent for what we got and a good showing for the two guys who needed a good showing.

Lightning Match

Tiger defeated Disturbio

A match I’m stunned to say should’ve gotten more than the 5:35 it got! Not that I thought this would be bad; I just didn’t expect Disturbio to bring the same sort of performance he did in Japan to this match. I don’t know if his time there motivated him or what but he was far more into this match than usual and it helped big time. Not enough to make it great mind you; Disturbio is who he is and there’s only so much you can get out of him. But he plays his role well when he’s on and he was on here, thwarting Tiger’s attempts at big moves, biting nipples and even delivering a pretty impressive Superplex that almost looked like a top rope Brainbuster. In the end though it wasn’t enough as Tiger used his speed to outpace Disturbio, out dive Disturbio and ultimately catch him in La Casita to gain a surprising victory. It won’t go down in the Guerrero Maya-Hechicero tier, but this was a good Lightning Match and it might’ve been even better if they had given Tiger three more minutes to work with.

Ephesto, Luciferno, Pólvora defeated Blue Panther Jr., Guerrero Maya Jr., Stuka Jr. two falls to one

All you need to know about this match is that Ephesto was laughably terrible (besides his suicide dive), Luciferno once more showed glimpses that he’d be awesome if was ever allowed to be, Pólvora was Pólvora, the technicos hit a ton of backbreakers and, oh yeah, did I mention Ephesto was laughably terrible? He was so bad that at one point he took a backbreaker, and instead of moving out of the way so Luciferno could get a running start towards Stuka, just lay there like a beached walrus until Luciferno just jumped over him and went to meet his fate (spoiler alert; it was a backbreaker). To say I laughed at that would be an understatement, and it honestly would’ve been the highlight of the match for me if Stuka hadn’t hit Luciferno with a DVD on the apron that was simultaneously awesome and terrifying. I feel like there was a lot of that tonight. Anyway, just like Lorrie Forman’s first time, this wasn’t very good and will be forgotten about as soon as I hit enter. Poor Junior; this is why you don’t always say yes when your parents ask you for a favor.

Ángel de Oro, Dragón Lee, Rush defeated Cuatrero, Shocker, Terrible two falls to one

You know, I think Ángel de Oro may have had a problem with Cuatrero taking his Middleweight Championship during FantasticaMania. I’m just not sure if it was the post match promo or the fact that Oro charged at Cuatrero to start the match like he was Aragorn in Return of the King. All that was missing was him yelling “FOR FRODO!” Or I guess in this case it would be “FOR NIEBLA ROJA!” You know, cause it fits better and all.

Anyways, aside from that this match was basically me counting down the minutes till I could go back to play TEW 16. Dragón Lee and Rush got to do a few things and the Oro/Cuatrero stuff at least has some heat to it, but overall not much happened here, which isn’t stunning considering a) it was the last match on a boring Tuesday show and b) Shocker was involved, dressed in ridiculous camo style attire that you have to wonder if maybe he’s going to take over the Artillero role for Artillero. At least we got an intriguing match to come out of it though and I’m not joking. I didn’t love Cuatrero-Oro in Japan, but I did like it, and you could argue the match suffered from both being in the shadow of much more interesting matches AND the fact it was Cuatrero’s first major singles match…ever. Now that they’ve got one match under their belt it’ll be interesting to see if they can build on it and deliver the goods next Tuesday. And hey, if nothing else, at least these two can say this; they aren’t being booked on 205 Live, a place where the higher ups decided Gran Metalik vs. Cedric Alexander, a potential main event match, was best suited to be the first round match of a new tournament. This is why we cannot have nice things.

I’m out sports fans. I’ll see you at some point again during this week, though I’m not sure when; depends on if anything of interest drops my way hockey related. Till we meet again, THIS!

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