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Capoeira, a very respectful martial art form, it is more than just a "dance"

Updated on July 14, 2014

This was me a few years back, when I was training in Capoeira

When I was training in Capoeira a few years back
When I was training in Capoeira a few years back | Source

A martial art that is more than just a dance

Honor, Respect, more than just a dance, Capoeria.

As many people that don't know Capoeira, or if they do know about Capoeira which

is a martial art form, the one thing they say about it, "Oh it is a dance, not really self defense".

You can call it a dance in a way, but if you look at if from a self-defense point of view,

what better way to disguise self-defense than to disguise it as a "dance".

Now for myself, when I was training, those are the exact words that I would hear from

people, "just a dance" or that "Capoeira" is a joke and not really a martial art".

Open your eyes and heart and follow my words as I write;

In my experience a few years back in Capoeira, I actually was searching and

trying to find back home in Boston, Jeet Kune Do which was Bruce Lee's martial art


I didn't really know where to look at the time.

I actually drove around and did come to Broadway in Everett, Massachusetts and

knew a dojo there.

I knew that in the building there were martial arts being taught and the one that

I saw actually being taught in the window was "Capoeria".

So I entered the dojo and was allowed to sit and watch.

I decided, ok I will give it a shot and was like, "Am I nuts?"

I also thought, well I'm going to probably get kicked in the head,

little did I know I was right about that, but it did happen a few times.

Yes, go ahead and laugh and you might think that, if you really

knew me, that would explain alot.

But the history of Capoeira started in Africa and transcended

into Brazil.

You could say it was came from the slaves of Africa.

At one time, it did become "illegal" for many years.

But the best defense, is when you do "disguise" something

as in Capoeira, they disguised it as a dance and what

better way to protect yourself if your "attacker" has no

clue what your doing? You would have a better

advantage to survive.

The thing is, it was taught around campfires with music.

Sometimes the slaves had their hands bound together by

chains and had to even take it a step further to learn

how to defend themselves with their hands being "bound".

I guess it took awhile for it to become legal again.

But back to training, in the dojo it was taught mostly

in Portugese, so there I was in class trying to learn

and I'm going one way while the class is going another way.

So learning some moves, even basic trying to keep up

half way through the class it got so very intense I was

sweating so much!

I can't even tell you how much water I would consume

and even after training, I peed alot too because I was

always very thirsty.

In Capoeria you are given a nickname. I was given

the nickname "Po Do Arroz" and had no clue what

it meant. Now when I ask question, I am kind of

asking them like a kid, naive that I am and just

thinking what does that mean?

At first I learned it meant "White Powder", so

I asked my instructor why would I be given a name

like that, is it because I'm white and I said, I wish

I had some sort of animal name, so he laughed

and said maybe I call you "bandana" because

I always wore one on my head while training.

I said, it is ok, I will just stick with what you gave


But one of the students actually told me what it meant.

Now I'm a big kidder, and kid around and when

I enter a dojo I know all about being respectful in class

or any dojo and must show respect.

Po do Arroz meant "humble clown", and when the student

told me that, I was like "Oh wow" and didn't know what

to say.

Every name given to you in Capoeira is something

that really suits you.

I am not sure, but I have heard the reason why

people are given this martial art name, I think it

might have something to do with the "Slaves".

I think it might have been given to the slaves,

a martial art name, it was to protect them

because if they were ever to take an attacker out,

it would protect them for who they really are.

I heard that, but I could really be wrong on that.

Anyway, I am indeed happy to have this name.

Even though I have not trained in this martial arts form

for quite sometime now, I am happy that I had.

It indeed was such a wonderful experience at the

time I trained when I was doing it.

I never will forget this martial art. It will always

be forever in my heart.

Slowly and more slowly people are starting to show

it more in films and that is truly a delight to see.

Capoeira is indeed a truly wonderful from of

a martial art.

It is about honor, respect, and helped many to

build their self-esteem and self confidence which

in return has helped out people in real life.

Capoeira, beautiful, unique and expands across

the globe as a very highly form of self defense.


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