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Cool Footbags

Updated on January 11, 2014

Footbag? I thought it was a hacky...

"Footbag? I thought they were "hacky sacks"? I mean, I "hack the sack" - I don't, "foot the bag"! Not quite. "Hacky Sack" is a trade name and is like what Kleenex is to facial tissue or what Frisbee is to flying discs. What you are kicking, actually is probably a whamo "hacky sack" as it is the most popular and only form of footbag sold say at K-mart but what you are really kicking is actually a "footbag". But just call it a footbag and don't get all preachy about it or you'll lose your "coolness" factor.

If you are looking to purchase something other than a hacky sack you should try out many of the offerings by companies like Duncan Toys, Sandmaster, World Footbag Association, Dirtbag, Magic Geek, Adventure Imports, yes yes Whamo, Flying Clipper or Peregrine. Amongst many others. These manufacturers provide a variety of panel styles, types of filler (plastic, dirt, sand, hemp) and colors. There also are a variety of footbags which are knit versus made of leather and new materials are being put to use everyday.

Footbag is Social

Most people just want to kick the footbag around in a circle. It's fun and it's social. I'm still old school and believe in the three rules of 1. No saying your sorry 2. No selfserving 3. And no hands!!! Since the skill level of your average circle is going to border around low most days where even one hack (a series where everyone in the circle kicks the footbag at least one time) could be an achievement... you might want to have a looser, more easily controlled footbag in your pocket. Something that is woven like a sipa-sipa or a variety of knits made by Hacky Sack do well for novice kickers and make for more successful and happy kicking circles.


Footbag net is a game you play on a badminton sized court with any agreed upon footbag but usually the footbag is a tighter and harder footbag than is used for freestyle or casual play. A really good footbag net will be strung tight and have a mesh small enough to not allow a footbag to pass through. A footbag that hits a footbag net will actually bounce back and still be "in play". In the real world though, you often have to settle for a saggy badminton net. For more rules on Footbag net check the link below and checkout some of the cool types of footbags available as well.


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    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 7 years ago from Ohio, USA

      Yep. He didn't change with the times. That's not to imply that he should have, but he ended up as his own worst enemy. College presidents and ADs can't handle playing second fiddle to a basketball coach on their own campus.

    • JBeadle profile image

      JBeadle 7 years ago from Midwest

      In our "hacky circle" though the saying "sorry" usually got you a hacky/footbag thrown at your chest (sometimes face) and that pelting hurt most of the time. I'd think Bobby Knight would be down with that over-reaction to a friendly rule! We love Bobby Knight in Badgerland here too - especially when he's an analyst. I think he got a bit of a raw deal at Indiana, actually. But his army tactics just wouldn't fly anymore in the Y2K world.

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 7 years ago from Ohio, USA

      I like the "No sorry" thing. Bob Knight used to get on his players for saying "My bad" in practice. It drove him nuts.

      Maybe I shouldn't be telling Bob Knight stories on a Badger-owned Hub. Oh well.