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Churchill Fins Makapuu are the Best Bodyboard Fins

Updated on October 10, 2015

Churchill Fins

I feel strongly enough about these fins to highly advise anyone looking for the best whether your completely new or on the fence. I have about ten plus years in the sport with the first few years experimenting with different fins and the rest happily using Churchill fins. After years of scoring the best waves on Earth from the Canary Islands, Pipeline, deep in Mexico and Indonesia to right here in my backyard of Southern California I wanted to share my love of this classic product with others in hopes that it will enrich your life like it has mine. They have the perfect balance, functionality, style, materials and design. They are truly the ultimate in high performance bodyboarding fins.

Yes, Mitch Rawlins, Ryan Hardy, Jeff Hubbard and many other top professionals wear Churchill Makapuu fins but my explanation doesn’t consist of solely rely on name dropping as a means to justify why they are the best.

Style These fins give the rider ideal style. Whether your crossing your legs on a spin, frying through the air on an invert, or racing through a carving turn it just looks cool.

Comfort They leave my feet as nice as they came, simply as that; no problems. Other fins I have tried, especially Vipers and Tech Fins, are very hard on your feet. They will literally wear holes in your feet and the salt water will crater them, not fun. My ankles also use to hurt. These are common occurrences with these fin types that have stiffer material but I have also experienced this with softer fins as well.

Balance Weight, power, comfort, it’s a well-tuned machine. There is a wide spectrum of fin types from Kicks to Vipers. Fins like Kicks being light, low power and good comfort to types like Vipers, which are heavy, powerful and low comfort. Churchill’s are in the middle and result in an excellent well-rounded fin.

Materials I don’t know the name of the material and I didn’t write a thesis on the comparison of other fins but I know they are the top of the line. The material is the best and doesn’t hurt your feet. This also is due to its design. The material makes for a perfect flex VS. stiffness when paddling. I also like when the fins have been used a lot and are broken in and sun bleached.

Churchills are great to help develop your style and moves as you progress and learn all the bodyboard tricks.

Churchill fins have been such a milestone that in resent years imitators have capitalized on the classic design, Stealth and Ally in particular. Great fins just not the real maccoy. Top professionals have switched from Churchill fins to take advantage of signature color models including Ben Player, Michael Novy, Pierre Louis Costes, Dave Winchester, Jake Stone, Joe Clarke and Alex Bunting. I have nothing but love for the top athletes in my sport but before their fin sponsor was paying them they used Churchill fins so this supports my opinion to recommend this fin.

Ultimately, there is no right and wrong. It comes down to personal preference but considering my reasoning along with the majority of the top pro’s Churchill’s are a safe bet. Amazon is the best place to get Churchill fins at the best price from a secure website.

If I couldn’t wear Churchill fins I would ride my all time favorite Ben Player Signature fin. The colors are the best and he’s my favorite rider out of the riders on the Stealth team so this is what I would ride. With either one you can’t go wrong.

My churchill fins


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