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Camping and fishing at Canal Lake in Grant County, Washington. Peacful and Beautiful.

Updated on February 25, 2013

There are many different places to go camping in Washington. The trick is finding the right spot! My husband and I have been all over Washington to different campsites and campgrounds. We have been to many, many different lakes and ponds for fishing too. We have been to Eastern Washington many times for camping. Grant County WA, is located towards the middle/eastern part of the state. Canal Lake is apart of many different lakes and ponds in the area. Some of these lakes are connected and some aren't. All of these small lakes are called the "Seep Lakes," and are a part of the Pot Holes Reservoir.

The usual temperature around this area is anywhere from the 80's to the 90's in the summer. The heat is a very dry heat and for some reason everyday between 4PM and 6PM the wind picks up quite a bit. So be prepared for gusty winds around this time. Our experience with fishing this lake has been pretty good. The lake is stocked each spring with Rainbow Trout. We have also caught bluegill. I have seen very large trout near the shore area. The water gets pretty deep in some areas, as much as 65ft. The water temperature on top seems very mild. We have used an intertube in the lake, but never actually gone swimming, mostly because there isn't really a beach. The shore is very short and consists of giant boulders and the lake drops off, so there is no beach area for a gradual incline.

There are a few rustic campsites near the lake and there is also a boat launch and one or two restrooms. In this area there are no trees to be seen unless they are surrounding someones property. Camping at Canal Lake is very peaceful and quiet. Not very many people camp this area. The road to the lake is long and very bumpy so make sure you have a spare tire and good shocks.

The area is perfect for tent camping. There isn't any water hook ups around here, so I would suggest bringing plenty of your own water. Fires are permitted, however firewood is basically non existent since it is dessert, so I would recommend bringing plenty of your own logs for a nice fire at night. Sometimes after dark a storm cloud will roll by and give you a beautiful light show of blue, green,purple, and white lightening, which is absolutely an amazing sight to see.

If you don't mind dessert heat, I would recommend this area for camping. There are so many lakes in this one small area, all are yours for the picking. I love this area because it's so quiet and not very many people frequent the area. Canal Lake is beautiful.

Map of Seep Lakes.

© 2012 Dannell


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