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Chicago Bulls need Derrick Rose back

Updated on April 1, 2012
Derrick Rose sitting out another game
Derrick Rose sitting out another game | Source
Rip Hamilton has sat out a number of games this year
Rip Hamilton has sat out a number of games this year | Source

The Chicago Bulls need Derrick Rose back! Without Derrick Rose there is no championship run for the Chicago Bulls, the Bulls live and die by Derrick Rose, and without Rose, well they will die full stop.

Until tonight the Bulls have coped quite well without there M.V.P. They have even posted a win over the Miami Heat without Rose by showing the whole world the amount of depth that they have and that they can turn to guys like John Lucas III and Kyle Korver for some much needed scoring power off the bench. But the fact still remains that without Derrick Rose there is no title run, there is no glory, there is no ring. Derrick Rose is the heartbeat of Chicago, as I said the Bulls live and die by him, if Rose is not fully fit by the time the playoffs come around then Chicago are in big trouble! As good as Loul Deng and Carlos Boozer are (even though most Bulls fans continue to hate on Boozer) they cannot carry this team without Rose. Very good they may be without Rose and still most likely in the top section of NBA teams without Rose, they cannot win a title without him.

Derrick Rose brings so much to the table, he is the leader on the floor whether it is on offense or defense, when the team needs an emotional lift, a clutch basket, a great pass or even a simple 2 points, Derrick Rose gives that to them every single night. He represents exactly what the Bulls stand for, being a 2 way player, playing hard, aggresive offense and defense. When fit Rose is normally putting up 25-30 points a night along with 8 assists, you cannot replace that, never. The bulls would want to hope that his injury curse stops this season and that groin of his gets better because if it doesn't bye bye title run.

Another player the Bulls need fit and firing is Rip Hamilton, Rip is a 14-18 points man every night and brings to the table alot of defensive pressure. He is also known in the past for shutting down Dwayne Wade which would be huge for the Bulls as that would put extra scoring pressure on LeBron James (and we all know how much LeBron hates scoring pressure esspicially in clutch situations). Rip also spreads the floor extrememly well seeing as the defense has to pay alot of attention to him because he is such a good spot up shooter and driver to the hoop. This creates room for everyone on the court esspicially Boozer as Boozer can hit his high post jumper.

So the Bulls need to do everything possible to get Derrick Rose and Rip Hamiliton right for the playoffs, there is no title run without them whether everyone likes it or not. If these two are fit and firing for the playoffs, it doesnt matter how could the Miami Heat are with there Big 3, the Bulls will be an extremely tough team to beat.

Want some tips on how to drive like Derrick Rose? This article may help!


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