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Coming Up With Baseball Signs For A Little League Team

Updated on February 8, 2010

 When you’re playing in the big leagues it’s easy to keep track of signs and win games.  When you’re dealing with children on a Little League team, things are much different.  As seen in the professional games, baseball signs are used so that players on a team can communicate with each other but without the other team knowing what they’re talking about.  This is why it’s so important to come up with new and unique signs that other teams won’t be able to figure out.

 There are a few tips that will make teaching baseball signs to Little League players as easy as pie.  More than anything it’s important to keep things simple.  Sure with adult baseball players one sign could be to touch your hat on the left then right, touch your shirt, wipe your shoe on the ground in a circular motion and cluck like a chicken.  For the really young players you don’t even have to worry about signs because it’s all just too complex, but once the children are around the age of ten this would be the best time to begin incorporating baseball signs into the mix.

 You could stomp your foot on the ground twice to signal a player to steal a base, or maybe touch your right hand to your stomach if you want the pitcher to throw a curveball.  You should also have different baseball signs for certain players, as this will keep the opposing team guessing even more.  They will never know what hit them and have no chance of figuring out what pitch will be thrown in that last inning after you give the sign.  You should always work with the children until they have made progress and can remember all of the different baseball signs.

 Assigning them homework on the baseball signs would be a great idea because these are school-aged children who are used to doing homework.   This will also give them the chance to bring the baseball signs home to study on their own, because every child has their own method of learning and remembering things.  A lot of kids like to keep the most commonly used signs on a piece of paper so they can review them right before each game.  Kids like to keep the paper on them so that they can do a quick review before heading out for a game.

 You may find that there are certain children who are finding it more difficult to remember these signs.  In that case you’ll want to spend a bit of extra time with them to go over the signs.  Give them a bit of time because you’re their coach and are supposed to be a leader.  These are a few really effective tips that are going to help you teach your Little League players the different baseball signs and have the best games from now on.


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