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Conditioning for Surf Training

Updated on August 23, 2010

Conditioning for Surf Training

Everyone that has ever surfed will tell you that the pure adrenaline that you feel is incredible. There is nothing in the world that can compare to surfing. It gives you one experience that you can never forget. This sport has its biggest problem in the fact that you really need to be in a good shape if you are looking for good results. Contrary to what you might have believed conditioning does not come alone with just surfing. You need to build conditioning away from the ocean.

When you start to condition for surf training you need to do it through cardiovascular workouts. If you are thinking about surfing you will need to do this. Long surfing session are to become possible as endurance is needed and gained. We recommend that you consider using swimming and cycling when you are starting out. Adding more aerobics, martial arts training and running can be added as you improve. Then leg strength has to be analyzed. You do need strong legs if you want to maneuver the board with ease. Always remember that you need to stretch before surfing or working out. All surf training routines include leg presses, lounges and squats.

While what was written above is really important, you should also think about your upper body. A lot of people are neglecting this and it stops them from surfing better. Your upper body is really important when thinking about balance so it also requires conditioning. Strong shoulders are necessary together with arm power so that you can paddle fast. Push ups and bench presses are enough even if you might also want to consider adding upper arm curls. Remember that what you establish outside of the water is what counts. The importance of conditioning in surf training should never be taken lightly or you will not be able to surf as well as you could. Daily cardio workouts and 3 times per week in a gym can work wonders.


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