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Celtics 2016 Draft Prospects: Jaylen Brown

Updated on March 27, 2016

Jaylen Brown: California, Forward

6’7”, 225 lbs, Freshman

14.6 PPG, 5.4 RPG, 2.0 APG

Size and Strength
Shooting Ability
Lateral quickness
Finishing ability at the rim
Foul trouble
Elite slashing ability
Late game mentality
On-ball defense
Turnover prone
Should be a better rebounder

Possibly the most interesting prospect of the 2016 NBA draft, Jaylen Brown leaves Cal just oozing potential. One look at this kid and you can tell that physically, he might be the most NBA ready prospect in this year’s draft class at only age 19. 6’7” 225 doesn’t really put in perspective how big this kid is. At will he can get to the rim. On defense, if he decides to lock down, you better pass the rock or be a great outside shooter, because there is no way Jaylen is letting anyone muscle him to the rim. His first step is as explosive as anyone in college basketball, and his potential as a slashing wing is bar-none.

While Jaylen has the physical tools to be a legit NBA superstar; yes I said it – superstar, there are for sure some knocks against his game. For one thing, while he gets to the rim like very few NBA players can, his lateral quickness and inability to react and adjust has led to an outrageous amount of charge calls against him. In most of his quieter games this season, Brown spent significant time on the bench in foul trouble. Even in his NCAA tournament game in which Cal was upset by Hawaii, Brown committed 3 first half fouls (2 offensive) that forced him to play timid in the second half. For someone as athletic as Brown is, it is concerning to see his inability to adjust when he decides to attack the rim.

Another concern with Brown would be his porous shooting and low rebounding numbers. To be fair, I don’t think Cal used Jaylen appropriately; as they were an undersized team and forced him to play in the post more than he was comfortable with, but still only 5.4 rebounds per game isn’t great for a kid with his physical tools. Along with that, Brown only shot 29.4% from 3, and 43.1% from the field. Brown doesn’t appear to have the mechanics of a broken jumper, but similar to Ben Simmons he seems very timid to let loose from outside.

In the end, I think NBA floor spacing will do wonders for Jaylen Brown’s game. Put him on the court with some shooters and there are very few players who will be able to stop Jaylen 1 on 1. Along with that, this kid is built like an absolute monster at only 19 and has lots of room to grow and enormous upside in all facets of the game. Worst case scenario I see Jaylen Brown becoming Jeff Green – occasionally dropping 40 point games in between quiet 12 point, 7 shot outings. But god forbid Jaylen ever reaches his potential, he could become an elite 2 way player with solid rebounding ability. Call me biased, but Jaylen is my favorite prospect in this draft. If the Celts land at number 3, this is who I would pick. Marcus and Jaylen would make opposing teams cry just with their brute strength. One way to fix not having a rim protector? Don’t let teams get to the rim.

These are the highlights from a Cal game vs. Richmond early in the season. (Richmond low-key is a solid basketball school). Just watch those first two plays and try to name me a Celtic who can do anything like that. Physically bullying his way to the rim and yamming like he was Russell Westbrook. Did I mention that Brown rocks a flat-top haircut and #0 at Cal? It doesn’t get any fresher than that. Please make him a Celtic Danny, whatever it takes.


If the Celtics had the 3rd pick, would you draft Jaylen Brown?

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    • profile image

      Scal The Legend 22 months ago

      Can you elaborate on his late game mentality being labeled as a con? Is he known for choking at the end of games?