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Choosing a Favorite NFL Team

Updated on December 15, 2011

Choosing a favorite sports team is serious business! There's a lot to consider, especially if you come from a family of football fans. Although this season is more than half over, it's never too early to start thinking about next year. Here are some things that might help you pick a favorite NFL team.

  • Geography - Some people just go with the local team, and there's nothing wrong with that. Would you believe that I know people who still claim that their favorite team is the Baltimore Colts?
  • Tradition - My husband's family has the unfortunate luck of following the Washington Redskins. Each year I enjoy ribbing them about how well their 'Skins aren't doing. I've even gone so far as to send them e-sympathy cards after particularly horrid losses. They stick together, though and our sons even root for the team.
  • Mascot - A former co-worker claimed to be a Dolphins' fan, not because she knew anything about the team or even football, but because she really enjoyed watching dolphins while at the beach. She said cheering for the Dolphins during the colder months helped her to look forward to the warmth of spring and summertime.
  • Player - I am a Peyton Manning fan, and have been since I first saw him host SNL. Yes, he is very cute, but his sense of humor is what caught my attention. The more I learned about him (that he's a family guy, his Peyback foundation, etc.) the more I liked him. That's why even though the Indianapolis Colts aren't having the best season, I'm still cheering them on -- because my favorite quarterback is there!

So no matter what your reason for picking a team, be prepared to stick with them. Sports fans don't give a lot of respect to other fans who team-hop, and it's important to stand by your team no matter if they're having a winning season or a losing one. Even if your team has a reputation for losing, don't give up! Eventually they'll bounce back and make you proud!


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  • musclequest profile image

    musclequest 6 years ago from Johannesburg,South Africa

    Black and yellow...I became a fan after watching the tasmanian devil play...troy polamalu was I beast at linebacker