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CMLL Tuesday Night Meh: A Review

Updated on July 26, 2016

Earlier today while reading cubsfan’s newest post on luchablog, I saw him wonder how I was able to preview tonight’s CMLL Tuesday Show (which I referred to as the Tuesday Night Delight). If he was confused them, I imagine he’s going to be even more confused on how I was able to just review it; I can’t say I blame him because I’m confused too. Tonight’s CMLL was less Tuesday Night Delight and more Tuesday Night Meh. It wasn’t the talent’s fault either; aside from the main event all these matches ranged from okay to solid for me, and I was highly impressed with several individual performances. But aside from those, nothing really mattered and nothing was set up, which left all these guys standing there with their dicks in the wind; a lot of pissed off people Mr. Garrison! Whoa…I think I just entered into JFK there for a minute. In all seriousness though, this was a show that existed, had some good performances and ultimately will be forgotten aside from the fact that a) all the rudos seemed to win (a bad decision if you want to keep the crowd hot) and b) a big time match was set up by the main event. With that, let’s go into more depth about it! Try not to fall asleep lucha crazies. Moses, get on your bikes and meme!

Bengala & Sensei defeated Apocalipsis & Cholo two falls to one

This bout pretty much summed up what the whole night was going to be; a lot of solid matches that really served no point other than being solid matches. Not the greatest thing in the world but I’m pretty sure anyone will take decent ring action with no stories over terrible in ring action with stories any day. If anything did stand out from this match, aside from the rudos using a crane pose taunt to hilariously bad effect, it was the performance of Bengala. It hasn’t been a good time for guys using that character in either CMLL, AAA or Lucha Underground, where the performances of said Bengala’s have ranged from lacking to “what buffet line did he get stuck in?!” That wasn’t the case here; CMLL Bengala looked pretty damn fresh and provided some great lucha action and the best dive of the night towards the end of the first fall. He was definitely far more energetic than the rest of these guys in the match, who weren’t bad but weren’t exactly acting like they had been shot out of a Mountain Dew coated cannon either. In short; see it because Bengala was pretty good. I can’t believe I’m saying that after all the disappointments that name has given lucha in the past year!

El Cuatrero, Sangre Azteca, Sansón defeated Hombre Bala Jr., Magnus, Robin two falls to one

If there was a high point in the show, this match and the next one were it. I had high expectations going into this one and, aside from Sangre Azteca wrestling like he was Tom Tucker walking in slow motion, this delivered. Let me start by saying that CMLL needs to start booking Sanson and Cuatrero on a much more frequent base than they are currently. They don’t do anything too flashy but they’re consistently solid and sound at all times, and were once more tonight especially during their double team sequences. Find these guys a suitable trios partner and they should be a presence on every show. They got a lot of help from the technicos tonight too, with Bala continuing his streak of looking explosive, Robin having an extra gear after being freed from the opening match and Magnus…well he was his usual Magnus self! I actually thought he was held back a little bit here, which is a shame because a world with a held back Magnus is a place I don’t want to venture into too often. Other than the limitations put on him, this was a fun match that stood out (along with two others) as the best of the directionless bunch! Hey that has catchphrase potential; excuse me while I go write that down!

Puma, Tiger, Virus defeated Blue Panther Jr., Fuego, Tritón two falls to one

You guessed it; another really good match with no direction here, although it did appear CMLL was trying to set up a Blue Panther Jr.-Puma match every now and then. If nothing else you have to appreciate the effort from all six men here and the match was set up the right way, with Triton (sporting a new My Chemical Romance inspired look) and Fuego tangling with the Casas bros and Virus guiding the young Junior for the most part. The latter worked to great effect; I haven’t seen Junior look this crisp…ever, and he seemed to have more confidence going up against all comers here as opposed to just Virus. Working with a master like him will do that, and Virus himself delivered the goods with some crisp work of his own, including a sweet hurricanrana on the floor. Again, not a lot of substance to make the match stand out long term, but overall there was very little to complain about and it was a nice sign to see Junior show some improvement. And yes, from this day forth Blue Panther Jr. shall just be known as Junior. It gives him an Indiana Jones feel I think!

