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Camping Chairs And Camping Equipment Plus Simple Camping Gear

Updated on April 26, 2015

Camping Chairs

Camping season is a year round fun activity that is done while camping america and around the world, but many campers choose to make these special vacation trips during the warmer days of spring and summer.

There is whole bunch of camping gear that is needed to make a camping or boating trip a successful one.

Today one of the first items that I will talk about is the camping chair. Why not talk about the tent or sleeping bag first you might ask, well its because I feel the chairs can be one of the items that is forgotten the most.

After all the camping gear is loaded on the truck or camper, the chairs seem to the one item that is forgotten by mistake.

Sitting out in the woods never is a problem finding a comfortable log to sit on. Even putting two stumps together with one long log can make a nice bench for sitting in front of the fire at night.

I will tell you this though, the older you get, the more you will appreciate the comfort of a nice camping chair while enjoying a great sunset view over the lake or while sitting under the stars having some quiet time with friends and family.

Insect Repellent

Well of course the mosquitoes and black flies can be one of those pesky critters that make there way into the camping sites. In some camp parks, after the winter thaw, the warmer weather and muddy camping conditions bring out the insects that bite.

Being sure to bring along some good repellents is a must for any season of camping.

These can be found in either spays, pumps or lotions that will do the trick, of guarding against the annoying bites, from those small flying insects and bugs.

First Aid kit

One of the camping supplies that some folks for get to bring along is the first aid kit. Nobody expects to get hurt on fun camping trips, but accidents do happen.

The small cuts, burns and scraps that a happy hiker might encounter, need immediate attention. These small cuts and burns can start to become infected quickly.

Antibiotic cremes and bandages will help clean and protect the scraps from further spreading of infection.

Another reason to clean these cuts up, is that the bugs love open wounds, so it is  wise to get these treated and covered as soon as possible.

Fireplace Lighter

Another must have item is a camping lighter or matches. If having a fire is part of the camping trip plans, then having a good pack of waterproof matches or lighter needs to be packed with the gear.

These new style lighters work great for starting a camp stove or lantern, but also have a long handle to keep hands safe while stating the daily fire or barbecue grill.

This is another one of those simple items that campers can often forget to pack away.


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