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The Official ClutterPuck HubPage!

Updated on March 16, 2016

ClutterPuck - Hockey the Write Way! Bring The CLUTTER!

Cal Clutterbuck played for the Minnesota Wild and is one of my favorite players so I thought ClutterPuck would make a great name for my blog!

He's been a fan favorite since he stepped onto the ice wearing that #22 Wild jersey! He's always among the league leaders in hits having lead the league three seasons in a row. Cal plays a physical brand of hockey but he plays the right way! He doesn't throw cheap shots! He throws a check when its within the system. He doesn't go out of his way to throw a check.

You have to play physical to win in the NHL! It's a way to get the opponent off their game! We've seen Cal do just that in almost every game he's played. He gets under the opponent's skin and draws the retaliation penalties because NHL players don't like to get hit. One hit could make any player think about the next time he gets the puck putting them in a panic and then they make a bad pass that could turn into a goal!

He's not just a checker either! He'll get his fair share of goals with the snapper and he has some pretty decent hands too!


What does it mean to "Bring the CLUTTER!"?

So considering how Cal plays hockey, I came up with the saying "Bring The CLUTTER!" as a way of saying play physical and shoot the PUCK or be aggressive!

This isn't just a hockey philosophy. You can adopt it as a way of life!

"Bring the CLUTTER!" in how you live your life! Don't wait for things to happen! Make them happen!

The NHL Winter Classic has become a marquee event for the NHL! It's a New Year's Day Tradition now! Let's sit and watch some outdoor hockey while we recover from the night before! One big game to showcase the best teams in the NHL!

The 2013 NHL Winter Classic will be held in Detroit, Michigan at the Big House, home of the University of Michigan Wolverines, that has a capacity of 109,901. The Red WIngs will host the Toronto Maple Leafs so you can take your STIGA Table Top Hockey game outside and re-enact the whole game!

This will leave the Montreal Canadiens as the only Original Six team to not be in or host a Winter Classic! They've been in a Heritage Classic, winning in 2003 over the Oilers in Edmonton and losing in 2011 to the Flames in Calgary. We've seen that the Heritage Classic hasn't lived up to the Winter Classic in terms of excitement, marquee teams and fanfare. At least the 2011 game didn't do it justice!

The question is will there ever be a Winter Classic held in Canada? Or is the Heritage Classic their Winter Classic? You'd have to think that the NHL will try to get a "Classic" outdoor game in Montreal soon since they are one of the most historic franchises in all of sports! It seems strange to me that the NHL would leave Montreal as the last team from the Original Six to be in a Winter Classic.

Will the NHL wait until the Canadiens get more competitive again to get them in the Winter Classic? 2014 could go to New York and end up being the battle of New York or maybe put New Jersey in there?

We won't know for quite awhile and the commissioner probably won't let out any hints either.

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