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Clay Tennis Court Construction

Updated on September 6, 2011

Considering a Tennis Court

Whether you own a business or a private residence, setting up a tennis court may be something that you are interested in. If you have begun the process of looking into setting this up, you are probably wonderful about tennis court construction costs. These will vary depending on your contractor, how many courts you want, your location, and any additional things you want added to it. For example, the cost of clay tennis court construction may be lower than that of other materials.

Types of Material Used

Tennis courts are made of a few different materials. The decision for which one to go with will heavily depend on the use of the court and the budget of the person having it installed. One of the most common construction materials is clay. Other types are hard surfaces made of concrete, grass and suspended courts. The Grand Slams use hard courts, although they used to use grass. Each of these surface types have their own unique characteristics that a player must adapt to during the game.

Benefits to Clay

If you are considering the installation and construction of a tennis court, you may wonder about the difference in materials. Clay tennis court construction is a great option for many people. The initial costs are lower which can help some people who are on the fence about this make their decision. It is a perfectly acceptable material to use in tennis courts and many businesses and private residences choose to use clay for their construction. One small downside to clay is that it may require more maintenance in the long run, but that shouldn't stop you from considering clay tennis court construction. Many people find that the benefits and affordability outweigh any drawbacks. These are things to consider when looking into tennis court construction costs.

How to Set Up the Court

The people doing the construction should have all of the specific information in terms of size and measurement. Make sure that they have experience with clay tennis court construction before entering into a contract with anyone. You can determine where and how to have the courts set up. It's recommended to have them angled facing north and south, rather than east and west. This will prevent bright sunlight from affecting the game. Since the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, there are two prime times of the day when a player may be a severe disadvantage due to the way the court faces. If you plan it with a north and south set-up, you won't have to worry about this issue.

How to Decide

If you're still struggling to decide on whether or not to set up a tennis court, consult a professional service to get more information about pricing and materials. This should help you to come to a responsible decision about what could be a very big construction task.


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