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Common Roller Hockey Games

Updated on August 20, 2010

Common Roller Hockey Games

Roller hockey is basically a hockey form that is played on dry surfaces. Players use skates with wheels. Contrary to what many believe, 3 main types of roller hockey exist. Skater hockey is the main traditional style, played with the use of skates called quad rollers. After that we do have what is known as inline hockey, which uses pucks and inline skates. Skater hockey first appeared with using quads but then we saw inline skates being used. Let us analyze roller hockey games now.

Quad roller hockey is really popular. This is a rollersport that existed even when inline skates did not. 60 countries all around the world show big popularity in this sport. Every single one had a different name to describe this sport. Even the term hardball hockey was utilized to describe the sport we now know as quad roller hockey. The Summer Olympics of 1992 saw a demonstration, thus raising popularity more.

Inline skates are used for inline roller hockey. The similarity with ice hockey is clearly visible. We have 2 teams, each of 5 members playing on a rink that is dry. If we compare it with ice hockey we will find differences, including the fact that the game time is 3 periods of 15 minutes each. Body checking is not allowed but the sport is labeled as contact sport. We are faced with similar levels of skills and aggressiveness required although everything happens on inline roller skates. Skater hockey, a game similar to many degrees of ice hockey is also played. This is because you are allowed to use body checking in this variation.

While roller hockey is constantly gaining popularity we do not expect it to ever reach the heights of ice hockey. This is because the game is slower and less spectacular. On the other hand, more and more teams are sure to appear in the future playing one of the types of roller hockey possible.


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