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Cheap and Inexpensive Summer Activities

Updated on April 29, 2013

Summer is that time of the year many of us are waiting for. It is the time when we schedule vacations and various outdoor activities to create special bonding memories with friends and family. But if there is one thing that prevents many of us from having a fruitful summer, it is most definitely money. When we hear summer, we immediately envision a luxurious tropical vacation or a luxury cruise vacation. In reality, there are so many things we can actually do and enjoy even with little to no money involved at all! Here are some suggested activities we can all enjoy during the summer that will surely create lasting memories and of course, beat the boredom.

Movie Marathon

A movie marathon in one of your friend's homes is definitely a great idea. It costs only a few dollars if you need to rent some DVD's to nothing if you already own the DVD's. This is a geat way to bond with friends over something that you all will definitely enjoy. Ask everyone who will attend to bring some chips and other foods so you can munch on something while watching your favorite movies all night.

Have Fun with Sprinklers

Summer can sometimes be intensively hot. If the temperatures is already too hot for you to handle and you have no means of hitting up the beach or the public pool near you, open the sprinklers. This will not only hydrate and keep your grass looking great during the summer but it can also help you cool down. You can even invite your family or your friends to have some sprinklers party in your home! Just make sure not to open the sprinklers too long or you'll be surprised when your water bill comes.

Make Homemade Fruit Shakes

If you need more ways to cool down, why not make your own fruit shakes at home? This is definitely cheaper than hitting up Jamba Juice for a nice and refreshing smoothie and best of all, you are sure that your shake contains only the freshest ingredients. Making one only takes a few minutes and you can already start enjoying your refreshing and cooling fruit shake anytime you want. Here is an example of a delicious and smooth Mango shake:


  • 2 ripe mangoes
  • 2 cups of chilled evaporated milk or 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream
  • honey (add according to your taste)
  • a few cubes of ice


  • blend the mangoes until smooth
  • add milk and honey and blend for a few seconds
  • add the ice cubes and continue blending until desired smoothness or consistency is achieved.
  • Pour on a glass and enjoy!

Visit Local Museums

Museums are underrated tourist attractions. Not many people are interested in visiting museums and even locals hardly even known there is a museum in their area. Summer is definitely the chance to discover these hidden gems. Not only will museums educate you about art and history but it is also a great chance to discover your area more. Check out your local map and you will definitely find a few museums near you. Don't miss this learning experience! Also, the great thing about local museums is they are often free of charge. Anyone can enter without paying any entrance fee! Mostly, they just ask for donations to help maintain the museum.

Oatmeal Raisin with Dark Chocolate Chips Cookies
Oatmeal Raisin with Dark Chocolate Chips Cookies

Sell Anything

Summer is also a great time to earn a few bucks from selling just about anything. If you recently did some spring cleaning and found that you have a few items you don't need anymore, why not hold a yard sale? You never know when other people might find your trash valuable. Are you creative in the kitchen? Why not start selling your homemade baked goodies? This is another great idea if you have the knack for baking because people can hardly resist something sweet, something freshly baked, and something that is delicious. Another popular idea for kids is opening up a lemonade stand. It may not be as profitable as the others I mentioned above, but is still a great activity for kids to earn a few bucks during their spare time.


If you want a change of scenery and want an outdoor adventure, camping is a great option. But, it is highly advised that you camp only in areas where you can get help nearby. This is to avoid any casualties and emergencies from happening. Furthermore, at least one of you should know basic camping guidelines so when something happens, someone knows what to do.

Attend Free Festivals

Summer is also that time of the year when festivals are happening left and right. From art festivals to music festivals - they are happening everywhere! Some of these festivals are free of charge so anyone can enter the vicinity and enjoy the event. But there are also some that charge a minimal entrance fee. Invite friends to come with you and enjoy a night filled with arts!

These are just a few examples of what we can all enjoy doing during the summer that involves little to no money at all. All it takes is a little creativity to find something meaningful and worthwhile for the summer. These activities proves that summer isn't meant to be enjoyed only by people who have money because if you don't, you can still have the best summer ever!


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    • pinklemonadegirl profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Thank you very much! :)


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