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LuchaPalooza! CMLL Tuesday (The Whatever Show)

Updated on September 6, 2016

So you know how CMLL seemingly had the same guy who booked the Anniversary Show book last night’s show in Puebla? Yeah he didn’t make the trip back to Arena Mexico tonight. The streak of very good to great shows is over for CMLL, with tonight’s Tuesday show delivering a steaming pile of ho hum. It wasn’t a terrible show by any means; it also wasn’t an interesting show outside of the final match, the third match and a few individual moments sprinkled in here and there. Nothing illustrates that point better than the Arena Mexico crowd, who didn’t quite pack the house like they did Friday, acting out Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence” for most of the night. But enough jokes; let’s break down why this was such an average show. Hello Moses my old friend, I’ve come to meme with you again. Pretty sure I’ve used that one already but so what; it had to be done after that Sound of Silence crack.

Pequeño Olimpico & Pequeño Violencia defeated Fantasy & Último Dragóncito two falls to one

Would you look at that; a CMLL opener that was exactly what we all expected it to be. This wasn’t a bad match and it wasn’t a good match; it was just painfully there with little of note going on besides Fantasy doing a Spanish Fly in the third fall. Or at least I think it was a Spanish Fly, which just goes to show you that it was more of a Pagano style Spanish Fly than a Fenix one. For Olímpico’s sake let’s just be thankful it wasn’t the Dragón Lee version; if Fantasy had done that we’d be talking about Olímpico lying next to Harambe right now. Too soon?

Cancerbero, Metálico, Raziel defeated Flyer, Magnus, Sensei two falls to one

The good news; this was better than the opener. The bad news; what wasn’t this evening? Once more (you open the door?) the restrictions really harmed this match and it just felt like no one was given anything to do, especially Sensei and Magnus who sadly just disappeared. I did think Cancerbero continued his streak of looking good though and Flyer stood out thanks to an amazing third rope moonsault to the outside in the third fall. That was pretty much it for excitement though and probably the beginning of the end for the Arena Mexico crowd, who slowly began to emulate the phrase “silent as the grave” starting around this time.

Disturbio, Puma, Skándalo defeated Hombre Bala Jr., Oro Jr., Star Jr. two falls to one

This was easily the second best match of the evening and a bulk of that credit can go to CMLL for moving Star Jr. from the Sagrado match into the one. The youngster was great again, once more breaking out that beautiful corkscrew of his in the third fall and overall just really clicking with Puma. If we don’t get a Lightning Match between those two sometime in the next month then I’m going to have no choice but to break out the Red Skull. In fact let’s break him out right now, because we all know CMLL isn’t going to go the way we want.

Those two weren’t the only bright spots of the match though. The rudo gang attack was once again different and better paced much like the one in Puma’s match in Puebla last night. If I didn’t know any better I’d say that Puma is the key to the rudo beat down being better than usual. Hombre Bala Jr. was also excellent and probably gave the best individual performance of the match, hitting some dives of his own and what looked to be a unique Flip STO off the top rope in the third fall. Really if the match had just been Bala and Star Jr. against Puma and Disturbio this probably would’ve rated better. Instead Disturbio got lost in the shuffle, Skándalo was back to being useless and Oro Jr. was mediocre as holy hell. It’s a true testament to how good Bala, Star Jr. and Puma were that this match ended up being a pretty solid encounter; it’s also a testament to how heatless this show was that this was the second best offering CMLL had on the table tonight.

Lightning Match

Sagrado defeated The Panther

If you’re looking for the most painful match to watch on the card this is it, and it has nothing to do with the performers. How could it be painful then? Because the crowd was 100% dead for the whole damn match; it was so quiet that at one point I wondered whether everyone had just left Arena Mexico and we all missed it. It’s a shame because the action was overall pretty good, with The Panther looking as active as he had in months and pulling out some new tricks. It didn’t matter though because no one cared. Why didn’t they? I’m guessing it’s either because the rudos had won every match leading up to this one (a stupid decision) or because no one in the arena though Panther had a chance to win because CMLL never gives him wins in these situations. Sure enough they didn’t again here, which just goes to show you how stupid the CMLL bookers can sometimes be. Nothing against Sagrado but he’s not an 18 year old second generation luchador with a bright future and a tendency to go through the motions when he’s booked poorly. Sooner or later CMLL is going to have to give Panther something or else the discrepancy between him and his brother is going to get even bigger.

