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Choosing the Best Survival Backpack for Emergency Preparedness

Updated on November 17, 2019
Jenna Wick profile image

Jenna is a Survival Enthusiast who was raised learning about prepping and survival, loves camping, outdoor ranges and being prepared.

Choosing the Best Survival Backpacks For Emergency Preparedness

Have you ever wondered how best you can survive during an emergency? Well, the secret is being informed about the best emergency gear as well as survival backpacks, ideal for your unique needs. When natural disasters such as floods and storms or other emergencies occur, and you need to make your way to the next safest location, you can quickly grab your survival backpack stuffed with all the essential survival kits and leave your home when the time comes. If you also engage in outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, traveling, and fishing out in the wild, which can be very dangerous at times, you may find a survivalist backpack handy. Pack everything you need, carry it on your shoulders and get on the move as you look for shelter.

Finding the best survival backpack to suit your unique emergency is not easy. You have to look critically at the features, quality, as well as functionality to find your perfect fit. You will also find a wide array of backpacks available from civilian to military backpacks making your selection even harder. If you cannot carry, heavy bag out bags consider one that will not pressure your spine, and its weight adjusts on both your shoulder and hips to evenly distribute it. Here are survival backpacks that you can choose for your next adventure or emergency.

  1. The normal backpack

When disaster strikes or you get an emergency, and there is no other option, you can go for the everyday backpack, which includes anything from your child's school bag, or your regular backpack. Remember that the standard backpack may not have enough space or feel very comfortable to carry, but it can fit all the necessary survival items. The straps on your standard bag can tear or become loose when you stuff too many things. Allocate a backpack for each family member since one will not be enough for everyone during the emergency.

1. The Duffle bag

Duffle bags offer more space compared to everyday backpacks but are quite heavy to carry. This type of bag is an ideal option when you plan to move around using a vehicle, and you have a shelter in mind, such as a second home or your campsite. If you do not move around with your car, you may find it hard, carrying a duffle bag around with you when it is raining or very windy.

2. Hiking Backpack

A hiking backpack will help you survive much better in an emergency or a disaster compared to duffle bags and regular backpacks. You have more space to stuff all your emergency supplies and easily carry it around. Hiking backpacks are made using waterproof materials to prevent your packed essentials from being damaged by rain and other harsh weather conditions.

3. Military backpack

Military backpacks are designed using high-quality materials for them to serve you for a longer time. They also have numerous compartments to enable you store more items and easily access them. Military backpacks also can withstand harsh weather conditions to keep all your supplies protected. They are also quite heavy, and you may find it hard to carry them around if you do not have a strong back and legs.

4. Tactical Survival Backpack

A tactical survival backpack is the best guy to make you survive when the world suddenly turns dark. This type of grab and go backpack combines all the necessary features to help you survive in the toughest of conditions. They are waterproof, long-lasting, packed with numerous compartments as well as pockets to enable you to squeeze in more emergency supplies. You grab it, run, walk, jump, swim, or engage in any other activity you need to survive during the darkest times.

Key Features To Consider When Choosing The Best Survival Backpack


Comfort is a crucial element to factor in when choosing the best survival backpack. If the bag causes you any discomfort, it may limit your speed as you move to escape from danger. This is quite a complicated factor, and it is essential to focus on the following key features when looking at a potential fit for you.

1. Strap width

The wider the strap, the better- narrow and thin straps tend to dig into your skin when the bag gets heavy and leave you with painful bruises on your shoulder. Also, check that the straps are adequately padded to make the survival backpack more comfortable when you carry. The straps should also be easily adjustable to suit your body type. They must fit you perfectly, no matter the weight of the items you are carrying.

2. Hip straps & padding

If you plan to travel for long distances with your survival backpack, then you ought not to overlook this feature. Hip straps function to hold the backpack tightly to your hips such that the weight is distributed on both your upper and lower body. Much of the load becomes supported using your robust thigh muscles rather than balancing all the pressure on your shoulders and back, making it easier to cover longer distances.

3. The sternum clip

The sternum clip helps to secure the shoulder straps to a much comfortable position through the help of your chest. This essential item also ensures that the shoulder straps do not keep moving once you have found an ideal spot.

Space & compartments

Before you invest in a survival backpack, it would be wise to know exactly what you will need to squeeze in incase of an emergency. You can weigh each of the items from flashlights, utensils, first aid kit, cooking stoves, clothes, and other emergency gear and get an approximate total weight. This way, it will be much easier to find a backpack that matches your preferred weight category. Also, ensure that it has a wide array of compartments to make it easier to arrange items with different shapes and sizes effectively. This way, your bag will appear more organized, and you can keep clothes, documents, shoes, food, and other emergency gear in their own space, so it is easier to access them and prevent them from being damaged.

Extra storage space

Who doesn't love a little extra storage space where they can add essential emergency kits? Check out for exterior pockets as well as exclusive places where you can hang different essentials such as knives, water bottles, sleeping bags, lamps, and much more. This dramatically enhances accessibility each time you need to grab something when in a hurry.


Modern bug out bags highlight advanced ventilation technology, incorporating features like a mesh back panel to enable sufficient airflow. This makes your skin breathe efficiently, ensuring that you do not become too sweaty and uncomfortable as you travel.


It is essential to choose a survival backpack that is made of highly durable materials. It should be able to weather harsh elements such as strong winds and storms. You can comfortably carry a sturdy backpack in the wild without having to worry that it will rip apart in the middle of your grand adventure.


Yes, color is also an important aspect when choosing the best backpack. Dull colors are the most ideal for emergencies since they do not attract any attention from potential enemies or wild animals. Try finding one that camouflages with the rest of your environment for you to become practically "Invincible."

Bottom line

Having the best survival backpack can save your life when situations get tough. Take time looking at different options and find the most durable one there is in the market. The goal should be to settle on one that addresses all your needs during that difficult time.


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