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Champions League Final- Real Madrid Vs Atlético Madrid

Updated on May 16, 2016


  • The match will take place on 28 May 2016 in San Siro

  • Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid will be a replay of the 2014 finals

  • Atletico are the expected winners, however Real Madrid are not to be ruled out

  • Zinedine Zidane could win his first Champions League Trophy as a manager

The Preview

Spanish teams have been dominating the UEFA Champions League for the last couple of years. And it looks like there is going to be a Spanish champion again. The finals is set to take place on 28 May 2016 2:45 pm Eastern Standard Time or on 29 May 2016 12:15 am Indian Standard Time. The match will take place in the San Siro stadium in Milan.

The final is going to be very exciting for many reasons. One of them being that this final is a replay of the 2014 Finals. Atl├ętico Madrid nearly won their first title the last time they met but were ousted by Real Madrid during Extra Time. However the then underdogs are now forerunners for the cup. Not only did they defeat Barcelona and Bayern Munich on their way to glory but have already beaten Real Madrid this season in La Liga. '

Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid
Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid

Real Madrid's manager Zinedine Zidane makes his first appearance in the finals and he will obviously want to win it. He managed to successfully raise club morale after the disastrous reign of Rafa Benitez. On the other hand, Diego Simeone now has another chance to get revenge or has he would call it " New Opportunities". He has instilled his team to cope with the tension that comes with facing teams of a higher caliber. Beating Real Madrid will certainly provide a challenge but its something they can and already have done. The best thing about Simeone's current team is the number of young players like Griezmann and Saul. Yet they still manage to take the pressure head on.

However Real Madrid have not had it as smooth as their counterparts. They nearly lost the quarter-finals to Wolfsburg and barely got past City. However with the likes of BBC, with Gareth Bale in fine form for the past month, Real Madrid will be very confident of their chances. And of course, Real Madrid are also the most successful participants of the cup having won it 10 times.

The match is going to be seen by viewers world wide. Its no longer only a derby but something the whole world is going to be watching. Its pretty obvious that most neutrals will be supporting Diego Simeone and his team.

Bale and Ronaldo will be the most important players for Real Madrid having scored 66 goals between them. Real Madrid also have managed an impressive 10 clean sheets this season equaling Arsenal's Record for most no of clean sheets.

Antoine Griezmann, has been no less than world class this season with 31 goals this season and he will be very crucial in the upcoming match. Of course, Atletico Madrid's defense is no joke either.

The match will be tense and very exciting but don't expect too many goals.


Taking the above into consideration

A 2-1 win for Atletico would a fair result.

Your Predictions

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Your Opinion

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