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Can the New England Patriots go 16-0?

Updated on September 23, 2015

Obvious Disclaimer is Obvious

Okay kiddies.
Let's all calm down.
It's only September.
Any number of things could happen to prevent the Patriots from having a flawless season.
One team starts getting pressure on Brady, they exploit just how bad that defense is, boom, not only are they not undefeated, they're not playoff caliber.
Tom Brady or Rob Gronkowski get hurt? Call it off.

They're off to a hellish start, aren't they?
After two games in 2007, Brady had thrown for 576 yards, 6 touchdowns, and 1 interception.
Remember how dominant that offense was? Remember how they shredded the NFL.
Well after two games in 2015, Brady has thrown for 754 yards, 7 touchdowns, and no interceptions.
Slightly better.

But the Patriots aren't the only ones with a say here.
in order to pick up those wins, they have to play other teams...
Let's break down those games, shall we?

vs. Jacksonville.

Okay. Let's be real.
The Jaguars are awful.
They're not better than the Steelers or the Bills, and how they managed to beat Miami, we'll never know.
If Blake Bortles and the Jaguars beat the Patriots, I'll shave an eyebrow.
An eyebrow.

At Dallas.

You know what, when the schedule came out, I circled this game.
I said, hey, that offensive line, Romo, Dez, an improved defense...
They might be able to do something!
Dallas kinda fell apart.
Romo's down.
Dez is down.
The defense is beat up.
And I don't think anyone anticipated that the Patriots offense would be this good.

At Indianapolis.

This should've been the best game of the year.
Two elite offenses face off in primetime?
The best qbs in the league squaring off?
"I'll have what she's having!"
The Colts are just bad.
They can't run the ball, they can't protect Luck, and they can't stop anyone on defense.
Not to mention, better Colts teams have absolutely struggled against this Patriots squad.

vs. New York (Jets).

Ha... Ha.

We're being serious.
Look, this game might be competitive based on the way the Jets have played the first two games of the season!
I don't buy it.
They've played two completely mediocre teams, and unless they really turn up the heat on the pass rush... I don't see the Jets winning this game.

vs. Miami.

The Dolphins just lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars.
The Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Jacksonville Jaguars.

vs. Washington.

Is this when you realize the Patriots aren't going to go 16-0 because they're good?
Don't get me wrong.
They're good.
Really, really good.
But the reason they're going to go 16-0 is because the schedule looks like this.

The Redskins?
In New England?

At New York (Giants).

The Giants simply don't have the pass rush that they used to.
No Strahan.
No Tuck.
No Osi.

They don't have a presence in the front seven that can disturb Brady like they had in Super Bowl's past.

vs. Buffalo.

Unless the Bills find a legitimate quarterback between then and now, I can't imagine this game is any different than the one that's already taken place.

At Denver.

Look, let's be real.
The Broncos have a good defense.
They've got a solid front seven, a couple underrated defensive backs, and they've looked nothing short of dominant so far.
They might be able to slow the Patriots down!
This will be late in the year.
Games and games of physical abuse won't be kind to a Mr. Peyton Manning.
Hell, even a healthy Peyton Manning couldn't beat this patriots team.
But a broken, old, washed up Brady?
Don't think so.


Obviously I meant old broken Peyton...

vs. Philadelphia.

So far, Brady and DeMarco Murray are having comparable rushing seasons.
That's not good.
Unless the Eagles explode into some sort of awesome offensive fury...

At Houston.

This match might have been interesting...
If the Texans had drafted Derek Carr last year.
They've got nothing but question marks at the quarterback position.
Quarterback-Questions if you will.
They might be able to apply pressure on Brady with JJ Watt, but they don't have the secondary to stop him for long, and they definitely don't have the offense to compete.

vs. Tennessee.

Where is the "Seth Rollins Hysterical Laugh" video when you need it?
The last time the Patriots and Titans played, the Patriots won 34-13.
I expect a similar result this time.

At New York (Jets).

See: The last time these two teams played.

At Miami.

Bill Belichick doesn't exactly take weeks off.
I think with 18-1 lurking in the back of his mind, if BB has a chance at an undefeated season, he'll go for it.

Where's the loss?

Tom Brady is pissed off.
Rob Gronkowski is healthy.
The defense is... there.

And the schedule is just easy.
Denver is the biggest challenge, but Peyton isn't what he used to be.
As long as the Patriots stay healthy and don't become complacent...
I don't see how they don't go undefeated this year...

He says after two weeks, mere days before the Patriots lose to the Jacksonville Jaguars in a shutout.
Hey, anything can happen!


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