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Common Sense Rules for Surfing

Updated on October 11, 2010

The Famed Dynamite Surfing (How Not to go Surfing!)

5 Tips for making sure you have fun surfing

Being a Lifeguard for through several Florida Hurricane seasons I learned very fast to close the beaches when the surf got over 10 ft. It became surf and swim at your own risk. Surfers, swimmers and divers would attempt to get past a 10-15 ft shore break and get caught inside the impact zone. The state of Florida does not supply the equipment to rescue people in heavy surf. Well it only happens a few times a year so that could be why.

As thousands of people try surfing for the first time every year many have had no formal instruction . For some of us long time surfers we realize that the most important factor is safety. Next is having a good time and respecting others that may want to enjoy the ocean, Even if they are not surfers.

Number 1 Always know the water where you choose to surf. Knowing the surf break is only part of it. Observe the currents, wave size tidal and wind conditions before you paddle out every time. Look for sharks stuff floating in the water etc.

Number 2 Its a good idea to surf with a friend or 2 .

Number 3 Didnt Clint Eastwood say in one of his movies (A man has to know his limits). That goes for women also. If you have never surfed 10 ft surf before and this is your first year surfing Ahhh think again! This could be your last year if you are not in great shape,swim like a fish and dam lucky. Yes their are always exceptions to the rule. More than likely if you think you are the exception you are not.

Number 4 Respect the Beach and the Surfers that live there. Do not litter the beach, You dont live here, You are visiting, Surfers travel up and down both coasts in the USA. Some are very respectful of the areas they visit. We love these people to come and visit our surf breaks. In fact we invite them back!

Number 5 Have Fun and if someone else catches a wave first or is closer to the curl let them have the wave. Catch the next one. See you in the water.

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  • BuddyMimia08 profile image

    BuddyMimia08 9 years ago from san Diego, CA United States

    Know your limits! well spoken, but it is always a search for a new bigger wave...

  • profile image

    Bradders 9 years ago

    Here's a tip# don't surf with meat tied round ankles! I tried it once and all it did was attracted a load of flies!

  • coolbreeze profile image

    Rik Rodriguez 10 years ago from Hawaii

    Ha Ha Cute Yes I hve seen that movie Rudra ;-)

  • Rudra profile image

    Rudra 10 years ago

    Have you seen the movie "Point Break". One of the best action surf movies.

  • coolbreeze profile image

    Rik Rodriguez 10 years ago from Hawaii

    You are probably correct Rudra

    No one ever acused me of being able to count ;-)

  • Rudra profile image

    Rudra 10 years ago

    Rule no. 1 is very important in my opinion to surf with a couple of friends.