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Chael Sonnen vs. Anderson "the Spider" Silva II, All or Nothin'

Updated on October 15, 2011

Whether you love or hate Chael Sonnen's no non-sense trash talking, you have to give him credit for almost being the only person to strip Anderson Silva from hi

In their first encounter Sonnen arguably dominated all 5 rounds of the entire fight, and I thought that there was a point where the fight was going to be stopped due to strikes. Silva pulled off a Traingle Armbar at 3:10 in the 5th and final round while Sonnen was all over him throwing punches. One wonders if that was Silva's game plan all along, or if the champ was seriously in trouble of losing his belt.

Sonnen later tested as having an elevated testosterone level and was suspended until September 2011. He disputed that he has hypogonadism in 2008 and takes semiweekly shots of synthetic testosterone. Due to this, his suspension was reduced to 6 months.

After Sonnen's dominant performance against Brian Stann on October 8, 2011, he called out Silva again. Sonnen proposed he would leave the UFC if he lost again to Anderson Silva, while Silva would have to leave the division if he lost. Sonnen has always been known for trash-talking someone he doesn't like, but he's also had the work to back it up.

Everyone questions who can beat "the Spider", he hasn't lost a fight since January 20, 2006, and that was due to an illegal kick against Yushin Okami at Rumble on the Rock 8. Before that, he lost to Ryo Chonan via a flying heel hook on December 31, 2004 at Pride: Shockwave 2004. That adds up to almost 7 years without being beaten in an MMA fight, and numerous title defenses, he won the UFC Middleweight Championship belt on October 14, 2006 against Rich Franklin.

I think it's clear that if anyone does have the chance to defeat Silva in his own weight division, Chael has the style and determination to do it. He knows you have to get ahold of Silva and stay in his face, but one little slip up can end it all by submission. Going into that 5th round in the title fight, Judges all had scores in Sonnen's favor: 40-34, 40-35, and 40-36.

Chael Sonnen
Anderson Silva
26 / 11 / 1
Won / Loss / Draw
31 / 4 / 0
MMA / Wrestler / Dirty Boxing
MMA / Striking / Jiu-Jitsu
7 KO, 4 SUB, 15 Decision
18 KO, 6 SUB, 7 Decision

Who do you think will win the rematch?

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© 2011 Grifter


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    • Nezbit53 profile image

      Nezbit53 6 years ago

      Who do I think will win? I really do not know. Sonnen's been the only one to put up a close fight and would have won the last fight if it went to decision. Silva is the best pound for pound. I hope Sonnen wins, but if Silva somehow won again I wouldn't be surprised. But lets not jump the gun we don't even know if Dana will make the fight the happen, but it will eventually and it will be explosive