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Water Activities for Kids

Updated on June 25, 2012
Playing in a creek is great fun for kids.
Playing in a creek is great fun for kids. | Source

Summer Water Fun

Summer and water seem to go hand in hand. There are so many fun things that one can do when it comes to water activities. Most of the time kids swim in pools, go to the beach or go to a water park to cool off. But what about a creek or a pond? So what kind of fun can you really have in a creek or pond? Come along with me and find out!

Creek Wading

Have you ever gone creek wading? Creek wading can be great fun for kids (both big and small). So what exactly do you do when you go creek wading? Well as with most things, children can think of lots of things to do in creeks. First there is the splashing around in the water. On a hot day, what better way to cool off? But there is so much fun built right into the creeks. From the fish, to the crayfish to the frogs and turtles, catching a water creature is great fun. Of course there is strategy and skill to all of this.

Creek wading is a weekly event at one of our local attractions.
Creek wading is a weekly event at one of our local attractions. | Source
With nets in hands and feet in the creek, the girls are ready for some creek fun!
With nets in hands and feet in the creek, the girls are ready for some creek fun! | Source

Creek Wading Safety

Make sure that you also have the right equipment. It is important that you have some sort of water shoes. Most creek beds are very rocky and are not comfortable to walk around on. Some of the rocks can also be very sharp so the shoes are an important part of safety and protection. If you plan to catch any of the creek critters, you will need a net and a bucket filled with some creek water. It is important that you are careful to be gentle with the creatures that you plan to catch. Remember that they are still living creatures. Our rule is that whatever you catch, you can keep for the day but you must return to the creek at the end of the day. As the kids wander around with their treasures, there is such a feeling of excitement. They create little homes for the turtles or frogs complete with rocks, grass, sticks, and bugs for them to eat.

Often they will hunt for tadpoles or tiny little sunfish or baby catfish. They love to challenge themselves to see how many they can actually catch. Some days they have many while others they can hardly find any at all. The challenge is what really creates the fun.

Grace and her Tati fishing together.
Grace and her Tati fishing together. | Source

Pond Fun

Ponds are another great way to enjoy water in the summer. Of course swimming is always an option for something to do but ponds, like creeks, have more potential for fun than just that. You can go fishing. With fishing, you will need the correct equipment to be successful. You will need a fishing pole, bait (worms, bugs, we’ve even used hot dog pieces), and a net. This is catch and release type of fishing. Fishing in a pond is not meant to feed dinner to everyone, it is meant for the fun and recreation of catching the fish and then letting them go.

If there are ducks, you can feed the ducks. Or try to scoop up some tadpoles if you can find some. Of course where there are tadpoles, there most certainly are frogs. If your pond is large enough, you may even be able to bring some sort of water craft out onto it. A small boat or paddle boat would be fun to explore in. However, this must be done with safety in mind. Remember to always wear a life jacket and be sure that a grown up is there to help out.

If you have any sort of RC watercraft, that is another way to entertain yourself with ponds. With a zip and a zoom across the pond, kids eyes will widen in awe. Just remember to respect the natural habitat and the surrounding animals. If the pond is full of ducks at the time, don't play duck chase! Save your adventures for another time! There are a lot of things to do in ponds and creeks. Your imagination is your only limitation!

Catching Critters in Ponds and Creeks

The thrill of being a kid and finding a living creature is indescribable. Kids find it absolutely magical when they discover that they are not the only living things in that pond or creek. Of course it takes some practice and skill before something is actually caught but even the attempt is fun. I love it when the big kids in our neighborhood take my little kids to the creek to play. They are much more refined in their creature catching skills and my kids learn from their example. If you have never gone creek wading or played in a pond, grab a kid (or not) and head out for some unique water fun. It will be a time to remember.


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