Lightning Match

Luciferno defeated The Panther

To the surprise of no one, Junior’s younger brother Panther came to play in this match, looking like his usual energetic self. To the surprise of everyone, Luciferno continued his string of solid performances by keeping up with the young stud and giving us a fairly entertaining eight minutes. Of course none of that mattered because inexplicably Luciferno won this match, because…I have no idea. Seriously; what the hell was CMLL thinking here?! No disrespect to Luciferno (he really has impressed me these last two shows), but the dude is an older wrestler and his in ring performances have the consistency of an M. Night Shyamalan movie after Signs, while Panther isn’t even nineteen years old yet and has the makings of being a future star. That’s not to wash away the young man’s flaws; he has work to do. But CMLL is doing him no favors by not putting him over here, and if anything increases the chances of hurting Panther’s confidence and letting him fall into the oh so common trend of not giving full effort when he goes out there (you know, like 50-60% of the CMLL roster right now!). What a shame; if CMLL had actually given Panther the win here, this match probably would’ve been the Match of the Night for me. Instead it was an entertaining eight minutes that I won’t remember, other than the bitter taste that finish left in my mouth.

Euforia, Felino, Hechicero defeated Ángel de Oro, Rey Cometa, Stuka Jr. two falls to one

You know where this is going; this match was fun, the effort from everyone was great and no one will remember it by tomorrow because what the hell was the point of this again? Come on CMLL; if you can make the Friday and Monday shows mean something you can sure as hell bring your working boots to Tuesday as well. That said the talent here did try to make the most of it; the technicos flew around as usual, Euforia was given more to do than usual, Hechicero was bursting with energy and Felino…alright they gave him nothing to do the poor bastard. That would’ve been fine if they were setting something up or if everyone had been allowed the opportunity to go balls out. Instead the only one who seemed to was Hechicero while the others went through the motions (albeit at a very good level). In short; it was a match. Let’s move on.

Ephesto, Rey Escorpión, Ripper defeated Atlantis, Diamante Azul, Máximo Sexy two falls to none

The bad news; this was by far the worst match of the night and it wasn’t even close. These six were given no time to work with (around six minutes if I remember correctly) and the time they were given was strangely devoted to the technicos trying to attack referee Tirantes. You may ask why that’s a bad thing, and if you have that means you clearly haven’t seen Tirantes before. The man is more insufferable than Spritle and Chim Chim and somehow even worse at his job; the last time I saw a referee this bad was when the NFL referees were on strike. As such the sight of Atlantis, Diamante and Maximo interacting with him as opposed to their opponents was the lamest of the lame. Although I do suppose it was better than them tangling with Ripper; seeing him trying to wrestle Atlantis left me with a feeling I haven’t felt since I first watched Lake Placid.

There is some good news though; this was the one match that actually set up an angle! Yes, after a night of CMLL giving us matches that led to nothing, they finally gave us something here and thankfully it involved both Maximo and Rey Escorpion. I called this in my preview column and thankfully I wasn’t let down here; Scorpion targeted Maximo from the beginning and ultimately got two pinfalls on the Heavyweight Champ, first after a running leg drop in the first fall and again in the second after a low blow while Tirantes was recovering from Maximo’s Kiss. This was all Escorpion needed to challenge Maximo after the match and the champ accepted. It didn’t save the match in the slightest but it did make the whole thing worth it, because Maximo vs. Escorpion for the CMLL Heavyweight Championship is a great match waiting to happen. For that, I’ll forgive CMLL for making this match so short and so uneventful besides the ending. If only they could’ve done that with the rest of the show!

That’ll do it my friends. I shall return tomorrow with a preview of Friday’s Super Viernes show, a card that hopefully gives us more to do than this one did. Till then, check out my Teddy Hart column. It’s like the movie Swimfan, if Swimfan had been taken seriously and was actually good.


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What was your favorite part of tonight's CMLL Tuesday Night Meh?

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