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Catfishing Tackle for the Serious Catfishermen

Updated on January 7, 2012

Bottom Dwellers Tackle

Bottom Dwellers Tackle - Serious Catfishing Tackle
Bottom Dwellers Tackle - Serious Catfishing Tackle | Source

Using the Right Fishing Equipment

Have you ever gone fishing and when you finally got there and started fishing you figured out you didn't have the tackle you needed? It has happened to me more than once! You travel to a great fishing destination and you are all set to catch a mess of fish and maybe even a monster or two!

For instance once I was invited to fish a river with a local fishing club. I got up early and drove down to the dock, met all the guys, unloaded some of my gear and started rigging up. One of them asked me, don't you have any no-roll sinkers? Well no I don't, well you will never get your bait hold in this current when they start generating. I borrowed a few from him and said I would get some to put in my tackle box soon.

No Roll Sinker

No Roll Sinker from Bottom Dwellers Tackle
No Roll Sinker from Bottom Dwellers Tackle

Where Do You Buy No Roll Sinkers?

So I go to several Sporting Goods Stores looking to get an assortment of No Roll Sinkers. One salesman at Academy never heard of them, tried various other bait and tackle shops no luck. A friend told me about Bottom Dwellers Tackle run by a man named Dave. I went to his site, wow, lots of cool fishing equipment, scales, slings, reels, hooks, rod holders and the list goes on. The site specializes in Catfishing Tackle.

Fishing Hooks

Do You Prefer Circles or Kahles for Catching Big Flathead and Blue Catfish?

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What Size Hook ?

What Size Hook Do You Prefer for Catching Big Flathead and Blue Catfish?

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Frogg Toggs Half Off!

Dave will run some great SPECIALS when he he finds great deals. Recently he had some Frogg Toggs for $29.95 a pair. It was an awesome deal! Check his site often to see what deals you might catch!

Frogg Toggs 50% OFF
Frogg Toggs 50% OFF

Where Did All the Tackle Shops Go?

I just found out another of my favorite tackle shops is going to be closing its doors at the end of Jan. I don't know about you but I am a tackle junkie, love to see all the cool stuff that tackle stores have all over the country. When I travel I like to stop in and check them out. This was one of those stores I found when I was roaming around South Carolina one day. It had the coolest stuff, I had no idea what some of it was for, but it was for Fishing!!! They had a dozen kinds of weights and sinkers with several sizes in each. The also had some VHS tapes of catfishing from back in the day, lol, I bought 3. It saddens me to think he won't be there next time I travel East. :) On the bright side Bottom Dwellers Tackle offers lots of cool fishing tackle and equipment. I know it is not the same as roaming the aisles of an old tackle store and I miss the smell of dust and bait too. I hope that if you have a local bait shop that you it will stay open for many years to come, when you can't find everything you need there shop online with Dave.

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