Bobby Z, Dragón Rojo Jr., Pólvora defeated Blue Panther, Esfinge, Guerrero Maya Jr. two falls to one

Here’s the winner of the Martin Sheen “Son I am disappoint” award for the evening. Once again the crowd was utterly quiet for most of the fall, save for a brief section at the end where Blue Panther was able to get the crowd fired up before a sequence with Rojo. That’s something his son couldn’t do; what his son did do however was wrestle a much better match than the normally reliable Blue Panther did. He wasn’t awful but this was a mediocre night for the legend as he looked off from a pace and timing standpoint. He wasn’t the only one who didn’t impress. Pólvora was the epitome of just standing around and doing the occasional move while Bobby Z at times disappeared altogether. He had some moments (I loved him selling the fear of going to the mat with Panther) but other than that he was like a ghost. And not the good kind of ghost; we’re talking the mopey Patrick Swayze style ghost that likes pottery and looking at a nude Demi Moore. Then again who didn’t like that all the way back in 1989?

I don't know, it popped up when I typed in "Demi Moore meme" in Google Search
I don't know, it popped up when I typed in "Demi Moore meme" in Google Search

The good news is that there were three other people in this match who did manage to salvage it. Esfinge looked more active than he has in awhile and hit a couple of very good dives. And yes, Dragón Rojo Jr. and Guerrero Maya Jr. continued their battle and often had the best sequences of the match. Once again though none of it appears to be leading anywhere; it’s almost as if Rojo and Maya are desperately trying to get CMLL to do something with the feud, only the company is refusing to believe the feud even exists. It’s just really strange and the lack of development, combined with the match having no heat and an oddly paced third fall really hurt this match. I just don’t get it; you’d think at some point CMLL would figure this out and just let these two have a great solo match together. It’s starting to now feel like it won’t happen unless the two do something special when they’re next paired up a week from now. And they will be paired up again; only the CMLL Tuesday bookers would be so oblivious to a money making feud all while they continue to tease it.

Atlantis, Stuka Jr., Titán defeated Cavernario, Mephisto, Último Guerrero two falls to one

Would you look at this folks; here we have a match that wasn’t just good (and far and away the best match of the night) but also something that actually got the crowd going. Might’ve had something to do with the crowd actually believing the technicos could win here, unlike the last several matches where it was inexplicably all rudos. Thank goodness that wasn’t the case here as both teams clicked extremely well, with the biggest stories being Stuka and Titán. Everyone else did a good job too mind you (Mephisto was bringing it with his kicks tonight) but those two were by far the most exciting. Stuka looks like a man possessed right now; I don’t know what it is but he’s been lights out since his ROH performance and was so again tonight. Hell he almost knocked his head off from slamming into the barricade so hard following a beautiful moonsault onto Cavernario. Titán meanwhile just looked refreshed and extra motivated, mainly because it looks like they’re setting something up between him and Mephisto. I could be wrong about that but Titán pinning Mephisto to win the match (for the only technico win of the night mind you. And CMLL wonders why the crowd was dead) and then challenging him for a title shot after seemed to be a good indication. I’m all for that match and I’m all for Mephisto not accepting the challenge tonight as that means we have something to look forward to next week. You know the opposite of tonight! At least we had this match to provide some heat for tonight, some heat for next week and a good match to close an otherwise skippable Tuesday night show.

That’ll do folks, that’ll do. I’ll be back tomorrow to review the season three premiere of Lucha Underground and the final big show of LuchaPalooza! We’re almost done folks, and believe me there will be a big “End of LuchaPalooza” column for all of you brave souls. Till next time, Spidey returns!

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