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Cricket- A Game of Records

Updated on September 10, 2011

Cricket is an interesting game and very much popular in many countries. The stastics and records given during the cricket matches are more interesting than the match itself. Everything is a record in cricket: every ball bowled and every run taken is a record in cricket. In no other game we find this exceptional phenomena. Here I try to highlight some interesting records that may be made in future matches.

These records are given as how they are made and how they are announced!

1) He cleverly pushed the ball to the off side and gets a single. Not only a single ,but a record too. Yes ! He is the first batsman to get 3026 single runs in233 matches. What a fantastic record!

2) The ball crosses the boundary line and he gets his first century. Standing ovation everywhere . Not only for his maiden century, but he is the first batsman to score a century on a Monday in this ground!

3) Oh the ball is almost in the sky. Brainy runs backwards. Can he catch the ball? Oh no- he missed the ball, but not the record. This is his120th missed catch and he beats the earlier record of 119 missed catches by Topman of England.

4) The bowler is measuring his steps. He looks round the fieldsmen. He is readying to bowl. Oh what happens there? The batsman looses his balance and falls on the wicket. Loud appeal from the fieldsmen. Here goes up the umpire's hand. Yes he is out and makes history. This is the first time a batsman is out even before a ball is bowled!

5) Whether the batsman touched the crease or not? The umpire confused. He requests for the third umpire's decision. Yet no decision is given. Meanwhile some spectators running towards the umpire. They shake hands with him. Yeah! This is his 100th request for third umpire decision. Thundering applause all over the ground. A record has been created by the Umpire himself!

What you try to say? "This article itself is a record in the history of cricket". May be!


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    • profile image

      nomit 6 years ago

      awesom sachin this is known as spirit

    • spuds profile image

      spuds 10 years ago

      Cricket is indeed an interesting game. I know you are taking the "piss" a bit with your records but I found them funny because it's true. Everything in cricket gets analysed to the nth degree.