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Cassidy's Saddle Impression Pads

Updated on February 23, 2016

How did Cassidy get started?

Cassidy got started crafting the saddle impression pad through her school encouraging kids to create their own business. A great lesson of "Money does not just grow on trees"!
Cassidy's Saddle Impresssion Pad is made with an old German Recipe by a lady named "Schaldebach".
The pad is proven to perform just like the leading Impresssion Pad on the market that comes with a much higher cost (Retail around $250). These pads are reusable and will tell you exactly where there is too much pressure or bridging under your saddle. The pads can be made customized for your individual needs.

Impression Pad for a "Treeless" Saddle
Impression Pad for a "Treeless" Saddle

Instructions for Treeless Saddles

The pad has to be cool to start out.
Put your Impression Pad underneath the saddle pad that you will use for your treeless saddle. Since your treeless pad is a most important component to your treeless saddle, it just makes sense to measure the pressure in combination with it.
You can tape the impression pad to your saddle pad if you fear slippage.

Impression Pad for a "Treed" Saddle
Impression Pad for a "Treed" Saddle

Instructions for Treed Saddles

Your Impression Pad has to be cool to start. Put the pad directly underneath your saddle.
You can use a very thin baby pad that can be taped to the impression pad if you fear slippage.

For Best Results:

Make sure that the Impression Pad is placed very evenly underneath your saddle and that the "dough" is spread very evenly ( it is easier to roll out the dough when it is warm. For example wrap it in a warm towel. Do not microwave!!! Roll it from every side for best results. Sometimes there are some Folds, that is ok as long as the dough is spread out . You may see some folds in the plastic, that is ok as well) You can use a rolling pin for better distribution.
You can pull up the pad a bit in the front for wither clearance.
Ride for at least 20-30 minutes in all gaits.
Make sure that the outside temperature is between about 42-82 F
(Store the pad at room temperature, do not let it freeze that could potentially ruin the pad)
Mount from a mounting block with somebody holding lightly against the saddle from the other side. Dismount without using stirrups. Lift up your saddle and away from the horses back.
Make pictures of your used impression pad and date them.
If you are reusing your pad right away, make sure that it has cooled down.

Be safe, try out your pad in an enclosed area/arena.

ill-fitting saddle consequences

The use of an ill-fitting saddle can have both short-term and long-term implications for the horse. Early warning signs include muscle soreness under the saddle.

Longer-term indicators of poor saddle fit include muscle atrophy, especially caudal to the scapulae resulting in depressions, or elsewhere under the saddle. These may reflect a chronically poorly fitted saddle and pressure points. Generalised muscle atrophy may reflect back stiffness and lack of proper function as the result of pain induced by the saddle-rider combination. In a young horse, a chronically ill-fitting saddle may compromise back function, resulting in failure of the epaxial muscles to develop properly.

A saddle that does not fit the horse can compromise equine thoracolumbar function and the resultant stiffening of the horse's thoracolumbar region may induce rider back pain.

This is a sign of an ill-fitting saddle, too much pressure!
This is a sign of an ill-fitting saddle, too much pressure!
Too much pressure beside the withers!
Too much pressure beside the withers!

A Horses Agony

Do you remember the story of Goldilocks and the three bears? The porridge is too hot, then too cold, but then it’s just right. The bed is too soft, too hard, but finally just right. It’s a little like that with saddles, except that instead of just one or two ways a saddle can fit poorly, there are a multitude. Imagine putting on a pair of shoes that don’t fit you – either they are too loose, or too tight, too wide or too narrow, or even just wrong in one spot. It’s annoying. You’d like to get them off right away. Now imagine having to run around for an hour or so (or longer) with these poorly fitting shoes on. No wonder horses sometimes behave badly!

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Cassidy's Saddle Impression Pads

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