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Cricket Batting Tricks

Updated on February 6, 2013

Playing cricket

How about playing cricket professionally? Do you ever played cricket before reading this article? If the answer is a big NO, don't worry, you will try playing cricket after this learning program.

Batting Trick

Batting is all about how we approach the bowl. Actually the bowl approaches the batsman.

The Batsman has to try different tricks for different types of bowl or bowler. Here I reveal my secret of playing a bowl well and time it well with a simple and very useful trick.

Looking at the bowler

The batsman see the bowler like this....

Understanding the Bowler attribute

Here is where our trick starts. Different bowlers have different bowling action. Bowling action actually decides the bowl releasing position.

Bowl releasing position: This position is where the bowler releases the bowl from his hand.

According to the bowling action the bowl releasing area also differs.

First we have to understand the bowl releasing position of the bowler.

This task is very easy. If the bowler is known to us and we saw the bowlers bowling already, we may understood it already you know..

If the bowler is a new one, i.e. we ever seen his bowling before, we have to understand his bowling action and bowl releasing area first. It is very easy to understand, by facing one or two bowls of him in a defensive manner.

Bowl releasing

Difficult releasing area

Some times the bowl releasing area can't understand quickly. A bowler with great flexibility and with different bowling actions can confuse us.

Some players bowling actions are not graspable quickly.

Eg: Srilankan player Malinga. His bowling action is different from the others and he releases the bowl from a difficult and flat position, which is very difficult to grasp fast this kind of strange actions too....

But if you have this trick and mind power you can easily grasp it.

Malinga's bowl

Keep in mind

When you bat, concentrate at the bowl releasing area instead of concentrating on the bowlers hand or face, etc.......

Hope you enjoy this trick. Good luck!!

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You can see the basics of batting from this video


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